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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

F1 2010 Mobile v3.90

F1 2010 Mobile v3.90 |
Price: Free

F1 2010 Mobile has a small memory footprint runs on CF.NET 2.0 and includes:

-Circuit information

-Drivers and Teams
-Pole position
-Update function

Additional information

-Overview 2010
-Add GP events
-Remove GP events

Get YouTube Videos v1.10

Get YouTube Videos v1.10 |
Price: Free

Download Youtube Videos on your Windows mobile in multiple formats. This is a youtube video Downloader for Windows based devices , Keep YouTube in your pocket now. Download any video any time on your device.If you are tired of slow streaming this application is best for you. You can keep the videos in your mobile for future use , Make a cool collection etc. Get yourself GETYTV n enjoy Youtube.If you face any problem report it on depinder@gmail.com so that it can be fixed in next version. Getytv can download Movies,Videos,Music in .flv , .3gp , .mp4 , .mp4(hd) formats. Designed Specially for HTC devices.

waze v1.90

waze v1.90 |
Price: Free

Waze is a free, 100% user-generated, social navigation app that allows drivers to build
and use live maps & real-time traffic updates to improve their daily commute.
In addition to providing turn-by-turn navigation, waze also gives drivers the ability to
actively update each other on traffic, police traps, construction, speedcams and more,
reflecting a live description of the road at any given moment – and because it’s
user-generated, the more people who use it, the better (and more fun) it gets!

* Voice guided Turn-by turn navigation
* Google Local search
* Constantly-updated road map
* Real-time traffic updates
* Automatic rerouting
* Live reports from users on the road
* Turn-by turn directions
* Road tweets - Twitter integration
* Picture sharing from the road

ShellSwitcher v1.04

ShellSwitcher v1.04 |
Price: Free

ShellSwitcher is a small and easy to use Windows Mobile system utility for switching between well known shells:SPB Mobile Shell, Titanium (WM6.5 default), Touch Flo, Touch Flo 3D, HTC Sense, PointUI Home 2, Androkkid, WisBar Advance Desktop, Throttle Launcher and classic Today screen.
Also program gives the ability to select the native or custom WM plug-ins and activate them on the Today screen.

Program detects Shells and installed standard WM plug-ins on fly and shows them on its main window. You can switch to the selected shell or to the classic MS Today screen with plug-ins which you want to use. Also you can switch back to the particular Shell.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.x

Rotate Screen v1.10

Rotate Screen v1.10 |
Price: Free

This is a small program that changes the screen orientation of your device from portrait mode to landscape mode and vice versa. It works manually, not automatically.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and above

FIFA 2010 v2.00

FIFA 2010 v2.00 |
License: Free
Price: Free

FIFA 2010 specifications: It has the ability to show, up to date, all games results and groups info It has the FIFA world cup 2010 game schedule, so you will have all the coming games listed according to your local time It will inform the user of each game location besides the time and date It has the option of adding the games to your device calendar, so you wouldn’t miss any game It can show all the groups and all the teams within the groups

rbBible v0.05

rbBible v0.05 |
Price: Free

is bible app for windows phones which uses the translations below, other translations to come in the future.

King James Version - KJV
New English Translation - NET
Elberfelder Übersetzung - GERELB
American Standard Version - ASV
Bible in Basic English - BBE
Tradução de João Ferreira... - JFA-RC
Swedish Bible - SWE
Dutch Statenvertaling - DUTSV
English Revised Version
Ceský Ekumenický Preklad
Ceská Bible Kralická
Bible Pro 21 Století

Change Log 0.5

Book, Translation list and downloadble list now uses Microsoft gesture
Decided not to seperate OT/NT as the Microsoft gestures are faster and smoother
Book names now loaded from database
Verse view left/right gesture implemented, right to left = next while left to right = previous chapter
Chapter select includes verse input
Search now goes to the Chapter and corressponding verse
More translations added many thanks to Hundera

Change Log 0.2.2

More translations added (Books view in ENGLISH will update in the future)
I have also added a new easier method to add new translations in the future without having to re-install the app
Verse view now utilises Microsoft's Gesture, scrollbar available as well.

Lyrics Finder Pro v2.00

Lyrics Finder Pro v2.00 |
Price: Free

If you love learning all the words to your favorite songs, then Lyrics Finder may be the perfect app for you.

As the name suggests, it’s app for finding song lyrics. Results are returned after entering a song’s title, artist or a few words from the track.


* A huge lyrics database on server.
* 3 types of search: artist, title, text.
* Found lyrics saves to cache, so no need internet connection to watch them again.
* Cached lyrics grouping by artists, that's why you can easily navigate through the hundreds of songs.
* Lyrics export function.
* Now you can delete songs from cache.
* Lyrics viewer has NO scrollbars, instead you should use a touch screen.
* App fills all the screen (WVGA).
* App is very light and has low memory use.
* Two languages: english and russian.

South Africa WorldCup Pocket 2010 v1.30

South Africa WorldCup Pocket 2010 v1.30 |

World Cup Pocket 2010 v1.0
Technical features:
  • -Multilanguage
  • -All information about Sudáfrica 2010 Football world Cup.
  • -Live mode: Advise of more important events during match.
  • -Internet updatable (with new versions advise).
  • -Suported displays: vga (480x640) , qvga (240x320) ,wvga (480x800) and wqvga (240x400)
  • -Improved graphical interface.
  • -Vibration and sound advises.
  • -Time remaining until next match.

Showtime Watcher v1.00

Showtime Watcher v1.00 |
Price: Free

Ever wish there was a dedicated application just for movie listings? Well you got it, meet the Showtime Watcher! After setting your location, you’re able to check nearby theaters for showtimes. You can view a movie details, theater address and phone number.


* Light weight application
* Low memory and trafic usage
* Smart cache system (movie poster and other data)
* A huge database of theaters for every country
* Now support these countries: USA, Russia, Ukraine, France, UK

Windows Mobile 5, 6 Based Device .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (download)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

runsat v1.16

runsat v1.16 |
Price: Free

runsat is the GPS sports application for cycling, running, skating, skiing, and beyond. runsat features:
  • Time and distance tracking
  • Autopause
  • Auto lap (auto waypoint) recording
  • Manual lap recording
  • Integrated sports photography
  • Map display
  • including offline cacheing of maps
  • Chart display - speed and elevation
  • Multiple settings for multiple sports
  • Training Diary – including lap, map, photo and chart review
  • Integration with runsaturday online training log and analysis tools - KML and GPX track export

ReactionTime v0.11

ReactionTime v0.11 |
Price: Free

Respond Time, calculate your reaction time, with average, minimum, maximum

myPlayer v1.65

myPlayer v1.65 |
Price: Free

myPlayer is a light-weight application that provides access to BBC iPlayer, Live TV and On Demand services directly - eliminating the requirement of a (flash-enabled) mobile browser.

optical illusion v1.00

optical illusion v1.00 |
Price: Free

about this programme: its made for people that are bored i know i need to work on my graphics but it is a begin tab the illusion you want and it opens to close just tab it again

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Flight Crew rest calculator by GT v0.60

Flight Crew rest calculator by GT v0.60 |
Price: Free

Crew Rest calculator is meant for cockpit crew calculation of cruise rest time depending on augmented or double crew operations Program was made the way my airline operates. Let me know if there are any other inputs you'd like or if there is any interest for cabin crew rest calculation. Any donations very much appreciated

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 .net compact framework 3.5 tested on wvga,vga,qvga

Solar System v1.00

Solar System v1.00 |
Price: Free

Across the solar system in one hand. The software contains all the specifications, descriptions and many pictures of almost all objects in the Solar System. Planets, Sun, satellites, comets, asteroids and more.

Compact framework3.5 4Mb of space WM5 or superior Only WQVGA or WVGA

Music Love - Free Trumpet v3.00

Music Love - Free Trumpet v3.00 |
Price: Free

Music Love is a High Quality, Stereo and Unlimited Multi-Track Music Creator for Pocket PC.

You have only Trumpet, Bass and Jazz, but you can purchase another "Music Love" with another Instruments, or purchase "Music Pocket Pro" for 25 Instruments and Drums.


- Create High Quality Music Using Exclusive Mixer Engine
- Background Rhythms with chord
- Manageable and Unlimited Tracks (Music, Wave and Rhythm)
- Multi-System Music Creator (Iranian, Arabic, ...)
- Combine-able Status for Each Track (Stereo Echo, Shake like Violin, Repeat like Sitar)
- Sing a song, Record in a Wave Track and Combine with Music
- Make Multi-Song from single Song (Duplicate Track and Change Frequency)
- Import MIDI files and Export Wave file
and more ...

Auto-Rotate Config for Omnia II v1.11

Auto-Rotate Config for Omnia II v1.11 |
Price: Free

Auto-Rotate can configure the registry settings of built-in Samsung's RotationSupport.exe. This app is not resident, so, it consumes memory only when you are configuring rotation support.
This app was recommended by @WMRecommend.

Omnia II with .NET 2.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5.

First, start the application that you like to auto-rotate.
Tap Start/Settings/Auto-Rotate.
Tap on Add. You will see a list of current running apps. Select your app from this list.
Tap OK.
Your application should rotate now.

Notes: Samsung auto-rotation supports only one landscape angle. You don't need to add Opera, since it rotates itself.

Known to work on official GT-I8000 WM6.5 ROM. (IJ) Not all devices are supported.

Please fell free to send bug and feature requests using this thread. If you have WM 6.1 and custom ROMs please let me know if it works.

Omnia II with .NET 2.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5.

Google Maps Mobile v4.10

Google Maps Mobile v4.10 |
Price: Free

Take the power of Google Maps with you on your mobile phone. Now with Buzz!


* Places of interest: Selectable icons and labels on the map allow you to choose prominent businesses or places of interest in order to see business info, reviews, photos, Wikipedia articles, and a lot of other local information. To select an icon or label, use the 5-way pad or joystick to pan it to the center of the screen or tap it on touchscreen phones.

* Favorite Places (English only): Explore the favorite places of local experts from cities around the world. Find out where they like to go, and why, from their own perspectives. From the Maps main menu, go to ‘Layers’ > ‘More Layers’ > ‘Favorite places.’

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

mobiletag barcodes reader v3.06

mobiletag barcodes reader v3.06 |
Price: Free

Available for HTC Touch HD/HD2,Touch Pro/Pro2 and Touch Diamond/Diamond2. Also compatible with Samsung i8000 Omnia2, i900 Player Addict, B7610 (Louvre) and Acer F1 (newTouch S200). Mobiletag barcode reader is an application for Windows Mobile devices, allowing you to read any type of standard barcodes (datamatrix, flashcode, fotokody, QR Codes, 1D UPC, EAN 13). Thanks to Mobiletag’s universal reader you’ll be able to: - Scan & compare product prices in order to find the best offers for DVDs, books, video games, high-tech products. And many more references coming up every day. - Quick access to your favorite web content (videos, pictures, news, MP3s . . .) and mobile functions such as Vcard and text messages. To use it, just open the application and start experiencing mobile web content without having to type anything at all. Just use your device’s camera. Languages: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian languages.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

South Africa 2010 v1.02

South Africa 2010 v1.02 |
Price: Free

A simple program allows you to keep track of the events of the World Cap 2010

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.Net CF 2.0
The program works on resolutions: 240x320, 480x640, and 480x800
The program needs about 2-4MB of free RAM.

SciLors GrooveMobile Alpha v12.0

SciLors GrooveMobile Alpha v12.0 |
Price: Free

SciLor's GrooveMobile is a grooveshark(tm).com player for Windows Mobile. Now with local playlists, online playlists and an update checker! More updates coming!

SciLors GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v3

SciLors GrooveDownloaderWM Alpha v3 |
Price: Free

SciLor's GrooveDownloaderWM is a grooveshark(tm).com music download tool for windows mobile.

Straits Times Mobile v0.69

Straits Times Mobile v0.69 |
Price: Free

A Singaporean must have! Do you live in Singapore and are quite peeved that there is a Straits Times app for almost all smart device handset except for except for Windows Mobile?

Well then, fret no longer as this is the app for you!

With an UI similar to the upcoming Windows Phone 7, it allows ease of navigation across news sections.

It also allows you to read full articles without the need to visit the Straits Times' website on your phone.

Now comes with offline sync cababilities for your transit needs and gesture navigation support

Works with Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 For use on WVGA and VGA devices, now with landscape support also. Requires .NET Compact framework 3.5 pre-installed. Has Known issues with Omnia Pro and Omnia 2, will be resolved in version 0.7

Palringo IM v2.40

Palringo IM v2.40 |
Price: Free

Palringo is a free IM (Instant Messaging) application.

Palringo is the ultimate Instant Messaging client for mobile phones and computers.

Now you can chat with all your buddies, no matter what IM they use, all from one universal Instant Messenger.

* Windows Live Messenger (MSN)
* AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
* Yahoo! Messenger
* Google Talk
* Jabber
* iChat / MobileMe
* Gadu-Gadu
* Facebook Chat (Alpha)

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Fake FingerPrint LockScreen v1.50

Fake FingerPrint LockScreen v1.50 |
Price: Free

This Program is, as the name says, a LockScreen based on the concept of faking a FingerPrint scanner unlock. In reality, it is based simply on how many 'scans' it makes of your finger. This was a program idea from here. I am going to provide active updates for the program, starting with small things such as improving customization, etc. and ranging all the way up to converting the whole project (which is currently in C# .net CF 3.5) into a C++ Project for best speed and 'useability'!

  • Functional Lockscreen that is run when executing the file.
  • TopBar Items:
    • New Item Alerts: Featuring Icons that tell you when you have new Emails, Missed Calls, Voicemails, and Texts
    • Battery Meter: A full battery meter that changes color based on battery charge.
    • Clock: A Basic clock that displays the time of day.
    • Signal Meter: A Mostly-Accurate signal meter that tells you how much phone signal you have
Windows Mobile Professional 6 (or higher), All Screen Resolutions Supported, .NET CF 3.5 (or higher)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Screen Off v1.00

Screen Off v1.00 |
Price: Free

This application simply turns off the screen on the device, without putting it to sleep. Can be useful to save battery life when connecting the device to the PC or when running an application that doesn't need the display (like an audio player).

Tested on HTC Touch HD with WM 6.1 and 6.5.3.
It DOES NOT require .NET Compact Framework. Just install the cab and launch the shortcut from Programs.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

SenseTasks v1.00

SenseTasks v1.00 |
Price: Free

SenseTasks is an application to manage your Outlook Tasks

This application intends to replace the original Windows Mobile task application, utilizing the SenseSDK to create a HTC Sense Look and Feel.

Many thanks to eboelzner for creating the fantastic SenseSDK!

  • Full Outlook/Exchange Synchronization
  • Task List View
  • Task Agenda View
  • Task Details View
  • Add Task
  • Edit Task
  • Delete Task
  • Filter
  • Sort
Windows Mobile Pocket PC, 6.x
.NET CF 3.5

Mp3 Tag Editor v2.00

Mp3 Tag Editor v2.00 |
Price: Free

As the name pretty much says it, this is an tag editor for mp3 files so they can be nicely displayed in the media player.

The use of the application is very simple:
- use the menu to open a mp3 file
- choose the category you want to modify (ID3v1, ID3v2, Front Cover or Back Cover)
- modify the fields according to your wishes
- use the menu to save the modifications

- The application requires .NET Framework 3.5
- The application has been tested on HTC Touch HD with Windows Mobile 6.5 (VGA & WVGA resolutions) but it should work on Windows Mobile 5+ at all resolutions
- Please back-up your mp3 files before using this application. I've never had any problems but it's better to be safe than sorry

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5+ .NET Compact Framework 3.5 All resolutions

CityAdvisor v1.2.0

CityAdvisor v1.2.0 |
Price: Free

The City Advisor is designed to simplify your way of traveling in cities. with the public transport systems become more and more complicated, install City Advisor on your smart phone, you will get a real-time guider. The maps are based on open xml format, and a map editor can be got on the cityadvisor.net allows you to create your own map.

  • Open Map Format (with a Map Creator provided to create and manage your own maps)
  • Touch friendly graphic user interface - use this tool with one finger.
  • Fast and strong search engine which respects the time-table implied in the map.
  • Can avoid some line or some transfer station (useful when having station renewals, accidents, etc...)
  • A Line viewer to browse all lines in the city
  • Accent insensitive station search
  • Special TimeTable which applies different timetable for different days.

  • Requirements:
    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.3

    ShellSwitcher v1.03

    ShellSwitcher v1.03 |
    Price: Free

    ShellSwitcher is a small and easy to use Windows Mobile system utility for switching between well known shells:SPB Mobile Shell, Titanium (WM6.5 default), Touch Flo, Touch Flo 3D, HTC Sense, PointUI Home 2, Androkkid and classic Today screen.
    Also program gives the ability to select the native or custom WM plug-ins and activate them on the Today screen.

    Program detects Shells and installed standard WM plug-ins on fly and shows them on its main window. You can switch to the selected shell or to the classic MS Today screen with plug-ins which you want to use. Also you can switch back to the particular Shell.

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.x

    ShortCAD Lite v2.20

    ShortCAD Lite v2.20 |
    Price: Free

    ShortCAD Lite 2.2 is released with the following additions:

    1. JavaScripted sample Edit Objects Command was extended to allow editing of
    - POINT objects,
    - ARC objects and
    - SOLID objects.

    2. Bugs fixed:
    - ShortCAD JavaScript: Wrong name applied to the drawing object instead of supposed createPolyline.

    - ShortCAD JavaScript: Interchanged meanings of the thirdVertex and fourthVertex of DwgSOLID and DwgTRACE objects.

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 4.xx, 5, 6, 6.1 / WVGA, VGA, QVGA, any other

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    WMuVuZelAs v1.20

    WMuVuZelAs v1.20 |
    Price: Free

    Enjoy and participate, you too, in the WorldCup's noise making with this free Vuvuzela for Windows Mobile !

    New version 1.2.2350
    1.2.2350 - adapted for small screens QVGA et QQVGA
    - corrections minors
    - change background picture after options exit
    - volume fixed to 5 in opening

    - powerup sounds (LOUDER)
    - more sounds
    - more options (all sounds and fix volume (without change))

    nb1: the sounds after options is taken from a movie "le diner de cons" and is really mythical in France... about football games !
    nb2: graphics are still not very glossy... but as I have to manage the number of colors, limited to 256, and the autoredim... sorry !
    nb3: source files are still the same. You may know the version reading the version.txt file

  • 1. for sound, clic on main picture
  • 2. by clicking again on the main picture, volume will increase (rounding)
  • 3. for options, clic the ball. You will have the choice over 4 vuvuzelas sounds and to set (or not) the soft in fullscreen
  • 4. to leave, hit the red card

  • Requirements:
    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.x
    eVB Runtimes are embedded (or not)

    SW weapons v1.00

    SW weapons v1.00 |
    Price: Free

    Small app featuring Stormtrooper blaster rifle and lightsaber with sound effects. Tap the screen to shoot blaster/ slice lightsaber. Switch weapons using the menu buttons on the bottom of the screen. Note: requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5.

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, .Net CF 3.5

    WinMo Hyves v1.20

    WinMo Hyves v1.20 |
    Price: Free

    WinMo Hyves (dutch) lets you view your scraps,pings,www's, albums and more from your Hyves account on your windows mobile pda/phone.

    • View your own Pings (last 50)
    • View your own Scraps (last 50)
    • View your own Buzz (last 100)
    • View your own Albums
    • View your own pictures
    • View your own Profile
    • View your own www's
    • View profile of friends
    • View albums of friends
    • View pictures of friends
    • Picture upload
    • WWW's creation

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1, 6.5
    WVGA resolution (480x800)
    .Net3.5 Compact Framework

    Aquarium v1.00

    Aquarium v1.00 |
    Price: Free

    Dumb little aquarium game. Fish swims around, if you tap the screen, the fish swims to that spot. Tap the screen too many times and see what happens...

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, .Net CF 3.5

    PocketShopping v1.70

    PocketShopping v1.70 |
    Price: Free

    PocketShopping is a finger-friendly shopping list software which allows you to maintain a master list of products you buy on a regular basis.

    Main features:

    - Finger-friendly user interface with smart scrolling, gestures and animation effects, similar to iPhone applications.
    - Group the products by shop and by category.
    - Unlimited number of shops, categories and products.
    - Arrange the categories for each shop, by their location as you walk through the aisles. The products are sorted alphabetically.
    - Two operating modes: selecting products to buy and going shopping. First, you must select from the master list the products which you want to buy, also you can add new products, categories and shops. Then, when you go shopping, change to "Go Shopping" mode, and you only will see the products which you selected previously, and then while buying you can mark the products introduced in the shopping cart.
    - Set the unit type of each product (units, boxes, packets, Kg, etc.), and set the default unit type of each category (when adding a new product in a category, automatically the default unit type of the category is assigned to the new product).
    - Set the quantity to buy for each product and the price.
    - Quick search of products by using the keyboard.

    Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.5 with .NET Compact Framework 3.5 or later

    Calories v1.10

    Calories v1.10 |
    Price: Free

    Calories meter (and more!) * Products per Category * Alphabetical List * Quick Information * Detailed Information * Displays : calories - fat - cholesterol - carbohydrate - proteins * Displays serving information * Contains : 1653 products * Personal weight history * Search function * BMI Calculator * BM Calculator * Meal Calculator * Load/Save option to keep your favorite meals This program is in GREEK language!

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

    ThrottleLock v0.90

    ThrottleLock v0.90 |
    Price: Free

    ThrottleLock is a pattern based lock application, fully skinable and with multilanguaje support. ThrottleLock is a little app to lock your device. It will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points.

    The app is fully skinable. You can easyly develop new skins by copying the Default skin to another folder inside the skins folder and replacing the png graphics with the ones you like. You can also change font's and spacings by modifying skin.xml file.

    Also the app suports multilanguaje. Spanish, English, French, German and Swedish translations are included (though the configuration tool is only available in english at the moment)... To translate the app to your languaje just copy the texts.txt file to a file called texts_XXX.txt where XXX is the 3 chars ISO code for your languaje and then translate the texts inclued in that file. Respect the line orders and cariage returns, also take care to keep the UTC16 encoding. If you have a translation file and want to share it don't heistate posting it at the forum! I will include it in further releases.

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5.X Compatible with anyscreen resolution Needs NET.CF 2.0 or greatter.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Five Cards Poker v1.00

    Five Cards Poker v1.00 |
    Price: Free

    Five Cards Poker is the same as Video Poker. The goal of this game is to win as much as credits after two card drawings.
    Official Web site: http://winnerpro.blogspot.com

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6 , 6.1, .Net CF 3.5 is required. Tested with VGA device.

    WinSportsTracker v2.20

    WinSportsTracker v2.20 |
    Price: Free

    WinSportsTrackeris an intuitive easy to use application with powerful capabilities for touch screen Windows mobile professional phones. It is for everyone who enjoy outdoor sport activities like running, cycling, skiing, sailing, riding, hiking, rollerblading...It logs your activity speed, distance, altitude, position and many more and show on dashboard, graph or map (up to 7 views). You can save track logs for later review or export on PC (view on Google Earth, etc). WinSportsTracker helps you to improve your performance in sports. It will not affect normal operation of your mobile phone during use.

    Why buy expensive sport tracking gear if you can install FREE program on your windows mobile phone?

    Main program features:

    * Up to 7 different tracking views
    * Display speed (current, average, max, graph display)
    * Display altitude (current, total up, total down, min, max, graph display)
    * Speed/pace switch
    * Display distance
    * Display duration
    * Lap timer (lap statistic)
    * Auto lap
    * manual pause / auto pause
    * Display GPS coordinate
    * Graphic display speed and altitude vs. time, altitude display relative or absolute
    * Graphic display speed and altitude vs. distance, altitude display relative or absolute
    * Track view on map
    * Offline maps
    * Support different activities (running, cycling, skiing, riding, sailing,...)
    * Measuring units: metric, imperial, nautical
    * Normal/full screen mode
    * Slide display, scroll list
    * Power management – long battery life
    * GPS signal info (satellites, signal strength)
    * Auto save track in case if battery runs out
    * History of tracks
    * Lock display on/off
    * Light display on/off
    * Export track in GPX format (you can view track in Google Maps or some different app.)
    * Support Windows mobile 6.5 professional resolutions: WVGA, VGA, square, WQVGA, QVGA, portrait and landscape orientations

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5
    .NET Compact Framework 3.5

    Co0kies Home Tab v1.85

    Co0kies Home Tab v1.85 |
    Price: Free

    This is a Sense 2.5 Home Tab modification which features:
    * Very Customizable Home Tab:
    - home items are movable and customizable
    - flip and analog clocks with 6 layouts
    - 1 to 7 appointment bars
    - 1 to 3 quick link rows
    - call, sms and email notifications bar
    * Extended Quick Links:
    - Quick Links layouts include 3x3, 4x4, 4x5 and 5x5
    - up to 80 shortcuts on multiple pages
    - links can be easily rearranged via drag and drop
    - options to hide empty links, icon frames and text
    - grid view in program selector
    * Extended Appointments:
    - up to 7 appointments on the home tab
    - dated appointments for more than 2 days in the future
    * Lock Screen:
    - 3 unlock modes
    - customizable layout
    * Call History and Voicemail notifications
    * Configurable links for: Alarm, Calendar, Call History, Date, Weather and Clock
    * 4 animation levels
    * Mod options are configurable with CHTEditor

    Sense 2.5 is the minimal requirement. This mod will not work on Sense 2.1 and below. WVGA and VGA are supported.

    Stomp Mobile v1.00

    Stomp Mobile v1.00 |
    Price: Free

    Straits Times Online Mobile Print (STOMP), is Singapore's citizen-journalism website with user generated material.

    Stomp Mobile is the unofficial Windows Mobile client, that allows you to read news from Stomp, view comments and also the pictures. Increase the font size or change the color theme (edit the image file installed), for easier reading.

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 touch screen .Net CF 3.5

    CSV Reader v1.20

    CSV Reader v1.20 |
    Price: Free

    Please follow the instructions to create an error free .CSV file
    The file should have ".csv" extension
    Save the file in "UTF-8" encoding as follows:
    After creating the file,
    Open the file in Notepad.
    Click "File" Menu
    Select " Save as"
    Add ".csv" as file extension in fileName
    Select "All files" in save As type
    Select "UTF-8" in encoding (This is very important)
    CSV reader can be used to open .csv files with reference to picture files offollowing types.
    .gif -animated
    The csv file can be made in excel,notepad etc and after that shall be saved in notepad as mentioned above.
    The pictures shall be saved to Storagecard\CSVReader folder, in your device.
    Just type the name of the picture file with extension in the csv file.

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    SPB TV v2.0.1

    SPB TV v2.0.1 |
    Spb TV is a highly usable IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile devices. Spb TV provides users with lots of channels in multiple languages with easy-to-use features and settings. No subscription fee!

    More than 100, subscription free, TV channels

    A wide selection of public TV channels
    Quick channel preview
    Integrated TV guide
    Quick channel selection
    Channels from more than 17 countries

    Integrated TV Guide with Outlook Integration

    Today's full day guide
    Current week guide
    Current and upcoming TV shows
    Outlook reminders

    Full Screen TV Player with Picture-in-Picture Mode

    Picture-in-picture mode
    Fast channels and video-on-demand launch and switching
    Volume and backlight controls
    Onscreen and hardware buttons controls
    Advanced video codec support
    Network bandwidth fluctuations support

    Watching TV on your phone has never been easier

    Unique TV browser with quick channels preview for fast channel selection
    Finger-friendly onscreen controls for one-handed navigation
    Full support of hardware buttons controls
    Clever integration of mobile TV functionality with other mobile phone features

    Requirements :
    Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.x

    The A Team v1.3.0

    The A Team v1.3.0 |
    Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock on an explosive mission leading up to the blockbuster movie! If you have a problem and no one else can help, call in THE A-TEAM, a group of Special Forces soldiers. With unique skills, they specialize in the ridiculous to help those in need. Put your leadership skills to the test in 15 action-packed levels set around the world, from vicious jungles to the sweltering streets of mercenary strongholds. Issue commands to your team and use their unique abilities, or control them separately to chase down the bad guys. Go fisticuffs with B.A., launch lethal grenades with Face, and clear the streets with Murdock's devastating helicopter missiles. Whether you're ambushing enemies, attacking them face-on, or just blasting everything to bits, you'll totally love it when the plan comes together!.

    Requirements :
    Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.5
    Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.1
    Pocket PC WVGA resolution (fullscreen 800x480 480x800)

    Panoramic moTweets v1.8.1

    Panoramic moTweets v1.8.1 |
    Experience Twitter from your Windows Mobile device! With all of the features you would expect from a great twitter application.

    * Support for multiple Twitter accounts
    * Ability to upload pictures using your device’s camera or from the photo album
    * Post your location manually or by using your device GPS
    * Tiny URL Support
    * Two (2) skin colors
    * Finger friendly, kinetic scrolling menus
    * ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct messages, Replies, Favorites and much more!

    Language: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch

    Version 1.8.1 - Released June 11, 2010
    - Reworked the picture and video upload
    - Added twitter's OAuth security standards
    - Several smaller bug fixes / improvements

    Requirements :

    Esmertec Jbed JAVA v5.1a

    Esmertec Jbed JAVA v5.1 |
    Latest version of the best Java Engine for PocketPC!

    * Has sound and 3D capabilities!
    * Installs on main memory or storage card (without editing anything in registry)!
    * Runs almost all S60 Java games!

    Java applications must be reinstalled after update due to compiler changes!

    Requirements :
    WM5, WM6

    Resco Keyboard Pro v6.00

    Resco Keyboard Pro v6.00 |
    It fully substitutes the built-in keyboard while offering superior features:

    * Improved QWERTY Layout allows you to type the secondary symbols and national characters by simply holding the original letter.
    * Slide your finger through the keyboard to switch the layout.
    * Use 5 different layouts to enter texts including the calculator.
    * Supports more than 20 national keyboards with the option to use up to 4 languages at a time.
    * Includes editing functions and navigation buttons
    * Sound addition (simulation of the sound of a typewriter).

    Feature Details

    The Keyboard allows you to customize your Pocket PC for fast insertion of frequently used phrases. The keyboard is fully skinnable and supports more than 20 national keyboard layouts.

    New Features
    • The main QWERTY Layout has been improved. The secondary symbols and national characters are now available after holding the original letter.
    • Slide your finger through the keyboard to switch the layout.
    • To access as many symbols as possible Resco has introduced a secondary symbol layout available from the original symbol/numerical layout.
    • All the keyboard settings are now available from the start menu.

    National keyboard layouts
    • Gives you the ability to write in more than 20 languages (including Belgian, Canadian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Ukrainian).
    • Each language is represented as a standalone keyboard. You may use up to 4 different languages at a time

    New Navigation Layout
    • The layout serves for better navigation in larger texts with more paragraphs. Contains copy, cut, paste, delete and select all buttons helpful in case you want to make quick one click operations with the already typed phrases.

    • You may enter either the result or even the step by step calculation straight into the text.

    Frequently Used Phrases
    • Fx layout allows you to write the frequently used phrases.
    • Tap the cell to type the text, or hold the key to edit the phrase.

    Custom keyboard layout
    • Skilled users will be able to customize the keyboard layout by editing the textual description defining the characters assignment.

    Requirements :

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    GPS Sport Tracker v1.50

    GPS Sport Tracker v1.50 |
    Price: Free

    GPS Sport Tracker is a FREE small usefull program designed for anyone who enjoys cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking. The software provides realtime statistic like current speed, altitude, distance, etc. and data for post analysis using PC.

    GPS Sport Tracker Main Features:

    1) Speed (current, average, max.), time to pass 1 km (1 mi)
    2) Altitude (current, total up, total down)
    3) Distance
    4) Heading
    5) Metric and imperial units
    6) Time, elapsed time, simple lap timer
    7) Track view with zoom in, zoom out, center start position, center current position
    8) Offline maps, different renders available
    9) Elevation profile, points where max speed, max and min altitude were achived
    10) GPS signal availability, satellite info, settings for accuracy
    11) Simple waypoints, waypoints with a photo, latitude and longitude can be printed on the picture
    12) Save track, export track in GPX format. Log is also available when battery dies
    13) Loading saved tracks (GST, GPX), using saved tracks as a backgorund track
    14) Extended power management, program lock
    15) Bearing back to the anchor, anchor alarm
    15) Translations
    What is new in version 1.5.0:
    New features:
    - Waypoints editing
    - Preview picture waypoints
    - Minor design changes

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6, 6.1
    .NET Compact Framework 3.5

    Break My Bricks 2 v2.50

    Break My Bricks 2 v2.50 |
    Price: Free

    Break My Bricks 2 was is a more improved version of the original Break My Bricks a copy of the Atari Break Out game.

    • Vibration Supported for most Devices.
    • Customizable Background Colors.
    • Fun and Easy to Play.
    • Keep High Scores
    • Sound On/Off
    • Super Ball Goes Through Bricks and Doubles the Score.
    This version of Break My Bricks will run on all Windows Mobile version up to version 6.5 for all screen resolutions. Hey don't complain, its free! The free version only has 3 levels. If you want more levels, then purchase a copy of Break My Bricks 2 in the Windows Mobile Marketplace!

    Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 .Net CF 3.5