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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dorothy Browser v1.01

Dorothy Browser v1.01 |
Price: Free

Dorothy Browser is a Webkit-based mobile Internet browser from Company 100, Inc. It brings the best mobile Internet experience with superb fast page loading speed and gorgeous usability. It currently logs history, saves bookmarks, has zooming and support for landscape mode

Dorothy Browser is now available only as closed beta service. We promise to meet you with a full download service.

Dorothy Features

- Zooming and Panning
- Landscape / Portarit Mode
- History and Bookmarks
- Private Browsing
- HTML5 Client-side Database Storage
- URL Auto-Completion
- Support for Installation on Storage Card.
- Support for XPath, XSLT

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

XnView Pocket v1.51

XnView Pocket v1.51 |
Price: Free

XnView Pocket is an easy image viewer/manager/convert. You can easily visualize your images and photos on your Pocket PC with XnView Pocket.

Thanks to these many tools of final improvement you can correct your photos, share them with your friends and your family by sending them by e-mail. XnView Pocket makes it possible to you to realize slide shows particularly with the executable format readable by all. You can edit IPTC metadata, send or receive picture by Irda.
Image Formats:
Reading: Jpeg / Jfif, Gif, Bmp, Png, 2bp, Tif, Pcx, Pbm, Pgm, Ppm, Pnm, Psd, Tga.
Writing: Jpeg, Gif, Bmp and Png.

- Display in 5 input modes: Thumbnail, list, detail, Filmstrip et full screen.
- Use of the favourites to simplify and accelerate the navigation through files.
- Display informations, exifs and iptc of images.
- Sorting of images by the name, the date, the type, the size and the definition, the whole in ascending or decreasing order.
- Conversion of images between the different supported formats.
- Resizing of images according to various factors, sizes, and possibility to resize to the screen size in order to obtain the best ratio weight/clearness.
- Screen capture.
- Association of image types with XnView Pocket possible and modifiable.
- Slide Show mode with adjustment of time between the slides, of the background color. The transition effects are also usable in this mode, the display in landscape mode (allowing the display of the images while turning the Pocket PC of 90°, becoming into the screen proportions in adequacy with the proportions.
- Sending of the images by email with change of size and format possible.

Visualize, Organize and Improve your images and photo with XnView Pocket ! View : XnView Pocket allows you to visualize your images and their characteristics in a very intuitive way. With XnView Pocket you can :
Displaying in 5 modes : Thumbnail, list, detail, filmstrip et full screen.
Displaying images in different formats : jpeg / jfif, gif, bmp, png, 2bp, tif, pcx, pbm, pgm, ppm, pnm, xbm, xpm, tga, ico.
Writing images in jpeg, gif, bmp, tga and png formats.
Using multiple factors of zoom, or automatic adaptation of the images size to the screen size.
Using the favorites to simplify and accelerate the navigation through files.
Displaying informations, exifs and iptc images.

Retouch :
Correct and Retouch your photos using the many tools of XnView Pocket.
Crop directly with the stylus.
Brightness, contrast, gamma and RGB adjustment.
Rotation of the images in all directions, and JPEG lossless rotation.
Sharpness adjustment.
Reduction of noise.

Organize :
XnView Pocket allows you to classify simply and effectively your images and photos.
Images sorting on the name, the date, the type, the size and the definition, the whole in ascending or decreasing order.
Images conversion between different supported formats.
Images resizing according to different factors, sizes, and possibility to resizing to the screen size in order to obtain the best ratio weight/clearness.
Simple or multiple images selection, as in a PC software.
Screen capture.
IPTC editing
Association of images types possible and modifiable with XnView Pocket .

Share / Slide Show :
XnView Pocket also has a slide show mode with adjustment of time between the slides, of the background color.
Slide Show creation in exe format, archievable in an autonomous way (if for example you give your Slide Show to a user who don't have XnView Pocket).
Images sending by email with change of size and format possible.
Images sending by Irda.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2002 / 2003 / 5 / 6

Pocket Gift Saver v0.10

Pocket Gift Saver v0.10 |
Price: Free

Pocket Gift Saver is a Windows Mobile Phone application that would help you to create a virtual warehouse of the gifts you purchase, so when that special day comes you will know if you have the right present to that loved person.

This application will help you save money by taking advantage of those unexpected specials on the stores and knowing to who and when you can give it.

Do not spend hundreds of dollars buying last minute presents, do it ahead of time and save money.

Use this great application in order not to forget another gift.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

WMWin4Life v1.00

WMWin4Life v1.00 |
Price: Free

WMWin4Life è un'applicazione che genera 10 numeri da poter giocare a Win for Life per aiutare chi si trovasse in difficoltà non sapendo quali numeri scegliere.

L'applicazione si presenta come nell'immagine seguente, basta tappare sul pulsante "Genera" e otterrete i numeri da giocare

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

WMSuperEnalotto v1.00

WMSuperEnalotto v1.00 |
Price: Free

WMSuperEnalotto è un'applicazione che genera 6 numeri + il SuperStar per aiutare chi si trovasse in difficoltà non sapendo quali numeri giocare al SuperEnalotto.

L'applicazione si presenta come nell'immagine seguente, basta tappare sul pulsante "Genera" e otterrete i numeri da giocare

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

All Mobile Mines v5.31

All Mobile Mines v5.31 |
Price: Free

Free Minesweeper game
. The objective of the game is to locate all the mines as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them. If you uncover a mine you lose the game. Contains all the features of the PC version on your Windows mobile device. Optimized for stylus play, using gestures you can quickly insert flags and remove tiles.

All Mobile Mines is fully compatible with all Windows Mobile devices including HTC HD Mini. Play in landscape or portrait mode.

Tetra Master v0.81

Tetra Master v0.81 |
Price: Free

For those who have owned a playstation and enjoy playing RPG games, then you might remember Final Fantasy 9. It didn't have as many mini-games as FF7, but it did have a fun card game to relax you from the main story line...if you were able to understand the fragmented manual .

In this version of TM, it uses the same features as the original plus more "manual included". If you haven't played the playstation version, then you won't be missing much after playing this game.

Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.5.x

Data Controller v1.21

Data Controller v1.21 |
Price: Free

The DataController Prevent your data connection (GPRS) to start up.
It lists all GPRS connections, and allows you to disable them so that they won’t be used.
The tool is especially useful when going to another country then the data connection cost a lot during the roaming.

Updated version: Updated menu options.
Updated version: Small GUI bug fix.
Updated version: Performance improvements.
Updated version: Bug fix
Updated version: GUI fix
Updated version: Small bug fix & and some GUI improvements.
Updated version: Reduced application size and some GUI improvements.
Updated version: Option to close all open data connection from the application screen without need to do it from the Connection manager Manager. Also there are some GUI and performance improvements

The application requires .Net 3.5 that you can download from Microsoft. or if you want only the cab file, search the net for the NETCFv35.wm.armv4i.cab file.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6 or later

SalaatTime v1.60

SalaatTime v1.60 |
Price: Free

It is optimised for QVGA and VGA screens.
It contains two parts, one is a Today Item, i.e. it appears on Today home screen and the other part is a WM classical program.
It computes prayer time and generates monthly calendars for a given town.
For the installation, simply run the SalatTimeF.cab file on the pocketPC. It will install the software SalatTime.exe and the Today plugin. To activate this latter, go to Settings, then Today, then check SalatTime, click OK to exit.
To update a priviously installed version of SalatTime on your PocketPC, you must first uncheck the Today elements SalatTime from the Today screen options in order to unload the DLL.
When the installation is done, you have to check the Today elements SalatTime from the Today screen options to activate the Today display.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Monday, September 20, 2010

OmniaTorch v1.01

OmniaTorch v1.01 |
Price: Free

This application enables samsung devices to use there camera flash as a torch.
You must install the sdk redistributable prior to OmniaTorch.
If you like my work,

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 Samsung SDK enabled

TodayXClock v1.0 BETA

TodayXClock v1.0 BETA | Read more....
Price: Free

TodayXClock is a today screen plug-in lets you see a clock, calendar and allarm notification.

Requirement: Windows Mobile 5, 6.x (PocketPC)

Sound Delay Calculator v1.50

Sound Delay Calculator v1.50 |
Price: Free

This simple application calculates the delay time between speakers. Simply measure from your base point speakers to each delay speaker. Enter the distance and press calculate and it will tell you the delay time in milliseconds. You can set your preferences to US or Metric measurements. This application requires the .NET framework.

Changelog v1.1
~Added Metric Support
Changelog v1.4
~Adjusted calculator to factor in air temperature for a more accurate delay time
~Fixed a bug where cm seemed to be off by a few 100s of a millisecond
Changelog v1.5
~Added number buttons so you don't have to use your keyboard
~Updated the screenshot


Friday, September 17, 2010

Orin Squares v1.20

Orin Squares v1.20 |
Price: Free

Orin squares is addictive puzzle game, similar to sudoku. In the beginning of a game, there is square board similar to chessboard. There are pairs of letters and numbers in some cells. Your aim is simple, complete the board, according to following rules: Two same numbers or letters can not be in one row (eg. A1, A2, C3), Two same numbers or letters can not be in one collumn, There can not be two or more same pairs of letters and numbers (eg. B5 and B5) Once the square is complete and no rules are broken the square become Orin square hence you finish the game. The pieces that are there at the start of a game can not be changed. You can distinguish them from other pieces by different background and font color. You can choose one of four difficulty levels - each of them means different size of board. They are 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 and 9x9. Ordinary 7 years old child is able to solve 3x3. 9x9 is extremely difficult to solve even for adults. Version 1.1: user interface improved input method improved invalid input not possible new graphics undo/redo Version 1.2: save/load game top scores new font

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, QVGA

Canabalt v2.00

Canabalt v2.00 |
Price: Free

The popular flash and best selling iphone game , is now free for windows mobile. The controls are smple tap anywhere to make your charactor jump. Your charactor auto-matically runs on his own. This game is for WVGA resolution only. Download canabalt for windows mobile now.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1,6.5

AmazonIt v1.30

AmazonIt v1.30 |
Price: Free

AmazonIt! helps you shop. Ever see an item on the shelf that looks interesting, but you wonder
A) if you can find it cheaper online?
B) if it's any good?

That's where AmazonIt! comes in. Using AmazonIt!, you can scan a product's UPC or EAN barcode, and see its Amazon.com price and ratings.
AmazonIt! will also show you if the price of an item has changed since it was last updated.

Wallpaper Map v0.60 beta

Wallpaper Map v0.60 beta |
Price: Free

WMM Wallpaper Map works on a very simple principle. After performing the basic settings, it will display your current position on the map as a wallpaper on your home screen !!!

This position can be detected easily by using the GSM signal (by using base stations BTS - precision is in hundreds of meters) or classically using GPS (if your device supports it). Display maps are loaded from the internet (Google maps), which implies that it is appropriate to update only if you connect via WiFi, or if you have a data plan !

The application is divided into two parts. The first is a custom application settings that are accessible under the icon "WMM Wallpaper Map" in the programs. Here you will find two tabs. On the "Device" choose your screen resolution and the environment in which you want to activate the wallpaper (Today, TouchFlo / Sense Co0kies Home). On the "Map" is the advanced settings for the actual map display. You can choose the map type (Type Maps), zoom (zoom level), you mark the location (Location Maker), size markers (size), color, position indicator (Color) and GPS. The last item on GPS to pause a moment. If you want to map the precise location using GPS, it is necessary in this setting, click on "Turn On" and wait for the fixation of satellites (ie until you see some value in fields "Lat" and "Long"), then it just tick "Use GPS Data" and in the status bar click on "Change Now" to activate it !

Released version 0.5 Beta
+ Fixed background in Landscape.
+ More possible settings for Co0kies Home (eg support for lock screen)
+6 Buttons for quick color change indicator position.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Pebbles Mobile v1.32

Pebbles Mobile v1.32 |
Price: Free

Match pebbles based on their properties and create as many groups as possible.
Play against the 3-minute ticking clock and get the topscore!

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6.* .net cf 3.5 QVGA / WVGA 1.2MB storage

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inesoft Phone v7.04

Inesoft Phone v7.04 |
Inesoft Phone is especially designed to expand "phone features" for Windows Mobile devices.

Inesoft Phone is especially designed to expand "phone features" for Windows Mobile devices. The software combines six main applications in one making the phone usage easier. Inesoft Phone includes: Dialer, Caller ID, SMS and Calls History, Favorite numbers, Profiler and Contacts.

Using large size buttons you can easily dial a phone number
or tap a new SMS, add a contact or edit a number to your address book. Now you are also able to find the contact when you remember the information partly.

Caller ID:
All necessary information about the contact will be displayed at your screen during the income call: the name and the phone number, contact’s photo and even the company. Caller ID allows to turn on the loud speaker, to make a callback, to turn off the sound (ring off) or to send an SMS in one touch.

Includes the history of the phone calls and the history of the incoming SMS as well. It is also possible to group calls from one person, to view the phone calls duration and to get the calls statistics on a certain contact.

You can add as much contacts to Favorite list as you wish. Set up the appropriate size and the number of Favorite contacts that will be displayed at the phone screen.

Using Inesoft Profiler you are able to set up: the tone volume and the vibration level for the each profile, profiles auto switching, automatic SMS replies, block phone calls from the certain group of contacts and much more.

Now you can manage your contacts and improve your address book: upload a photo, add any information about the contact to the info fields, create additional info fields and set up the type for them. Use T9 Search to find the necessary person.

Additional Options:
Inesoft Phone supports such unique features as: vibration when you press the buttons to feel the touching; vibration after successful connection; create block and allowed groups of contacts; get notification about unread SMS and missed calls; set up the signal type for the group of contacts and much more.

What's new in Inesoft Phone 7.04:
· New - redesigned the user interface of Dialer, Favorites, History. CallerID and Phone modes;
· Fix – issue with improper operation of hardware green button in SMS window in Manila;
· New – option to block CallerID screen;
· New – access to CallerID menu;
· New – possibility to work simultaneously with dual-sim under standard dialer;
· New – support of 320x480 screen resolution (HTC HD Mini and others);
· New – instant actions pad in Dialer mode;
· New – contact details window in Dialer without a need to run Address Book;
· New – backlight settings for Gygabyte S1200;
· New – possibility to move the actions bar up or down in Address Book, Favorites and History;
· Fix – new contact is not assigned to the last used category;
· Fix – long text without spaces is displayed correctly;
· Fix – Samsung Omnia2 WM 6.5.3 standard caller ID could flash on incoming call;
· Fix – unread SMS notice on HTC devices;
· Fix – restoring Favorites from backup could fail;
· Fix – missed call notifications could be reset if call history is on instead of keypad in Dialer;
· Fix - screen lock slider could be invisible on outgoing call on devices powered by WM 6.5.3 ROM 28xx;
· Fix – profile shortcuts on VGA device used QVGA recourses;
· Fix – on some HTC devices hardware volume button did not turn off the ring on incoming call;
· New – alternative SMS sending method for HTC devices;
· Fix – problem with deleting items from History;
· Fix – duplicated items in History;
· New – menu item to show contact’s call history;
· Fix – list height in Profiles mode;
· Fix – Bluetooth on/off setting in HD MINI.

Requirements : Windows Mobile 5/6.x

Spore Creatures v1.0

Spore Creatures v1.0 |
Your Spore Creatures are back and more evolved! The sequel to Spore Origins has emerged from the ooze and onto solid ground. Designed for your mobile!

Your Spore Creatures are back and more evolved than ever! This innovative sequel to the award-winning Spore Origins has emerged from the ooze and onto solid ground.

Pick up where you left off in an all-new game designed exclusively for your mobile device. Attack or befriend other creatures and explore 12 exciting new levels.

Collect body parts and adapt yourself to complete challenges. Modify your creature with the Creature Creator to optimize its evolution and take it to the top of the food chain!

Requirements : WM5.WM6
HTC Touch , Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Palm Treo 800w, Treo Pro , Samsung i770 Saga, I900, Omnia i910,

Glu Mobile Guitar Hero 5

Glu Mobile Guitar Hero 5 |
Prepare to rock out on your phone with the newest edition of the #1 selling music series. Rock out on guitar, drums and bass with up to 20 of the hottest Rock ‘n’ Roll songs and additional downloadable songs from Blink 182, David Bowie, Nirvana, Sublime, Vampire Weekend, and other iconic bands. Go to the official GH5 Mobile site for the complete set-list and information about related contests/sweepstakes.

Play guitar, drums, and bass guitar on all songs!
Game includes up to 20 of the hottest Rock ‘n’ Roll songs.
Rock in 3 new venues - San Francisco, Cairo, and the New York City subway.
See how you rank on the leaderboards!
Unlock 4 additional guitars and drums, earn achievements, and break records!
2 game modes and three difficulty settings will test your skills and provide endless replay value.
Bring the Rock ‘n’ Roll experience to life on your phone with animated rockers, crowds and venue interiors.

Requirements : WQVGA Version (240x400)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Volcano Island 3D Haunted Maze v1.1

Volcano Island 3D Haunted Maze v1.1 |
Volcano Island is a fantasy style action game featuring brilliant graphics, mystic island flavor and addictive gameplay!

Description :
Escape the everyday for an enchanted tropical adventure. This frantic action game starts when our hero is mysteriously swept away from his vacation cruise and finds himself on a haunted volcano island. Surrounded by treasures and hunted by spirits, there's nowhere to hide. "Think on your feet" and help our hero to outwit the spirits, navigate the maze, and collect all the items to advance to the next level...

Main features include:
Endless game play, maze generation is unique each time and has infinite possibilities.
Exotic music, mystical design, and rich graphics build a thrilling atmosphere.
Fast paced action on progressively challenging levels.
At an efficient 700 kb, this tiny powerhouse is jam packed with a mountain of fun.
Support Windows Mobile 5.0
Support Square Screen Display.

Resco File Explorer 2010 v8.10

Resco File Explorer 2010 v8.10 |
Full touch optimization
Quick and easy to use. Navigate through your files easily using your finger. Toolbar optimized for using your thumb for quick access.

Thumbnails View Mode
The new view mode displays previews of images. It becomes handy (improves the navigation) while seeking in folders with many image files.
The new Explorer can utilize tools and strengths of Resco Photo Manager. If users have both of these programs installed on a device, they will sense that the thumbnail loading is faster as well as the fact that it supports all the photo manager image types.

Upload to Social Network
The program is now able to upload image files to the most popular social networks including the largest web image database: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, MySpace and Photobucket.

Today Plugin
Today plug-in gets new shape and becomes totally customizable — add or remove phone tools, applications or documents. The eventual size of the plug-in, therefore, depends only on your choices.
Why is it useful to install the Resco Today Plugin ?
* Check your battery status and the free storage/memory directly on the Today screen.
* Launch your favorite applications and documents with a single tap.
* Browse the storage card with a single tap.
* Manage running applications with Task Manager
* Get the detailed storage properties.
* Use arrows for smart movement
* Additional skins ...

Task Manager
Avoid the complex process of managing tasks and apps in your PPC. Use the elegant, smooth and touch friendly interface of new Task manager. Easy to use, always at your service right on the home screen with catching graphics — that is the new Task manager from Resco.

Letter bar navigation
The side letter navigation bar lets you access your files faster
Features the letter preview of the files you would like to access with the specific files showing up instantly

Virtual Folders for all documents
All file types associated with what you are looking for can be found in these folders without the need to look for them in all your folders on the device or your storage card.
Instead they are all displayed in these virtual folders from where they can be retrieved easily anytime you need them.

* Documents
* Encrypted Files
* Images
* Music
* Videos

You also have the option to create your own virtual folder with the file extensions which you plan to use frequently
Very useful when looking for files of the same type

The Quick Search Function
Using the keyboard, instantly search for files you need by typing in the starting letters of the file

The File Manager
The File Manager is the HEART of the Explorer.
It is stable and efficient and it provides the most comfortable way for file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, etc., including speed measuring.
It is great when you need to quickly search for files or file content. It speeds-up your work by using the Favorites folders. The system info keeps you informed about your system resources usage at all times.
With File Types Highlighting you will never oversee important file type.
Customizable keyboard shortcuts ensure you can run favorite features by pressing a single button.
Customizable startup folder ensures you will immediately start in a folder you really want to.

Recycle Bin
Resco Explorer now moves deleted files into a virtual folder "Recycle Bin" instead of immediate deletion.
If the file was deleted accidentally, it is now possible to restore it safely from the Recycle Bin folder.
Recycle Bin takes at most 10% of each storage. It is possible to choose the bigger or smaller space
for recycled files or disable the Recycle Bin completely.

Strong File Encryption
You can use the Enhanced Cryptographic Provider with strong algorithms such as RC2-128, DES-56, 3DES TWO KEY-112, 3DES-168.
We did our best to make the en/decryption process familiar looking and easy to use.
Additionally, you can also install a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista shell extension to use the encryption/decryption process on desktop PCs.

Archive files (ZIP, RAR)
ZIP Compression can be used to increase the storage space of any storage device.
Use of this handy tool is the simplest and cheapest way to save significant amounts of storage space.
The used ZIP algorithm is PC compatible, so you can extract archives created on a desktop PC and vice-versa.
Decompression of RAR archives included.

The built-in Viewer
The built-in Viewer can be used to view files in TXT, BIN or HEX format, as well as JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG graphic formats.
The built-in viewer implements a very comfortable text search function.
Viewing files has never been so easy.
You can use the built-in viewer also to view encrypted files (decryption in memory)

The Network Browser
The Network Browser let's you discover and take advantage of the wired-up world directly from your device.
Simply map the shared network folders and work with them as easily as with the local ones.
Various settings allow you to set your network drive in the exact way as you desire.

The Registry Editor
The Registry Editor is for power users only.
It allows you to export, import, view or modify the registry keys.
The interface is very simple and very powerful at the same time.

The FTP Explorer
FTP Explorer gives the possibility to browse the FTP server's content directly in your Resco Explorer window. It adds the root below the "My Device" and the user is able to copy/move/delete/rename files the same way as if they were the local files.

What is new:
* WebDAV addin (with file locking and verification)
* Auto-reupload/repack for opened files (for FTP/WebDAV/ZIP)

Requirements : WM2003-6.5

SmartLight Automatic Backlight v1.1

SmartLight Automatic Backlight v1.1 |

Tired of the display backlight suddenly dimming when you are looking at the screen - e.g. while thinking about the right word for an email? Wouldn't it be nice if your smartphone knew when you needed the light and when not? SmartLight adds this automatic backlight feature to your phone: Once you have opened an application, the backlight stays on - until you close or hide the application, switching off the light automatically.

SmartLight runs as a background application. It features a control screen that can be accessed by selecting SmartLight from the programs folder, or via a Task Manager. With SmartLight running, the backlight stays on as long as an application window is visible. Once the user returns to the Today Screen, the backlight will dim as normal (i.e. after the period selected in Backlight Settings). The light will also go out as normal after system notifications about new messages, calls, etc.
For maximum effect, we recommend setting the backlight time-out period to the minimum of 10 seconds. (In Settings > System Tab > Backlight)

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5

Opera Mini v5.1.21594

Opera Mini v5.1.21594 |
Opera Mini is a fast and tiny Web browser, that allows you to access the full Internet on your phone.

Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your mobile phone. Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, search with Google, get your e-mail on the go, do your online banking. There are no limits - Opera Mini is the quick, easy and secure way to get any Web page you want.

What's new in Opera Mini for Windows Mobile 5.1:

· Ability to set Opera Mini as default browser on the device.
· Support for g-sensor screen rotation on HTC and Samsung devices.
· Support for predictive input if the device supports it natively.
· Improved page layout on high-resolution screens.
· Improved kinetic scrolling.
· Alternative installer that works on Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC devices.
· Text input works on many more devices
· A host of bug fixes in Opera Mini browser core for stability and rendering accuracy.

Requirements : WM5-WM6.x

WMkits File Encryption v3.0

WMkits File Encryption v3.0 |
Price: Free

WMkits File Encryption is a professional file encryption software for Windows Mobile phones, speciallly designed to encrypt and decrypt mobile files of almost all all document file types, including Text file, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML and PDF documents.

WMkits File Encryption lets you easily protect your sensitive data against un-authorized viewers utiliizing the latest data encryption technologies. In just two steps. you can keep your documents safe and secure with this strong data encryption software. Simply select a file/folder, input a password, and your phone's files are safe now.
Key features:
Encrypt individual document files or entire folders with secure password protection in just two setps.
Support almost all document file types, including txt,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,pdf,csv,xml and other common document files.
Utilize powerful encryption technologies - AES 128-bit encryption and 128-bit ARC4 encryption, to ensure your data safe.
Easy and convenient to decrypt for viewing/editing or to re-encrypt.
Fast encrypting/decrypting speed, up to 2.4m/sec to save your time.
Enable fast searching for files/folders you want to encrypt.
Simple and intuitive Interface.
Easy to install and operate.
Good value for money.

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5

WMkits Photo Encryption v3.0

WMkits Photo Encryption v3.0 |
Price: Free

As a professional photo encryption software for Windows Mobile phone, WMkits Photo Encryption helps windows mobile phone users to encrypt all their mobile phone photos, images and keep them safe with password protection, photos files formats including jpg, png, bmp, gif, pcx, tga, tgf, sgi, tif, jp2, ldf, lwf, ico and psd etc. You can use it to decrypt your photos files with ease, too. That means, others are not able to view any of your senstive or important photos on your mobile phone without your approval, even if you lost your phone or lend your mobile phone to your friend or relative. Your privacy is safe.

Besides, it’s a smart photo encryption tool for your windows mobile phone. It can directly detect and display your phone photo files. Also, you can enter a keyword to fast search your target photo files. All you need is to select the photos or photo files folder on your mobile phone that you want to encrypt and then enter your wanted password. Done. Your photos are safe now.
It’s that simple, and it’s that helpful. You will find it easy to use and worthy.
Key features:

Support almost all kinds of photos and images formats encryption, including jpg, png, bmp, gif, pcx, tga, tgf, sgi, tif, jp2, ldf, lwf, ico and psd etc.
Easy to use: Encrypt/decrypt your photo files or entire folder in a few simple clicks.
Password Protection: set password on your photo files/folder and keep phone photos private and safe, against from un-authorized viewing.
Auto-scanning: auto-scans and display your phone photo files.
Utilize powerful encryption technologies - AES 128-bit encryption and 128-bit ARC4 encryption, to ensure your data safe.
Easy and convenient to decrypt for viewing/editing or to re-encrypt.
Fast encrypting/decrypting speed, up to 2.4m/sec to save your time.
Easy and safe to install/uninstall.
Simple and intuitive Interface.
Compatible: Works great for all windows mobile.
Upgrade Free; Free customer support.

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5

Monday, September 6, 2010

MobilityFlow Touch Weather Pro v1.0.1.520

MobilityFlow Touch Weather Pro v1.0.1.520 |
Price: Free

Touch Weather - animated weather forecast for Windows mobile Pocket PC PDA Smartphones

Weather Forecast Has Never Been So Realistic !
Touch Weather Free/Pro – a finger-oriented full-screen weather forecast tool for Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PCs, PPCs, smartphones, PDAs). The exquisitely realistic video effects of snow, rain and cloudiness provide the vivid sensation of current or future weather conditions for more than 50000 locations over the world, and the reliability of the forecast is ensured by several weather aggregators. Touch Weather is available in Free and Pro versions.

• Animated daily weather forecast;
• Video effects that are on a par with HTC Sense.
• Global weather;
• 50000+ locations worldwide;
• Several weather aggregators and forecast reliability rating.
• Weekly and monthly weather forecast;
• Detailed daily forecast (morning, afternoon, evening, night).

Requirements : WM5-6.5, .NET CF 2.0

PushEffect v1.0

PushEffect v1.0 |
Price: Free

Adds Push-Style Email to Gmail, AOL,Yahoo Plus, POP3 & IMAP Accounts!

Adds New Features to Messaging Application
Push-Style Automatic Message Retrieval
Keep EXISTING Email Account at GMail, Yahoo Plus, your ISP, AOL*, etc.
Messages Usually Arrive Within Seconds (No More Scheduled Send/Receive)
Monitors Multiple Accounts Simultaneously (Personal, Work, etc.)
Exchange Server / imap IDLE Server NOT required
No Need to Keep PC Turned On with Redirector or Sync Software Running
Automatically Sends Messages (No More Send/Receive)
1 Click Download of Attachments / Rest of Message (No More Send/Receive)
New Message Notification Window (Like Email Caller ID - All Accounts including Outlook)
User Selectable Sleep Period (So You Won't Be Disturbed!)
Small Application Runs Directly on Device - Can Help Improve Battery Life!
NO Monthly Service Fees & NO Advertising on Bottom of Outgoing Messages!

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5

Shape Services Translator+ v3.1

Shape Services Translator+ v3.1 |
Price: free

Translator+ is powerful online multi-translation tool that allows users to translate words and even phrases on 12 languages and supports about 30 directions of translation.

Translator+ supports the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese Simplfied and Chinese Traditional languages and about 30 directions of translation.

Translator+ by itself does not have any word base, instead it gives you access to a huge multilingual dictionary based on server! The volume of the dictionary exceeds any database, which may contain any mobile devices. In that way application does not confine user's abilities and allows to translate even uncommon words and phrases!

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5

InboxTones v1.02

InboxTones v1.02 |
Price: free

Add Email & SMS Ringtone Notifications for Contacts to your WM 5/6 Phone!

- Ringtone manager for Email & SMS Messages
- Assign Email & SMS ringtones to built in Contacts
- Assign ringtones to Sender Groups (mywork.com)
- No restrictions, overrides WM single sound file limit
- Use most MP3, WAV, WMA, MIDI sound files
- Different sound for each Email account
- Different sound for each Email / SMS Sender, Group
- Optional vibration for specific Senders in SP version
- For POP3, IMAP, Outlook, DirectPush, SMS accounts
- Selectable play duration for assigned sound
- Can also use sound files from storage card
- Know when Boss, Friend, Spouse, Email or Text You!
- Auto silences sound based on Vib / Silent / Mtg profile

Requirements : WM5-WM6.5

Wing Profile v1.03.53

Wing Profile v1.03.53 |
Price: Free

Wing Profile is an application which used to do some frequently-used settings for phone system, it provides system setting and Wing other AP setting. User can set scene mode, sounds, wireless connect, backlight and power, else provides users easy to wing other AP settings page.

Profile is the interface which provides system setting and Wing application setting.
It provides the following functions:
- Classify default settings
- Sound setting
- Display
- Wireless Manager
- Power
- Wing application settings
- Scene mode settings

Requirements : WM6-WM6.5

Efficasoft Outliner v1.1

Efficasoft Outliner v1.1 |
Price: Free

Efficasoft Outliner is a tree list manager, born to be efficient and effective.

It's simple, so it does everything!
* Project Plan
* Idea Tracking
* Shopping List
* Travel Items
* Tasks
* Appointments
* Diary

Cliquick v4.4

Cliquick v4.4 |
Price: Free

Fast, Simple, Finger-Friendly Soft Onscreen Keyboard

Fastest Touch Keypad
# 70% of text requires only a single tap to enter
# Twice faster any traditional phone keypad
# Faster than any Semi-Qwerty keyboards

Full Keyboard with Huge Keys
# 50% bigger keys than in other keyboards
# 3 or 4 lines customizable skins
# Additional valuable screen space

# Various skin layout & sizes
# Supports over 120 languages
# Russian, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Korean, German…

# Optionally works with the "Word Completion"
# Improved feedback – Visual, Sound & Vibration
# Fast symbols entry without switching modes
# One-handed or two-handed operation
# Additional valuable screen space

Requirements : WM5-6.1

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lonely Cat Games X-plore v1.51

Lonely Cat Games X-plore v1.51 |
Price: Free

X-plore is a file manager for mobile devices, with a wide range of functions.

• View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view*
• Integrated text and image viewer
• View file details
• Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc)
• Rename and delete files
• Create or edit text files
• Create folders
• Multi-selection
• Copy or move files and folders
• Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
• Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
• Pack files to Zip archive
• View Word documents
• Hardware device info
• View processes and tasks**
• Built-in program updater
• Viewing, saving files in messaging folders
• Hex viewer and editor
• Search files
• Folder hotkeys
• Simple audio player
• Simple video player***

Requirements : WM2003(SE)-WM6.5

WisBar Advance v4.0.3

WisBar Advance v4.0.3 |
Price: Free

WisBar Advance expands upon the successful task management features found in the WisBar Advance 3.

Included in WisBar Advance is the ability to customize your running applications to a degree not seen in other programs.

With the ability to close apps, WisBar Advance keeps your device running as fast as possible, leaving more memory available for any application you may use.

WisBar Advance also brings new life to your Windows Mobile phone with the ability to change the appearance of your system to a degree not matched in other software.

* Compatible with WM2003, WM2003SE, WM5 and WM6, WM6.5 and WM6.5.1 touchscreen devices
* Customize the close button, the screen orientation and the SIP on a per-application basis
* Switch between any application currently running on your device
* Provides a finger-friendly start panel or a cascading start menu
* Tap and hold the OK button to cancel a dialog
* Add or remove functions to the status bar
* Each button on the status bar can be assigned a tap and a tap-and-hold action
* Place shortcuts in the system tray for easier access from the Today screen
* Customize a "User Menu" with applications of your choosing
* Change the appearance of the status bar, menubar, buttons and start menu in any program
* Supports all resolutions through the use of themes
* Customize the clock's appearance on the taskbar
* Hear sounds for system events, just like on your desktop
* Download and install themes created by other people
* Provides finger-friendly menus and message boxes
* Switch between running apps using thumbnails of each app

Requirements : WM2003-6.5

CNetX Face Contacts v2.0

CNetX Face Contacts v2.0 |
Price: Free

Face Contact provides an intuitive finger-friendly interface to browse, communicate, and manage your contacts directly from the Today screen of your Windows Mobile device.

* Browse by picture, so contacts are easy to spot even when rapidly scrolling through the list.
* Start phone calls, send text messages and email, or browse a contact's web page, directly from the Today screen.
* Perform contact management operations, such as adding or editing contacts, without having to launch a separate application.
* Jump instantly to any position in the contact list based on the contact's initial.
* Sort contacts by name or company, so you can reach any contact easily at its alphabetical position in the list.
* Customizable interaction model, with assignable gestures/actions, finger-friendly operation, and 3D user interface.

Requirements : WM5-6

Spinballs v1.7.0

Spinballs v1.7.0 |
Price: Free

Spinballs is an exciting puzzle game with brilliant graphics, rocking music and great sound effects that introduces an unique gameplay.

Seven discs with six coloured balls on each of them make up the playground. Each disc can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. Try to connect balls of the same colors by rotating those discs but never forget that time is running!

The higher the levels the less time you have. Four helping elements can be charged and triggered to clear the field, slow down time, sort all balls or multiply the points owned. Use them wisely and develop your own strategy to reach the higher levels!

* Unique and highly addictive gameplay
* Brilliant graphics and visual effects
* Great music and sound effects
* Endless hours of fun

Requirements : WM5-6.5, all resolutions

Wing Home v1.04.90

Wing Home v1.04.90 |
Price: Free

Wing is our designed conception. Based on the user''''s convenience is our develop direction. Friendly user interface and easy operation make user fly in the windows mobile system with the WING. Home is a program, which could instaed of system default home, user could add shortcut or widget to use and could set Home background picture.

It is an entry point with friendly Widget style for your Windows mobile device. Let you easy to operate and feel fun.
It provides the following functions:
- Free widgets: Appointment, Bookmarks, Memo and so on
- Drag widget and shortcut at your pleasures
- Convenient to open related application
- Three different mode to fit your different mood
- 3D-cube to raise your imagination

Requirements : WM6-WM6.5

Wing Web Radio v1.02.64

Wing Web Radio v1.02.64 |
Price: Free

Web Radio is the interface which user listens to web radio station. It also can research the stored stations and manage radio stations.

Web Radio is the interface which user listens to web radio station.
It provides the following functions:
- Receive web radio streams
- Radio station management
- Customize favorite/Recent stations
- Sleep mode

Requirements : WM6-WM6.5

Wing Time v1.10.29

Wing Time v1.10.29 |
Price: Free

Wing Time is a time tool aggregation. It is a usful tool for user to know the World Time, to set the Alarm. User can also use stop watch to create records about time. Easy to switch each page for every function.

Time is the interface through which user could review world time and manage lifetime.
It provides the following functions:
- Major cities¡¦ time
- Stopwatch with amazing animation of numbers
- System Alarm setting
- Timer for Ring, Suspend or Shutdown(automatically) your device after setting

Requirements : WM6-WM6.5

Wing Weather v1.04.35

Wing Weather v1.04.35 |
Price: free

Wing Weather is an application from which you can get weather forecast on mobile phone. It could show weekly weather information of cities.

Weather is the interface which user review world weather forecast.
It provides the following functions:
- Show city¡¦s current temperature, weather condition and future three days forecast
- Show city¡¦s four time phases weather forecast of current day
- Enable to add cities
- Add, delete, manual update and auto update city weather information
- Faster speed of adding and updating city weather data

Requirements : WM6-WM6.5

Wing Security Center v1.04.52

Wing Security Center v1.04.52 |
Price: Free

Wing Security Center is the interface which provides system security setting. It help user protect their mobile phone’''s security. It incloudes those function: Call Filter. SMS Filter. SIM Monitor. Remote Control.

Security Center is the interface which provides system security setting.
It provides the following functions:
- Call Filter
- SMS Filter
- Anti-loss
- SIM card monitor
- Remote control

Requirements : WM6-WM6.5