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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sprite Backup 6.10

Sprite Backup | 6.10 | 2478 KB | Download


Device backup software is very much like vehicle insurance: you know you have to have it so you shop around for the best you can find, but in truth you really hope you'll never actually need it. That's when the paranoia sets in. If I back up to my memory card, what if I lose it? If I back up to my PC what if the hard drive gets bad sectors? Do I need to backup my backup? Sprite Backup from Sprite Software aims to make your backups as hassle free and worry free as possible on your Windows Mobile device. So is it the perfect solution to give you peace of mind? Read on to find out!


- Supports ALL WM5 & WM6 Devices
- Backup to FTP Server
- Backup to PC
- Sprite PC Manager
- Sprite Explorer
- Upgrade Mode Recovery
- Support for WM 6 Storage Card encryption
- Full & Custom Backup and Restore operations
- Self-Extracting Backup Files
- Automatic Scheduled Backup
- Automatic Backup File Management