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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inesoft Phone v7.04

Inesoft Phone v7.04 |
Inesoft Phone is especially designed to expand "phone features" for Windows Mobile devices.

Inesoft Phone is especially designed to expand "phone features" for Windows Mobile devices. The software combines six main applications in one making the phone usage easier. Inesoft Phone includes: Dialer, Caller ID, SMS and Calls History, Favorite numbers, Profiler and Contacts.

Using large size buttons you can easily dial a phone number
or tap a new SMS, add a contact or edit a number to your address book. Now you are also able to find the contact when you remember the information partly.

Caller ID:
All necessary information about the contact will be displayed at your screen during the income call: the name and the phone number, contact’s photo and even the company. Caller ID allows to turn on the loud speaker, to make a callback, to turn off the sound (ring off) or to send an SMS in one touch.

Includes the history of the phone calls and the history of the incoming SMS as well. It is also possible to group calls from one person, to view the phone calls duration and to get the calls statistics on a certain contact.

You can add as much contacts to Favorite list as you wish. Set up the appropriate size and the number of Favorite contacts that will be displayed at the phone screen.

Using Inesoft Profiler you are able to set up: the tone volume and the vibration level for the each profile, profiles auto switching, automatic SMS replies, block phone calls from the certain group of contacts and much more.

Now you can manage your contacts and improve your address book: upload a photo, add any information about the contact to the info fields, create additional info fields and set up the type for them. Use T9 Search to find the necessary person.

Additional Options:
Inesoft Phone supports such unique features as: vibration when you press the buttons to feel the touching; vibration after successful connection; create block and allowed groups of contacts; get notification about unread SMS and missed calls; set up the signal type for the group of contacts and much more.

What's new in Inesoft Phone 7.04:
· New - redesigned the user interface of Dialer, Favorites, History. CallerID and Phone modes;
· Fix – issue with improper operation of hardware green button in SMS window in Manila;
· New – option to block CallerID screen;
· New – access to CallerID menu;
· New – possibility to work simultaneously with dual-sim under standard dialer;
· New – support of 320x480 screen resolution (HTC HD Mini and others);
· New – instant actions pad in Dialer mode;
· New – contact details window in Dialer without a need to run Address Book;
· New – backlight settings for Gygabyte S1200;
· New – possibility to move the actions bar up or down in Address Book, Favorites and History;
· Fix – new contact is not assigned to the last used category;
· Fix – long text without spaces is displayed correctly;
· Fix – Samsung Omnia2 WM 6.5.3 standard caller ID could flash on incoming call;
· Fix – unread SMS notice on HTC devices;
· Fix – restoring Favorites from backup could fail;
· Fix – missed call notifications could be reset if call history is on instead of keypad in Dialer;
· Fix - screen lock slider could be invisible on outgoing call on devices powered by WM 6.5.3 ROM 28xx;
· Fix – profile shortcuts on VGA device used QVGA recourses;
· Fix – on some HTC devices hardware volume button did not turn off the ring on incoming call;
· New – alternative SMS sending method for HTC devices;
· Fix – problem with deleting items from History;
· Fix – duplicated items in History;
· New – menu item to show contact’s call history;
· Fix – list height in Profiles mode;
· Fix – Bluetooth on/off setting in HD MINI.

Requirements : Windows Mobile 5/6.x