if you feel bore and want to relax
Enjoy www.afcgame.com

Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorcery PDA v1.0

Sorcery PDA | v1.0 | 11,288 KB | Download


Sorcery is a new turn-based role playing adventure game based on Wizards of the Coast, Inc. d20 system and D&D rule sets. With a powerful interactive storyline, you make the decisions that control the adventure--unfolding the mystery--while solving the puzzles of the Orb of Power.


Requires 6MB or 19MB memory and an Xscale processor and Windows Mobile v2002 or less.

Slovoed Portuguese English Translation v3.04

Portuguese English Translation | v3.04 | 4005 KB | Download


SlovoEd is a series of top-quality monolingual and bilingual dictionaries for S60 devices. There are over 120 dictionaries available for 29 languages. It is an excellent solution for professional linguists, translators and typical users.

Work, study and travel with SlovoEd Compact English-Portuguese-English dictionary in your pocket from Ula. Contains 73724 entries.

English-Portuguese dictionary - 37730 entries
Portuguese-English dictionary - 35994 entries

New Updated SlovoEd Engine with a lot of unique features included helps you to find the easiest and most effective way to study and improve foreign language:


- NEW!!! Find the translation of the word in any grammatical form with help of built-in Morphology Module for English, French, Russian and Spanish languages

- NEW!!! Virtual Keyboard allows to enter words in any language of SlovoEd dictionary even if your phone doesn't support it.

- NEW!!! Flash Card Quiz enables you to add new words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish. The program analyses the statistics of your answers and decide what words you have learned. (The more often you get the right answer, the more rarely you will be asked to translate this word.

- NEW!!! Irregular verbs for all English dictionaries

- NEW!!! Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using wildcards ("*", "?", etc.)

- Several dictionaries installation with the various languages choice (rapid switch amongst dictionaries available, dictionary activation/deactivation option) allow you to have as many dictionary bases as you want in one SlovoEd

- Cross-lookup feature between articles and directions

- Search History to see the list of last 15 translations

Pocket Napalm Boulder dash v1.01

Pocket Napalm Boulder dash | v1.01 | 2467 KB | Download


BOULDER DASH®-SMARTPHONE EXTREME™ - is part of the Boulder Dash®-Extreme™ series, the first official Boulder Dash® sequels ever developed for PDAs and SMARTPHONES. Learn from the 20 Tutorial levels and play all 100 game levels, spread across 5 different worlds.


- Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003 (Arm/XScale/MIPS/SH3/SH4 processor)
- 3 MB free storage memory
- 8 MB free program memory

- Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002 or 2003 (ARM processor)
- 3 MB free storage memory
- 8 MB free program memory

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pocket Everquest EP1 v1.01

Everquest EpisodeI | v1.01 | 11218 KB | Download


Something is amiss on the outskirts of Freeport. More undead than usual are wandering through the Common Lands. There are rumors of a powerful Necromancer raising an army of skeletons and zombies to threaten the city. Can you save the city from this looming peril?

Try EverQuest for the Pocket PC! This is a limited demo that allows you to complete the first of a long series of quests. Try out each of the four classes to see which will suit you best in the full version.

PDAMill Gamebox Sudoku v1.1

PDAMill Gamebox Sudoku | v1.1 | 2354 KB | Download


GameBox Sudoku is our fantastic, high quality Sudoku Puzzle game including Three different board layouts and Three levels of difficulty. Superb graphics, high-quality music and sound effects, and fantastic playability make this a excellent addition to your game collection and to the GameBox series.

GameBox Sudoku is designed to be the most intuitive Sudoku, easy for anyone to be able to pickup and play. While maintaining a difficulty level that can challenge even the veteran Sudoku players out there. And of course, as a GameBox it strives to be the best looking, best sounding, best overall Sudoku experience on the market.


- Three board layouts: 4x4, 9x9, and 16x16 puzzle sizes
- High quality graphics: High quality graphics that are easy on the eyes even during long Sudoku sessions
- Hint feature: An integrated hint feature helps you along whenever you hit a Sudoku stump
- Ambient music: High quality, relaxing background music which fits the mood of Sudoku perfectly
- Unlimited Undos and Redos: Unlimited Undo and Redo features gives you a chance to correct any error you make
- Auto-save: Games are automatically saved when you exit, so you can continue where you've left off

Lingvosoft Italian-English gold talking dictionary v2.7

Italian-English gold talking dictionary | v2.7 | 2916 KB | Download


LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2006 Free English<->Italian for Pocket PC provides bidirectional word translation and English and Italian speech synthesis - with a compact and concise database of words and phrases. Featuring 12,000 entries, this is a simple and efficient application, which will provide you with answers to most of your translation questions and immediate practical help when faced with a communication challenge requiring an instant response.

Able to pronounce words in English and Italian, the innovative Text-to-Speech feature is built on advanced human voice modeling. Now you no longer need to speak out transcriptions - simply select a word and with a touch of the screen, have your device pronounce it for you.


- Advanced English and Italian speech synthesis created with BTS Text-to-Speech technology
- Overview of all dictionary entries in the Main List
- Includes transcriptions for English entries
- All possible translations of a selected word are displayed in the Translations List
- Pronunciation of all listed English and Italian words
- English interface
- Integration with LingvoSoft PhraseBook and LigvoSoft FlashCards
- Quick search function: begin typing a word and see it appear on the screen
- Quick reverse translation for proof of correct understanding
- A personal list for word storage: the application stores words you select in the Filtered List providing you with quick access to them
- Search function works for any symbol sequence as entered
- MorphoFinder™ function helps you find source words (headwords) for English past participles, gerunds, plural forms, and adjective forms
- Supports screen rotation and VGA mode 640x480 (hi-resolution) for WM 2003 SE
- Virtual keyboard and VGA mode 640x480 (hi-resolution) support for Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and WM 2003 SE
- Improved documentation and user"s manual

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bounty Hunter 2099 Pinball v1.1.1

Bounty Hunter 2099 Pinball | v1.1.1 | 5716 KB | Download


The scum of the earth has taken to the stars... and the Fugitive Retrieval Agency has selected you to bring it back home and face justice. Bounty Hunter 2099 is an exciting, fast-paced, futuristic pinball game for your Pocket PC. Steer the ball to obtain the more lucrative contracts, blast off to Hideout Majoris and make your capture!


- Realistic physics
- Story-based, multiple screen design
- Scrolling backgrounds
- Tons of targets, secrets and skill shots
- Multichannel sound
- Many speech samples
- Keep your High Scores
- Customizable button configuration


Requires Pocket PC and 4 megs of Available RAM

Real Dice Multiplayer Championship Poker Texas hold'em v4.24

Real Dice Texas hold'em | v4.24 | 6204 KB | Download


The Definitive Poker Game for Mobiles and Smartphones. Winner of the most significant industry awards, including Handango's Game of the Year (2006) and Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine's Best Poker Game for two years running!

Play Texas Hold'em anytime, anywhere. Challenge unique offline AI opponents and start a Poker career. Then login online and join the real-time action. Thousands of live players from around the world using BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java phones and PC. Ring games, daily tournaments and massive multi-table events. Stunning 3D 10-player tables, in-game chat and a free comprehensive strategy guide for all levels. This mobile poker game is in a league of its own.


- Online Ring games, Sit'n'Go tournaments and Multi-table events
- Spectacular graphics and authentic ten player tables
- Simple, intuitive interface
- Single player quick games and campaign mode with 200 AI opponents
- Live chat and serious competition
- Hall of Fame with updated info on the best online players


- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
- Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
- Pocket PC Square VGA resolution (480x480)
- Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
- Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)
- Pocket PC Multi-player (WiFi/Bluetooth)
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Standard resolution (176x220)
- Smartphone Smartphone 2003 SE
- Smartphone Smartphone 2003
- Smartphone QVGA resolution (windowed at 176x220)
- Smartphone QVGA resolution (fullscreen 240x320)

Omnig 3D Volcano Island v1.0

Volcano Island | v1.0 | 683 KB | Download


Escape the everyday for an enchanted tropical adventure. This frantic action game starts when our hero is mysteriously swept away from his vacation cruise and finds himself on a haunted volcano island. Surrounded by treasures and hunted by spirits, there's nowhere to hide. "Think on your feet" and help our hero to outwit the spirits, navigate the maze, and collect all the items to advance to the next level...


- Endless game play, maze generation is unique each time and has infinite possibilities.
- Exotic music, mystical design, and rich graphics build a thrilling atmosphere.
- Fast paced action on progressively challenging levels.
- At an efficient 700 kb, this tiny powerhouse is jam packed with a mountain of fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mobirate Bowling Master v1.02

Mobirate Bowling Master | v1.02 | 3709 KB | Download


Excellent bowling simulator game with Bluetooth multiplayer (In PocketPC version),
different lanes and funny animations.


- Bluetooth multiplayer (play agains your friend)
- Great graphics
- Funny animations for strikes, spares, misses
- 2 difficulty levels
- True bowling physics


- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
- Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
- Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)

Medieval Heroes II v1.02

Medieval Heroes II | v1.02 | 3489 KB | Download


The game area consists of a great number of provinces. At the beginning, you control some of these provinces. Every province gives some resources (gold, metal and stone) in your treasury.

You can spend collected resources on recruiting new troops and capture new territories with their help. You can use your special forces for scouting, robbing and assassinating your enemies.

You can also build castles, fortify them, and build additional buildings like markets or banks. During the game your hero will get experience and you can improve his skills.

Your goal is to unite all of the provinces
under your control!


- Turn-based battles: field combat and siege combat
- 5 missions with different map sizes, including the "Medieval Europe" mission with more than 90 provinces
- 4 difficulty levels
- Up to 6 players in the game
- Hotseat multiplayer game
- RPG-style Skills and Experience points
- 10 types of units
- Secret operations - Assasination, Robbery and Scouting
- Ability to build castles and other structures like banks or markets
- High quality graphics and sound effects
- QVGA and VGA support (Pocket PC), High and Low Resolution support (Palm OS)
- Free Map Editor for MS Windows


Pocket PC 2002 / Windows Mobile 2003 / Windows Mobile 2003 SE
4.3 Mb of free storage memory for QVGA (240x320) version / 5.0 Mb for VGA (480x640) version

Mastersoft Sudoku 2006

Mastersoft Sudoku 2006 | 2006 | 9807 KB | Download

Enter the digits 1 to 9 in the grid without repeating in rows, columns, or boxes. Grid transformations, new picture SuDoku and a rating system to name but a few features of the game. Other top features include solving, 6 different levels of difficulty and over one million built in SuDokus. Over 100 SuDoku addicts were involved in SuDoku's design so you can be sure it plays the way you do. Book a week off work now and give the trial a try.

Version 2 supports square devices and makes user interface may include unspecified updates, enhancements, and bug fixes.


- Over One Million Built In Genuine SuDoku Puzzles !. If you need more let us know!
- Many Unique Mastersoft Features including Picture Sudoku and Grid Transform.
- SuDoku Solver - Solve any SuDoku puzzle in less than 3 seconds !
- Create, Solve and Analyze SuDokus.
- Work your way up from Beginner to SuDoku Master !
- Enter a SuDoku from a newspaper then either solve or play (using inbuilt hints if required). Mastersoft SuDoku tells you where you're going wrong even if it isn't an inbuilt SuDoku !
- A Quality Title Endorsed by the HP iPAQ Choice Promotion.
- Nominated for an award in 2005 Pocket PC Magazine Awards
- Another Original Mastersoft Title.
- Cool scoring system. Can you become a SuDoku Master? Using hints will of course reduce your score and you'll need a certain number of points to reach the higher levels and unlock Picture SuDoku !
- Can be installed to a memory card.
- Unique number entry system.
- Enter your working out.
- Choose from a full pallette to color code your entries.
- Various types of hint.
- "SuDoku Master" levels that are more difficult than the hardest SuDokus found in newspapers.
- Unique gameplay with increasing difficulty.
- Designed with the help of over 200 SuDoku Players. You think it we'll make it !
- Built in timer.
- Lots of options such as turning sound off, hiding timer and score etc. to aid concentration.


-Any Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Marble World v1.4

Marble World | v1.4 | 925 KB | Download

Marble Worlds is a highly addictive and challenging platform game. The gameplay takes place in a varied set of worlds depicted in isometric 3D (viewed from a fixed 45 degree angle). The object is to guide a marble through the worlds collecting all the gems as you go to advance to the next level.

The marble rolls around the scenery with a realistic sense of movement, speeding down hills, and climbing up ramps, bouncing off walls and jumping under your control. Multiple scrolling play areas make a world, and there are 10 worlds to complete, giving you hours of fun.

Fantastic graphics sets including Castle, Egypt, Metal Blocks and Computerized.


- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
- Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)
- Pocket PC 3D Accelerator (Axim x50v/x51v)
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Standard resolution (176x220)
- Smartphone Smartphone Landscape (WM5/WM6)
- Smartphone Smartphone 2003 SE
- Smartphone Smartphone 2003
- Smartphone Smartphone 2002
- Smartphone QVGA resolution (windowed at 176x220)
- Smartphone QVGA resolution (fullscreen 240x320)

Lingvosoft Travel Dictionary 2006 Multilingual v3.1

Travel Dictionnary | v3.1 | 2512 KB | Download


LingvoSoft Travel Dictionary 2006 Multilingual ML-11 for Pocket PC gives you an exciting opportunity to translate from one to any of these languages: English, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese but has additional full integration with LingvoSoft FlashCards and Phrasebook* applications! Additionally, you can search for a word across all languages and the result will report the foreign language origin.
If you are a mobile professional, have to communicate with foreigners and need help translating, our new multilingual dictionary will be your perfect travel companion.

With the latest additions, this application presents superior high-resolution (640x480) VGA support for WM 2003 SE. The screen rotation support allows for effortless reading and navigating. Ten virtual keyboards are built-in, one for each language, allowing more convenient character input; they also have VGA support and screen rotation.

Latest improvements

Screen rotation and high resolution 640x480 VGA display support for WM 2003 SE.
10 virtual keyboards are built-in running on Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile Second Edition. No more trouble with character input. Also support screen rotation and VGA.
Improved search functions.
German interface added - toggle easily between English and German.
Improved Help and User Manual.
Word search conducted across all languages! Found word will also indicate its foreign language origin.


Quick switch between 11 languages. You can easily switch between the languages using a special Control tool.
Translation from one to any of eleven supported languages.
Word Grabber function. It allows you to pick the text fragment and copy it to the dictionary. The word import is made by means of the Grabbing Tool which appears on the screen when the dictionary is minimized.

Overview of all the dictionary entries in the Main List.
Quick search function: just start typing a word in the Input Line and words beginning with these letter combinations will appear on the screen.
Search function for any string of characters as entered.
Quick back translation for proof of correct understanding.
The Filtered List allows you to set aside words for easier future access or word practice.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars gba

The Shadow of the Templars | v1.0 | 5911 KB | Download

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is an epic adventure which takes you around the globe in a desperate race to unlock the ancient mysteries of the Knights Templar.

Originally created for PC and PlayStation®, and now available for PalmOS® and Windows Mobile® handhelds, Broken Sword is the story of George Stobbart, an American tourist on vacation in Europe, who becomes embroiled in a terrifying conspiracy when he witnesses the theft of an ancient manuscript and the assassination of its owner. The manuscript, created in the 14th century by the order of the Knights Templar, points to where their legendary power has been hidden for over six hundred years. Befriending a photojournalist, Nico Collard, the two find themselves on a global trail that ultimately reveals a deadly secret that will change their lives forever.

Just as in many modern mystery books, you will become immersed in the unfolding story as you guide George through the game, looking for clues, talking to witnesses, and following the trail as it takes him from Paris to Ireland, Syria and beyond.


- Many hours of gripping gameplay
- Cinematic look and feel
- Immersive storyline
- Interactive environments
- Can you solve the mystery of the Broken Sword?


- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.0
- Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
- Pocket PC VGA resolution (fullscreen 640x480)
- Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
- Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Astraware Bounce Out v1.02

Astraware Bounce Out | v1.02 | 775 KB | Download

Classic Bounce Out gameplay, but now with super graphics, super sounds and even more bounce!

Bounce Out bounces back in this massive update to the classic original. Based on the enhanced Super Bounce Out from Gamehouse, the new PDA version will put the bounce back in your step!


- All new sound effects!
- Music powered by the Aurora Audio Engine for compatible devices!
- Frantic and Addictive Gameplay!
- Intuitive interface
- Two game modes : Timed for a frantic game, and easy for a more relaxed game
- Three different ball sets to choose from
- High Score tables for each mode

Shanghai Pocket Essentials v1.0

Shanghai Pocket Essentials | v1.0 | 3733 KB | Download


For the first time, the definitive Mah-Jongg has come to the Pocket PC. Shanghai Pocket Essentials is a modern, solitaire version of the same named ancient oriental game, based on Activision's Shanghai Mah-Jongg series. Now LandWare has brought the graphics and play options to the handheld platform.

Built on a custom engine using standard Activision graphics and layouts, the handheld version brings desktop game performance to your handheld. You can even create your own layouts, up to five levels deep, right on your handheld and share them with your friends.


- Now compatible with 240x240 devices such as the Treo 700w
- Drop shadows on tiles enhance 3D effect and playability
- All artwork has been optimized with increased sharpness and reduced memory requirements
- Bonus Pack now integrated into a single installer
- Modular design allows for individual components to beinstalled or removed
- Now includes the new "Monster" tile set Over 100 layouts
- Built-in layout editor lets you create your own custom layouts
- Four play modes including the challenging Contemplation mode
- Includes ELEVEN original Activision themes
- High score dialog keeps track of your best scores
- Timer
- Hint option
- Animated tile option
- Full color support
- Integrated help

Minimum Requirements

- Pocket PC 2003
- 2003 SE
- Windows Mobile 5
- Treo 700w
- 2.0MB RAM for typical install (3 tile sets)
- 3.5MB RAM for complete install (11 tile sets, plus music)

Isotope244 Machinesatwar v1.0

Machinesatwar | v1.0 | 8181 KB | Download

Take on the challenge to construct an epic war machine and use it to become a dominating world power. Command an powerful army of forces across the battlefield in this amazing real time strategy game for Mac. With Machines at War every game you play is unique and poses new challenges. Build walls, bridges, vehicles, aircraft, tear down forests to clear paths en route to enemy territory, track enemy tanks to find their base, hide under trees for an ambush attack, and above all defend your position. Upgrade your weapons and expand your cities and bases. How will you become the most powerful force on earth?

* 7 landscapes to wage war on
* Beautifully rendered graphics and effects
* Command forces with hundreds of vehicles
* Build over 40 types of units and structures
* Randomized maps for unlimited game play
* Powerful moddable game engine
* Research over 30 exciting technologies
* 3 unique battle environments
* Scorch the destructible environment
* Customizable user interface
* Support for add on units and landscapes

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Infinite Dream K-Rally v1.0

Infinite Dream K-Rally | v1.0 | 3534 KB | Download


Amazing 3D top-down racer. Leave a trail of destruction behind as you blast ahead of the competition.


One of the most awaited mobile games of 2006!
Amazing 3D top-down racer where your car is equipped with mines, rockets and have several kinds of useful upgrades available. Leave a trail of destruction behind as you blast ahead of the competition. Make your opponents spin and crash as you bombard them with a barrage of weapons. Take them out of the race with rockets and mines. Win races and prize money so you can progress to the next level of competition for more fire action.


- 10 upgradable cars
- 14 ingame characters
- weapons (mines, rockets)
- shop, garage, armory, bets in career mode
- random track generator
- downloadable content (new gfx, tracks,cars)
- Championship
- Career
- Quick Race
- Ghost Mode
- Random Track
Amazing graphics and visual effects including:
- textured and animated 3d elements,
- plenty of blended sprites,
- explosions,
- shadows,
- advanced particle system (fire, water, smoke, sparks).
Multichannel audio system with high quality original soundtrack and plenty of ingame sound effects.

Three levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and rookies!
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
Pocket PC Square QVGA resolution (240x240)
Pocket PC QVGA resolution (320x240)


Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE/VGA, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 2005 VGA

EctacoPartner Talking Dictionary English-Polish v2.5.34

Talking Dictionary English-Polish | v2.5.34 | 2638 KB | Download

LingvoSoft Dictionary Free ? is a free talking dictionary with a 19.000 word database for you and your friends. The functional aspects of the Free Dictionary are completely the same as those of the commercial versions.

This LingvoSoft Free Talking Dictionary for Pocket PC provides two-way word translation and synthesis of English speech.

* Supports screen rotation in Windows Mobile 2003 SE
* Virtual keyboards (running under Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile Second Edition) allow the display of European diacritics on devices with a non-European ROM
* Pronunciation and transcription for all listed English words
* MorphoFinder? function helps you find source words (headwords) for English past participles, gerunds, plural forms, and adjective forms
* Advanced searching, considering diacritical signs and ligatures
* Quick reverse translation is available for proof of correct understanding
* Quick search function: start typing in the Input Line and words beginning with those letters will appear on the screen
* All translations for a selected word are displayed in the Translations List
* The list for word memorization: the application stores selected words in the Filtered List ensuring easy repeated access

Window Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, RAM 2Mb - storage, 4 Mb

Mahjong Dragon v1.0

Mahjong Dragon | v1.0 | 2542 KB | Download

Play Mahjong Dragon now - a cool handheld version of the classic game - once you start, its very hard to stop playing!


- Enjoy the ambient photographic backdrops
- Pit your skills on various style boards - flat and tiered variations
- Very addictive gameplay
- Great sound effects and in-game music
- Timed High score board

Friday, February 22, 2008

Astraware Ricochet v1.03

Astraware Ricochet | v1.03 | 1843 KB | Download

Brick bashing for a new generation!

Remember the classic brick-busting game Breakout? Ricochet takes the same concept into the 21st century and up to a whole new level.

Based on the classic PC game, Ricochet brings together problem solving and fast action as you frantically bounce your Ion Sphere off your ships shield and try to get it to destroy all of the blocks on screen. Discover bricks that move, explode, transform and even push other bricks away in your quest to complete the game.

- Adrenaline fuelled game that requires skill and speed
- Advanced animation, graphics and sound
- High resolution graphics for the latest machines
- Spectacular enhanced sounds on compatible devices
- Over 150 levels with many powerups
- Three difficulty settings and a hidden insane setting
- High score board allows you to record your scores

Aces Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'Em | v2.5 | 864 KB | Download


"This is the best No Limit Texas Hold'Em game on the market for PPC, handhelds, period. The aspect that gives this program the edge is the customization and ease of play.

You can change almost every setting to your hearts desire, from the increasing blinds to the starting chip counts to the degree of difficulty each person poses at the table.

Also, the play is so smooth that you might actually think you were in Vegas with Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth, playing Hold'em. If you want the best for your Palm OS device, Aces Texas Hold'em is the way to be."


- Play up to 22 Hold'em opponents at a time.
- Play 1 of 4 game speeds.
- Display 3 opponents at a time (4 in landscape) with the ability to scroll for more players.
- Incredible hi-res graphics.
- Call out your opponents on "All-in" bets, or bet any amount!
- Great sound with on/off option.
- Shortcuts 1 - call/check, 2 - bet/raise, 3 - all in, and 0 - fold.
- The best AI to play and practice against.
- Statistics of hands played, hands won, folds, raises, tournament wins, etc.
- Use your favorite poker nickname and face.
- Start blinds at 1 of 13 amounts and 1 of 10 time increments.
- Highlights winning cards.
- Tons of additional options.

- All Pocket PC 2002
- Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE
- WM5
- WM6
- Treo 700w/wx, 750v
- Sprint Mogul
- T-Mobile Wing.

Chm Reader v2.5

Chm Reader | v2.5 | 864 KB | Download

CHM Reader is the first and best CHM doc reader. It help you to view files in the most common help format - Microsoft Compiled HTML


- Small Fast and Flexible
- Contents view shows CHM tree sames as desktop version
- Index view
- Uses Microsoft technology for best font display Handles images, tables and all HTML formatting Handles links to pages in CHM or The Internet
- Free updates for registered costumers 8.Trial version is free to download.


- Smartphone 2003
- Pocket pc 2002/2003
- WM5

Wm6 Black Satin v1.3

Wm6 Black Satin | v1.3 | 4598 KB | Download


Newest ROM to come from jasjamming, and probably the last one, it's WM Black Satin. It's a ROM replacement for the HTC Hermes/TyTN. The ROM is based on Windows Mobile 6 Professional with the HTC "Touch" look. It's still the fastest ROM I know and use for the HTC TyTN. For the newbies, please read about ROM upgrading before you even try. Kudos to ROM cookers, specially JasJamming for cooking the fastest ROM for the Hermes!

- Cyberon Voice Speed Dial (latest build)
- Remote Desktop
- New VOIP Drivers
- Adobe Reader LE v2_00_261818
- Bluetooth HID (drivers for BT mice and keyboards)
- Bluetooth Sim Access Profile
- HTC X-Button 1.51
- Vijay555 Tools
- Transcriber
- WLM Build 1400 (stable)
- Esmertec Java Manager


- Build: 17944.0.3.1
- Kernel: 5.2.1437
- FREE ROM storage: 60.21MB
- FREE RAM on cold boot: 31MB


Please note that this ROM does not include a 3G Video Dialer. It includes the new 2G Dialer from the HTC Touch.
For Screen Shots, please check the Black Magic Post as it looks the same, with very minor differences. I also cannot find a screenshot on the web at this point in time. Will try to update soon.
For the video dialer:

1. Backup all files on your device
2. Install Part1.CAB then Soft Reset
3. Install Part2.CAB DONT Soft Reset (press cancel after it is installed --> then go to the next step)
4. Install Part3.CAB then Soft Reset
5. Once you have completed this procedure you will permanently lose (well until you HR) the default 2G big-button dialer on your PPC

If your phone is not in this list, don't try this upgrade

HTC Hermes / HTC TyTN / O2 XDA trion / T-Mobile MDA Vario II / Vodafone 1605 VPA Compact III / Orange SPV M3100 / Dopod CHT 9000 / Dopod 838 Pro / DoCoMo hTc Z / Qtek 9600 / iMate JasJam / Cingular 8525 / Swisscom XPA v1605 / SoftBank X01HT / Vodafone PDA 1605 / Vodafone PDA 9600

Xiart alines v1.0

Xiart alines | v1.0 | 2024 KB | Download


You need to range planets and rockets to compose vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of at least four similar objects so they could be destroyed. The longer line you compose, the more points you will get for it. To move a planet, just click on it and then point its new destination.

Planets can move only in horizontal or vertical directions, not diagonal ones.
Additionally, if you compose a line of five items or more, you will get a colored bonus brick at the bottom of the screen. Selecting this brick you will remove all planets of the same color from the screen. But if you use one brick, you will lose all bricks you have received before.

One shift of a planet is one game move. At each next move, the computer will place three new planets on your field. But having composed a line, you will get one bonus move to be ahead of the computer.

But the zest of this game is the mission bar right below the game field. It shows you the color sequence you have to follow to destroy the planets. If you have managed to match the first mission item, you get your score doubled, the second one - tripled, and so on. After completion of each mission, you get a rocket. Rockets are targets for you as well as planets, but they provide you with additional 1000 points per line.

Remember that ignoring an assigned mission for a long time will put you in trouble - planets will appear more faster and in the most unexpected places.


- PPC2003

Thursday, February 21, 2008

War of world v1.0

War of worlds | v1.0 | 7829 KB | Download


War of Worlds is an amazingly simple and quite addictive action style game. Just go out and defend your city from the alien ships - shoot at them and get more and more points. Be careful not to hit the Earth ships - they are on your side and if you destroy one of them you'll receive negative penalty points. It will be good to shoot at the asteroids as well for they may give you a bonus. So - what are you waiting for - go out and show them all what you can do...


- Amazing graphic design
- Wonderful sound
- Built in High Score table
- Detailed statistics about the last game played
- 3 minutes playing - for the full version
- SD Card support

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turkey Shoot v1.1

Turkey Shoot | Verson 1.1 | 3051 KB | Download

It is Thanksgiving time again. All of your friends and family have decided they are coming to the farm for dinner. You and your trusty dog Scout have to prepare the meal in a hurry. Fortunately you have a plan and some handy gadgets that will help you save the day. Shoot the turkeys, harvest the fruits and vegetables and serve the feast!


Easy to pick up and play
Fun for all types of gamers
3 different games in 1
Humorous graphics and sounds
Lots of comical power-ups and bonuses
Runs at 240x240 either portrait or landscape mode
Keypad and stylus modes of play

Spb PocketPlus v4.0 +40skins

Spb PocketPlus | Verson 4.0 | 9084 KB | Download

Spb Pocket Plus is the most powerful Today plug-in with tabs. The close button really closes out of running programs, the file explorer contains ZIP file support, and new buttons allow users to assign hard keys to additional commands. Advanced Internet Explorer buttons are installed, including new window support and a view source feature. Spb Pocket Plus also adds a safe mode feature to your device to restart safely if the device is experiencing problems.

Features include:

- 40+ different themes
- Easy and intuitive smart scrolling
- Integration with Spb Mobile Shell
- Customizable look and feel
- Advanced File and Internet explorers
- Today Plug-In:
- Tabs with icons
- Plug-ins support
- Drag-and-drop support
- Large and small icons
- Wholly customizable look-and-feel
- Backlight control
- Battery and memory indicators
- 3 different storage card indicators
- Soft-reset, theme change, and other actions
- Custom icons

The Travel Collection v1.5

The Travel Collection | Verson 1.5 | 1980 KB | Download

The Travel Collection is a masterful compilation of six classic board games:

- Chess
- Checkers (aka Draughts)
- Reversi (aka Othello)
- 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
- 4 In A Row (aka Connect 4)
- Dots


- Five difficulty levels for each game
- Outstanding graphics and audio by Jaybot7
- Human vs Computer, Human vs Human and Computer vs Computer
- Hints (Can be turned on and off)
- Unlimited undo
- Save/Load buttons
- Fully skinnable boards and pieces
- Individual user profiles - v1.1
- Game statistics for each user - v1.1
- Fantastic new graphics by Ryan Anspach - v1.2
- Select the boards and pieces on the fly - v1.2
- True-VGA compatible with improved fonts and AI - v1.3
- Play against and chat with LAN/Internet opponents - v1.4
- Support for Windows Mobile 5.0 - v1.5
- 20% more battery-friendly with in-game battery meter - v1.7
- Added support for the Palm Treo 700w - v1.8
- Now supports square screen devices (eg. hw65xx) - v1.9


- Pocket PC with ARM/XScale Processor
- 2MB Storage and 4MB RAM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

THD2 Valley of the Kings v1.0

Valley of the Kings | Verson 1.0 | 844 KB | Download

This game will take you to deep tombs of the Valley of the Kings. You will need to negotiate 140 death traps and hidden doors filled levels, fighting off mummy guards. If you want to get to treasures, you will have to use your head and outsmart mummies, bypass all death traps and stay alive. Beautiful graphics, well drawn character animation, enchanting soundtrack, addictive gameplay and unique gameplay won''t let you quit the game for many hours to come.

Game Features:
- Classic Runner styled game, with newly added possibilities;
- Breathtaking gameplay of quick thinking and reaction;
- Beautiful graphics and impressive animation;
- 140 interesting levels, from easy to very hard;
- 6 ethnical music tracks and pleasant background sounds;
- Description of game and in-game items;
- Records counter.

Robo v1.0

Robo | Verson 1.0 | Size: 3816 KB | Download

Requirements: PocketPC 2002, 2003(SE), WM5

Robo is the great puzzle which contains over seventy diverse levels, brain twisting tasks and plenty graphics. Let's help two loving cybernetic hearts to find each other!

The love makes people to commit imprudences, follies and different stupid things. Will anybody in his right mind risk his health and life, get under the rays of laser guns, break legs in the stone conglomerations, carry dreadful bombs and wander in fatal mazes? Love is a virus; and there are no walls which can stop it. Even robots can't resist it. You are able to become a participant of this unusual love-story. Try to add some logic and consistency in this bustle of the hot cybernetic passion, overcome together with Robo all thinkable obstacles walking through snow storms, scotched deserts and cold mountains. It is known that only humans intellect could rescue machines that going mad.

Game features:
# 76 original levels
# 4 game worlds
# Outstanding graphics and animation
# Increasing difficulty of quests
# Smart music
# Simple rules and captivating game-play

Resco Media Suite v6

Download Resco Media Suite v6

3 in 1. Explorer 2007, Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition, Audio Recorder and Pocket Radio all in one suite

Monday, February 18, 2008

OmniGSoft Mini Jetfight v1.2

Download OmniGSoft Mini Jetfight v1.2

There are 7 famous supersonic jet fighters from F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon to Su-27 Flanker. Each jet fighter is armed with 4 Medium-Range A/A Missiles (MRAM) and 4 Short-Range A/A Missiles (SRAM), as well as a cannon for close-in combat

PDAMill Rats v1.01

Download PDAMill Rats v1.01

Rats!! is our brand new Run N' Jump, Collect the Pickups, and Kill the Baddies Game* for Windows Mobile devices!

Rats!! features all of the above plus wonderful cartoon graphics, amazing audio, innovative controls and a hilarious story all painstakingly tailored for the best possible experience on a Windows Mobile device.

Take control of Morty the Rat as he runs, jumps, climbs, and does a lot of damage in the down-town sewer districts, across thick jungles, through evil Cat Villages, many more locales, and help him get back his Cheese!

Santa's Workshop v1.01

Download Santa's Workshop v1.01

In this classic swithcing-place puzzle you assume the role as one of Santa's elves. Your job is to make sure all the presents are nicely wrapped. You do this by switching adjecent presents, arranging 3, 4, or 5 presents of the same kind in a horizontal or vertical row. You are working on time, so better hurry.

Everytime you wrap some presents, you get a bit more time. Once you have wrapped a 100% load, the time is reset and you can proceed to the next level. In case you get stuck, or just want to score some extra points, you can use magic (after all, this is Santa's workshop) to wrap a single present. You do this by double-clicking the present. When you wrap more than 3 presents at a time, you will receive additional magic. Wrap as many presents as possible, before the inevitable game over where Santa takes off.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bubble Shooter v5.02

Download Bubble Shooter v5.02

Bubble Shooter is compatible with COLOR devices working under Windows CE operating system version 3.0 or later, and PocketPC devices. Versions for Windows PC and Palm OS handhelds are available at Absolutist.com web site.
"Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board, scoring as many points as possible. You shoot at them with more bubbles, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. Point your stylus to the place on the field where you want the next bubble to go. The more bubbles blow up at one shot, the increasingly more points you gain (six ones at one shot is better than two three-bubble shots). This update features minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Window Live Messenger for WM5

Download Window Live Messenger for WM5

Note: It supports only with some Pocket Mobile only.
It works with my phone, O2 Doopot(WM5)
It is a cool programme for downloading mail from hotmail to view in you phone.

This looks like a great upgrade to the ever-aging MSN Messenger client currently on our Pocket PCs. MSBLOG has the details:

"With it, you’ll be able to talk to other Messenger people whether they’re using a mobile device or a PC, you’ll be able to send and recieve nudges, instant messages as well as emoticons. The speeds between the PC and the Live Mobile Client are pretty fast - with about a second or two waiting times. You’ll be able to transfer files from and to your mobile device, including recording a voice clip using your device microphone and send pictures with your device camera.

Brutal Wars v1.5

Download Brutal Wars v1.5

A turn-based strategy lets you engage into intense combats on your Pocket PC
If what you crave for is a non-stop combat, then look no further than Brutal Wars. This is a turn-based strategy war game for all owners of Pocket PC and desktop PC as well. You step into the boots of a brave general, who is challenged to protect the country from the onslaught of the brutal enemy. So, have courage and hone your strategic skills you were taught in the Academy on the battlefield. The country desperately awaits your return, general and hopes for a victory.

Brutal Wars has a simplistic game play that becomes addictive in a short while. You will discover 40 different military units, diverse battlefield maps, and three play modes, including a campaign game, a single player game and a multiplayer game. Thelatter allows you to engage into combats with up to four other players. This adds excitement to the game play as you play with real people. However computer opponents may be as tough as real ones, if not more.

The game allows you to save your current game and transfer it to your desktop PC, or back to Pocket PC. This means you can start playing at home, save the campaign, and then continue on your pocket computer when you are on the move. The game has a silky smooth control, normal and fast speed, music and sound volume, plus resolution control, all of which are configurable.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Xiizeal v5.0

Download Xiizeal v5.0

XIIZeal is a convertion of the arcade game XIIStag to Windows Mobile platform. It brings distictive style of Japanese arcade shooting games to Windows Mobile platform while preserving all the original features including:

-8 stages + 8 megabosses
-Unique game control system
-5 difficulty settings from very easy to very hard.
-Original soundtrack

PDAMill Spot v1.0

Download PDAMill Spot v1.0

Get ready to ogle and be boggled! Now you can test your eye for detail with SPOT!, a crazily fun puzzle game that can leave you wanting for more! SPOT! takes your usual "spot the difference" game to a new level. Select from three different game modes. The game supports multiple downloadable Spotpacks and changing SPOT!s each game.

Japanese Talking Dictionary

Download Japanese Talking Dictionary

With the latest additions, this application's user interface presents superior hi-resolution (640x480) VGA support. Among other improvements are VGA support for the keyboard and the dictionary itself, and screen rotation for more effortless reading and navigating.

Ilium software NewsBreak v2.0

Download Ilium software NewsBreak v2.0

Newsbreak is one of the most heavily used applications on my device (as you can see from the Today screen plug-in). RSS feeds are the predominant method I use to stay current on just about everything. I was delighted to learn that Marc Tassin and the gang at Ilium were working on an updated version to this already great application.

The highlight of Version 2.0 is podcast support, but they've also added Microsoft Live Search integration, improved one-handed operation and some new eye candy (icons and such). More detail about those features in a moment.

NOTE: I am using a Pocket PC 2003 device, so the menuing is obviously different than a Windows Mobile 5 device. Feature-wise, the app is the same, so keep that in mind in all of these screenshots...

Herocraft Arcade for Adults v1.3

Download Herocraft Arcade for Adults v1.3

HeroCraft HiTech in cooperation with HeroCraft releases ''Arcade for Adults'' for PDAs and Smartphones. ''Arcade for Adults'' is a 3 in 1 game pack with legendary arcade games and lots of beautiful women!

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day! I love everyone come to my website. Wish all of you good.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Herocraft Stolen In 60 Seconds v1.0 Multilanguage

Download Herocraft Stolen In 60 Seconds v1.0 Multilanguage

“Hi, I’ve got a job for you. It will be an easy task — a little jeweller’s burglary. Also one antiquarian will need to be looked in on. We’ll make “an inspection of his collection”… Well, what do you say?”

We don’t call anyone to break the law, we don’t teach you how to take away money and we don’t give advice on how to grow rich fast… but we present $tolen In $ixty $econds — you’ve never played a game like it!

The variation of tasks, ease of gameplay and the stunning brain twisting quests are the components of a cocktail which will suit even the most carping gamer’s tastes. This unique project, with combined genres of strategy and puzzle, reveals all of thevdark corners of the criminal world. Just taste the illegal freedom and take a walk in the reality without any bans. Feel yourself in shoes of criminal boss!

Gamehouse Super Candy Cruncher v1.0

Download Gamehouse Super Candy Cruncher v1.0

Check out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher. Only a master Cruncher can eat candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans!

The object of Candy Cruncher is to line up and remove complete rows or columns of candy. Each level requires you to remove a certain number of rows or columns before time expires.

Clicking on a candy adjacent to the blank space will swap the blank space and candy. The only exception is the Dreaded Black Jellybean, which cannot be moved. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the blank space.

Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary v5.6

Download Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary v5.6

The First and Last Word in Dictionaries The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary provides definitions for about 170,000 words, phrases and examples and is compiled to offer what learners need most in a dictionary. The Second Edition offers new, up-to-date vocabulary (e.g. sex up, speed-dating, whiteboard), new 'mini-collocation' boxes, and new frequency information to highlight the most important words to learn. The new Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary gives you everything you need to learn English and pass exams! Bang Up-to-date and Easy to Use References to over 170,000 words, phrases and examples explained in clear and natural English All the important new words that have come into the language (e.g. dirty bomb, lairy, 9/11, clickable) Over 200 'Common Learner Error' notes, based on the Cambridge Learner Corpus from...

Insaniquarium v1.2

Download Insaniquarium v1.2

This action puzzle adventure will have you buy fish, upgrade your weapons, and unlock secret pets as you explore this captivating underwater world. Spectacular 3D graphics, rousing sound effects, an original score, and ruthless alien beasts make this a can't-miss game!