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Enjoy www.afcgame.com

Monday, June 30, 2008

Visual IT Rough Guides Map Paris v1.0

Visual IT Rough Guides Map Paris | v1.0 | 7257 KB | Download


Discover and explore Paris using full colour interactive linked maps, in this simple to use PDA version of The Rough Guide Paris Map.

Find all the top tourist spots and key attractions with ease, information on the city and its sights can be quickly displayed with links to photographs and map locations. All in a superb easy to use interface.

If you're travelling to Paris, be sure you don't leave home without this guide on your PDA.


- Fully scrollable and interactive maps of the city.
- Tap any location to display information and available links.
- Intuitive navigation bar meaning you are never more than one Click away from the information you require.
- Map links allow you to directly link to other maps, photographs, or detailed views.
- Categorised Find feature allowing you to quickly find any street, place of interest or station.
- Categorised Information feature providing a wealth of information on the city, places of interest, etc.
- 1-Click Home feature, keeping the Home map always at hand.
- Zoom function on all maps.

Sliding Oddly v1.0

Sliding Oddly | v1.0 | 1720 KB | Download


Your challenge is to slide the pieces of some crazy cartoons into place in as few moves as possible.

With eighteen different pictures of varying sizes and difficulty, Sliding Oddly will give you many hours of amusement. What kind of crazy positions can you get these cartoon characters into?

Astraware Rooks Revenge v1.0

Astraware Rooks Revenge | v1.0 | 956 KB | Download


Its chess... with a difference in this real time chess game from ASAP Games!

No more taking turns. No more sighing as you wait for the other player to think... Rook's Revenge has you making moves as fast as you can manage - and in this game, its survival of the fastest as you play chess in real time!


- Three difficulty levels
- Ghostly settings screen
- Choice of different piece sets
- Build new pieces to aid you in your battle
- Helpful highlights show the valid moves
- Intuitive interface
- Enhanced version for colour Sony devices
- Three difficulty levels
- Ghostly settings screen
- Choice of different piece sets
- Build new pieces to aid you in your battle
- Move pieces as quickly as you like
- Helpful highlights show the valid moves

Astraware Collapse v1.06

Astraware Collapse | v1.06 | 756 KB | Download


Collapse is the crazy game of screen tapping fun from the creative on-line games masters, GameHouse!

Get your pulse racing as you strive to beat your last score by finding groups of similar coloured blocks on the screen. But, don't take too long about it - more blocks fill up from the bottom of the screen and if you let any blocks get to the top...Collapse! it's all over!


- Runs on Color and Greyscale machines
- Clock and Battery Meter
- Individual high score table for each difficulty

Astraware Bzzz v2.0

Astraware Bzzz | v2.0 | 711 KB | Download


Life is easy for a frog - or so you thought. But what if those flies decided to get their own back? Keep your frog happy and well fed by helping him to catch flies with his long tongue, but don't take too long, or the flies will get wise and dive in to bite him!


- Help keep your frog happy and well fed with flies
- Watch out in case the flies try to get their own back
- Avoid the wandering wasps
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Combo and Super-Combo bonuses for good accuracy

ACEPocket Podz v1.4

ACEPocket Podz | v1.4 | 5108 KB | Download


The game involves a cascade of podz that travel along a pathway heading relentlessly toward the innner core, your aim is to stop them at all costs by firing podz into the chain and destroying the seemingly endless flow.

make your way through this arcade action puzzler, shoot the podz into the relentless flow, make a combination greater than two and destroy the chain before they reach the Inner Core, Unlock levels in Arcade mode, how long can you last in survival ?,
compete against others in Challenge Mode, record your Hi scores and join the Pod league.

listen to truly bopping sound tracks, atmospheric sound effects, shoot your way through 25 stunning levels each one proggressivley harder than the last collecting power ups as you go and avoiding the powerdowns hidden within the chain all in all Podz is the perfect game for any PDA !!.

Universal Mortal Tournament v1.0

Universal Mortal Tournament | v1.0 | 2943 KB | Download


A 2D fighting game with a variety of fighting moves and combos. A tournament is held among all the planets and the best fighters fight for their lives in different arenas across the Universe. Has a soundtrack and animated graphics

Trisystech Aeon of Discovery v1.3

Trisystech Aeon of Discovery | v1.3 | 2672 KB | Download


Aeon of Discovery is a new turn-based strategy game for the Pocket PC involving four major maritime powers during the Period of Exploration and Discovery. As England, France, Spain, or Portugal, explore and colonize the New World during the 15th Century and beyond. Deal with Native Americans, pirates, plagues, and an onslaught of enemy raids. Send historically-based explorers on expeditions into uncharted territory or to lead your soldiers on raids against enemy colonies.


- 60 Historical Explorers differing both in name and skill
- Explore, Colonize, or Conquer 31 different territories in the New World
- Encounter 31 different Native American tribes
- Hire 6 different unit types, each with their own economic or military use
- Full-length Original Soundtrack by Jason Surguine
- Positive and Negative Random Events

Manual of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy v6.03

Manual of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy | v6.03 | 6855 KB | Download


Skyscape is more than just a world-class medical information resource. We’re a community in its truest sense. We genuinely want you to receive a worthwhile experience with every visit. One way we ensure this, is when you 'sync' your device— from desktop or wireless— you have the most updated resource information available, including MedAlert’s breaking medical news alerts. Of course, we always deliver this information to you with powerful cross-referencing capabilities so you can quickly access the specialty information you need.

MASPWare AutoManager 2007 v5.0

MASPWare AutoManager 2007 | v5.0 | 1822 KB | Download


MASPware AutoManager for Pocket PC provides an array of useful tasks for those who need to record vehicle usage or who just want to know their vehicles performance and at what cost. The portability and flexibility of the Pocket PC provides an excellent platform for its ease of use.

MASPware AutoManager turns the Pocket PC into an professional administration tool for all kinds of vehicles. Starting at the important calculation of consumption (l/100km, km/l and MPG) up to full cost- and appointment administration including a travel book for business and private travels. Furthermore, there is a checklist added for every vehicle (for using it as a To-Do-List for example).Finally, there are serveral evaluations possible as well as exports

BugMe v3.0

BugMe | v3.0 | 512 | Download


"Bouncind Eggs" An addictive, exciting game, exclusively for your Pocket PC.

In Bouncing Eggs game your aim is to move the egg from bottom to top through each bowls.

Each bowl will be moving in a random fashion and if you miss a bowl you will lose one of your eggs. You will be given 5 such chances to reach the end.


- Supports Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
- Use any photo or picture as a note background
- Take screenshots, and use them as notes
- Send notes by email or MMS
- Record voice notes
- Full color support
- Thumbnail views
- Repeating alarms
- Lockable notes
- Integration with ActiveSync and the Today screen

Bouncing Eggs v1.0

Bouncing Eggs | v1.0 | 544 KB | Download


"Bouncind Eggs" An addictive, exciting game, exclusively for your Pocket PC.

In Bouncing Eggs game your aim is to move the egg from bottom to top through each bowls.

Each bowl will be moving in a random fashion and if you miss a bowl you will lose one of your eggs. You will be given 5 such chances to reach the end.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

BinaryFish art of Positions v2.0

BinaryFish art of Positions | v2.0 | 861 KB | Download


Art of Positions contains over 80 positions from Kama Sutra, Perfumed Gardens, Ananga Ranga, and Tao. Each position is described in detail with clear images. Art of Positions is the modern way to learn and search for love making positions.

Art of Positions is fully customizable and has an extensive search and filter facility. Using Art of Positions' advance search facility you can find the positions to suit you and your partner's needs and restrictions.

Art of Positions is fully compatible with all Windows Mobile devices, view in landscape or portrait mode.


- Over 80 positions in initial release! More will be added to the database.
- Template based description display. Use HTML to change display format.
- Can display multiple images for more complicated positions.
- Landscape and Portrait mode.
- Fully supports Square Screen Pocket PCs.
- Note taking for each position.
- Hide unwanted positions.
- Search positions by: text, category, difficulty, penetration depth, and more.

XColumns v1.2

XColumns | v1.2 | 531 KB | Download


XColumns single-player game in which you should keep the well from overfilling with multicolored tiles: just try to arrange as many tiles of the same color next to each other as possible. The object of the game is to arrange the tiles on the game board such that boxes of the same color line up in sequences of three or more boxes. Any time a sequence of three or more boxes is formed, the boxes in the sequence are removed from the board.

All-Locations GPRS Traffic Counter v3.2

All-Locations GPRS Traffic Counter | v2.0 | 269 KB | Download


The GPRS Traffic Counter will save your traffic statistics, and you can export data to your desktop PC and view it graphically and numerically. Also the GPRS Traffic Counter allows you to back up your data. You can view data over different pre-defined periods (day, month or year) or you can view traffic data over a self-defined period. For example, it is very handy to set the start date of the invoice period, so you can be in sync with the invoice of your operator.


- The ability to Monitor different types of connections
- Warns you when you reach a self-defined amount of traffic
- Graphical and textual overview of your traffic statistics
- Measure average connection speed
- The ability to export data to your desktop PC and view it both graphically and numerically;
- The possibility to backup your data;
- Support of numerous billing models, just choose the one you are using and the details will be filled in;
- Setting the start date of the invoice period, so you can be "in sync" with the invoice of your operator;
- Very user friendly product activation;
- A six weeks free trial version, allowing you to test for a full billing period;
- Free upgrades during one year! This also applies to our existing customers;

Digisoft Pictpocket Cinema v3.0

Digisoft Pictpocket Cinema | v3.0 | 1910 KB | Download


Pocket PC Magazine "Software of the Year 2003 Finalist". PictPocket Cinema is the only program for Pocket PC that supports:
- MPEG-1
- QuickTime
- ASF video
- many more...

Beware of Mines v1.0

Beware of Mines | v1.0 | 194 KB | Download


Choose how many of your credits you wish to gamble (100-900) and then spin those reels - but beware! If you get mines in a winning line it could be game over!

Gold Mine is a fun and addictive fruit machine designed for Pocket PC and Smartphone. The game features colourful graphics, superb animation and loads of great fruit machine sound FX.

BallStorm v1.0

BallStorm | v1.0 | 578 KB | Download


BallStorm is a fascinating Pocket PC game. On each level the goal is to clear the bricks out by hitting them with one of the space balls.


* Saving/Loading game state
* High score table
* Many exciting levels and special effects
* Pause / Resume
* Background music and sound effects

Astraware What Word v1.0

Astraware What Word | v1.0 | 762 KB | Download


The crazy word puzzle game that requires your brain as well as a quick hand.

How big is your vocabulary? How quick can you think? How fast can you react? WhatWord will have you juggling letters to make word after word to score points, all the time aiming for that elusive WhatWord

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Astraware Tiptop v1.0

Astraware Tiptop | v1.0 | 1320 KB | Download


It's hip, daddy-o! Play the swingingest new puzzle game developed by Astraware from the groovy web game by PopCap, with plenty of Fifties style and Vegas pizzazz.

Match and clear all the slot symbols, use magnets, bombs and other special blocks to score crazy combos, but don't break the bank!


- Fast-paced fruit-matching action!
- Three game modes: Regular, Strategy and Speed provide for every taste in puzzle games!
- Unlimited levels in each mode!
- Nineteen bonus puzzle levels to tax your mind and increase your score!
- Groovy fifties fruit-machine style graphics!
- Enhanced sampled sounds for appropriate Sony and Palm OS5 devices!
- Hi-res color, low-res colour, and low-res greyscale graphics supported.
- Only one file to install to your Palm! Automatically detects the best mode your device can support!
- Choice between stylus / key control.
- Interactive tutorial to start you off.
- Built-in instructions and tips.

Print Boy v7.0

Print Boy| v7.0 | 2073 KB | Download


PrintBoy is a software program that enables you to print your documents and other information, from your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile smartphone or handheld directly to your mobile, desktop or network printer.

PrintBoy can connect to your printer through an infrared, Bluetooth, serial, or network/wireless (WiFi) connection. If your printer does not have one of these connections, wireless print adapters may be purchased through the Bachmann Software web site, or through one of our partners.

With PrintBoy, you can print documents to your local area network printer via Bluetooth, send an important report to your office printer via your modem/smart phone, or print out your meeting notes using our InfraReady adapter and the printer in the conference room. Enjoy the real benefits of mobile computing by taking your ability to print your documents "anywhere" you go!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Personal Vehicle Manager 2005 v3.1

Personal Vehicle Manager | v3.1 | 2828 KB | Download


Track all your vehicle data, expenses, repairs, maintenance, and trips. Calculate fuel economy, consumption, cost of ownership and more on your Pocket PC.

- Available for Windows desktop computers, Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. Optimized for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition devices including landscape, VGA and square-screen modes.

- Easily store and retrieve important information about any number of personal or business vehicles, including insurance details, dealer contacts, VINs etc.

- Track fuel consumption history by entering the fuel price, volume and current odometer.

- Track all your repairs and maintenance information for quick reference.

- Log date, description, destination, start and end odometer, and notes about your business trips for submitting expense or tax reports.

- Get notifications of recurring vehicle maintenance by date or odometer reading.

- "Quick Stats" data analysis for valuable statistics such as average and last fuel economy, fuel consumption, total cost of ownership and more.

- Filter events by date range to quickly obtain relevant data. For example, view just month-to-date fuel expenditure, upcoming maintenance etc.

- One-click data export to Microsoft Excel to create useful charts and perform your own calculations.

- Designed for global usage. Personal Vehicle Manager supports Miles, Kilometres, US Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Litres, and your local currency, date/time and number settings.

- Integrates directly into Microsoft ActiveSync to automatically synchronize data between the desktop and mobile editions.

- Intuitive, clean, and professionally designed user-interface that speeds up data entry by minimizing typing.

Oxford Medical Dictionary v2.0

Oxford Medical Dictionary | v2.0 | 7565 KB | Download


The sixth edition of this dictionary provides full coverage of all the important terms and concepts used in medicine today. Written by distinguished practising specialists and medical writers, it is intended primarily for workers in the paramedical fields: pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, hospital secretaries, administrators, technicians, and so on. It will also be invaluable for medical students and practicing doctors. Each entry contains a basic definition, followed- where appropriate- by a more detailed explanation or description. A feature of the dictionary is that the articles are written in clear and concise English without the use of unnecessary technical jargon. For this reason the book will also be of both interest and value to the general reader who needs a home medical dictionary.

Pinballz v1.0

Pinballz | v1.0 | 692 KB | Download


Knock down the drop targets in order (blue/green/red) to raise the score multiplier, light all the rollovers to light the extra ball light and bumper bonuses (bumpers go from 500 points each to 5000!), cycle the drop targets ten times for 100,000 points, ring the strongman bell and bring out the worm (10,000 points, he will reverse direction when hit), hit the lighted ball poles to bring out extra bumpers, and more!

You may nudge the table three times without tilting. One nudge counter fades away every 30 seconds or so... This release is for COLOR and Greyscale.

Power Grip v1.0

Power Grip | v1.0 | 5711 KB | Download


Power Grip is the world's one bowling game for pocket-PC and palm size PC. How do you resolve your stress in the city life? Taking a walk?Reading?Sports? But it isn't easy for you to take time in doing. Power Grip is here to help you get away from your boring and exhausting life. Powerful action and colorful graphics of this game will spark your mind with excitement.

Pocket Innovation Pocket Snood v1.2

Pocket Innovation Pocket Snood | v1.2 | 1163 KB | Download


Snood is a fun puzzle game that tests your intellect rather than your reflexes. Your goal is to free all the trapped Snoods by launching other Snoods at them. If you connect three or more Snoods, they will transport away. If that leaves any Snoods not connected to the top of the playfield, they will fall to safety. Don't take too long, though. Every Snood you launch increases the Danger Level. When the gauge fills up, the Snoods will shift downward. If the Snoods reach you, the game is over. Snood includes the following features: Set your own pace: There is no time limit in Snood, so you can play as quickly or as patiently as you wish. You can use the stylus or press a button. Pick the level that suits your skill, from Child to Evil, or try the Puzzle or Journey levels.

Pocket Mistress volumme 1.0

Pocket Mistress | v1.0 | 1565 KB | Download


Pocket Mistress is dedicated to bringing you the best in Adult Entertainment to your PDA. Please check back soon for Volume 4 of the Original Pocket Mistress. Pocket Mistress will work on both Windows CE, and Pocket PC 2002 devices. We are pleased to announce the launch of the first Pocket Mistress, and Volume 3, Mar 2003 edition of the all-new Pocket Mistress.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patiences Gold v1.3

Patiences Gold | v1.3 | 603 KB | Download


Patiences Gold is a collection of 118 solitaire games. It includes such popular games as Freecell, Klondike, Spider and more. We constantly add new solitaire games, and we offer free lifetime upgrades. Buy now and receive all new games for free.


- Easy to install setup program.
- Lifetime free upgrades. No matter how many new games includes new version, no matter how much it costs.
- Unlimited undo.
- Automatic game saving on exit.
- Customizable backgrounds.
- Customizable card backs.
- Possibility to restart a game.
- A number assigned to each game allows return to a postponed play.
- Autocomplete option for most of the games.
- Statistics for each game, including number of games played.
- Context-sensitive help system.
- Easy switch to full-screen mode and back.
- Favorite game list.

Kaisoft Screen Check v1.0

Kaisoft Screen Check | v1.0 | 1565 KB | Download


Normal test picture, invert textpicture, white screen, black screen horizon lines, vertical lines, grid lines 10 picel, grid lines 2 pixel, random graphic.


- Full screen mode
- Include one picture, all other modes calulate at runtime
- Example: Black or white mode for check pixel errors
- Navigation forward and back
- Paints new on screen click

Kaisoft Time Zone Clock v4.0

Kaisoft Time Zone Clock | v4.0 | 3821 KB | Download


- Setting homecity and the other cities
- Greenwich-time can you not change
- View time and Date analog
- Weekdayname, AM/PM, hour difference to homecity
- Automatically Refresh at 0:00h and change time or change homecity
- Homecity in blue color
- All 9 clocks go simultaneous in second steps
- DST: Summer and Wintertime is consideration on every city
- Include "Turn Off" in XP-Design

AIM Candy Catchup

AIM Candy Catchup | | 2509 KB | Download


Candy Catchup is simplicity itself. When you click three or more connected candies of the same color, they explode. As the level increases, you need to destroy more candies to gain extra time and survive. Earn big points by destroying a large number of candies at the once!


- Very addictive gameplay
- Juicy graphics and eye candy effects
- High quality music soundtrack and extremely pleasing sound effects
- Online highscore system - compete against every other Candy Catcher in the world!
- Clear and concise help screen
- What more do you need to make a great game?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Touch Commander v3.0

Touch Commander | v3.0 | 3592 KB | Download


Touch Commander is a small software utility that provides fingertip control for Pocket PC phones for more efficient, natural touch screen navigation. Like in the latest most popular devices, Touch Commander lets you browse and scroll a Pocket PC phone interface, launch applications by recognizing and responding to the sweep of a finger across the screen.

With just a touch, you can make quick calls to photo contacts, start applications, open folders for browsing, get and send SMS, play favorite video and view photos. All basic settings of a Pocket PC phone are but a touch away. The application is fully customizable, and you can set up all elements of the menu according to your own preferences. Other key features include Full Screen mode, animated transition effects between screens, and an ability to resize screen elements.


- Touch Control - scroll lists, open and minimize applications by finger sweeps
- Today Plugin with clock, weather, launcher and more
- Cube-like Multipage Launcher
- Finger-friendly Start Menu
- Titlebar Battery Indicator

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Ball Game v1.0

Another Ball Game | v1.0 | 9589 KB | Download


You just want to relax and have a rest a little? Forget about complicated roleplaying games with wearisome plotlines and overextended levels. What you need is popular AnotherBall arkanoid game. Playing AnotherBall you will be immediately involved in the exciting reality of the classic arkanoid game. Just try! The rules are clear and quite simple, but the gameplay is addictive like never before!

Try the magic of this game, but mind: it might take hours of your time and there is no way to quit unless final brick is destroyed!


- 33 different levels with increasing difficulty
- Challenging game’s plotline: every time you start to play from the beginning you face with new and interesting playing situations
- 17 unique bonuses: 1+ life, the ball sticks to the platform, the ball becomes fiery, the platform becomes wider etc.
- Various playground objects: glass and steel bricks, hard and explosive bricks
- Special sound effects
- Game statistics and top scores list

Resco Sudoku Touch v1.0

Resco Sudoku Touch | v1.0 | 576 KB | Download


The most advanced Sudoku for Windows Mobile ever. Millions of puzzles, One-hand use, HINTS system, and more.

With Resco Sudoku, you'll also have a skinable interface and the ability to create your own puzzles, so you can customize the game to make it uniquely yours. Go ahead, take the challenge and have some fun with Resco Sudoku.

Maspware Checklist 2008 v5.0

Maspware Checklist 2008 | v5.0 | 1551 KB | Download


Using MASPware CheckList for Smartphone you can easy, fast and comfortable administrate all kinds of checklist. Starting from checklist for your next party up to using it for subjects for your next business meeting.


· Easy, fast and comfortable
· Administrate unlimited number of lists
· Unlimited number of listentries
· ViewMode for realistic view
· Categorized lists
· Listnotes
· Treeview
· Auto-Update Option
· Desktop-PC tool for editing (Microsoft .NET Framework necessarily)
· Backup-Function
· Desktop synchronisation
· Import and export of outlook-textnotes

Handmark Battleship v1.63

Handmark Battleship | v1.63 | 5248 KB | Download


The classic naval combat game now in the palm of your hand on your Pocket PC device! Try to sink all 5 of your opponents ships before your own are found and sunk! Choose from two skill levels and play against the computer or with friends using one or multiple handheld devices! Realistic game sounds and rich media graphics make this officially licensed version the ultimate classic BATTLESHIP game. Play in Salvo mode where your number of shots is determined by the number of ships remaining in each player’s fleet. Game statistics are displayed after one fleet is found and sunk.

Tube Amsterdam Pro v5.05

Tube Amsterdam Pro | v5.05 | 1595 KB | Download


This map package for Tube 2 consists of a fully scrollable detailed map of the Amsterdam tram & metro system and linked street maps of central Amsterdam.

Plan journeys on the tram & metro system, list details of the quickest routes and see a superb animated display of your journey tracking around the system map.

The additional street maps in this Pro version are 4 integrated high quality streets map tiles covering the centre Amsterdam. These maps are all linked with the tram & metro map so you will never get lost in central Amsterdam again.

Vito Sound Explorer v4.0

Vito Sound Explorer | v4.0 | 1121 KB | Download


VITO SoundExplorer 2005 is an MP3 player and audio recorder for Pocket PC that offers the most comprehensive and modern set of tools for professional and hobby use.

Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV (including GSM and ADPCM), OGG, WMA.
VITO SoundExplorer can play almost any audio on your Pocket PC. You can copy any music to your PDA and be sure that VITO SoundExplorer will play it smoothly and with supreme quality of sound.

Compatible with Winamp playlists: lets you arrange your files as you wish.
Just upload your music and M3U playlist to your Pocket PC, and put on the headphones!

Bookmarks: Create bookmarks for important places within the file to get quick access to them later. Play the bookmarks in the desired order with the Routing feature.

Equalizer: 3-band parametric equalizer allows to adjust playback. Boost the basses!

4 different playback modes make it convenient to switch between tracks.

Sound Effects: 3 Dynamic Processing Filters (Booster, Noise, Limiter) and Play Speed Control. Voice Pitch Lock function keeps the original tone of the voice - highly recommended when learning a foreign language or making lecture notes!

Battery Saving Mode: screen turns off automatically to save energy. Music should never stop!

Record MP3: Save tons of memory space keeping all your records in the most popular audio format. MP3 compression enables reducing the size of your files up to 10 times without audible loss of quality!
Record also: MP3, WAV (including GSM and ADPCM). Various bitrates meet all possible needs for sound recording.

Highest recording quality available! Record CD quality MP3s with bitrate of 96 kbps, 44 100 Hz - equals to 192 kbps, 44 100 Hz for stereo!

One-button recording: Do three tasks with just one button! First press launches SoundExplorer; second press starts recording; third press stops recording.

Astraware Mars Needs Cows v2.01

Astraware Mars Needs Cows | v2.01 | 1095 KB | Download


And not just any old boring martian animals... we need EARTH animals! And lots of them! Why ? Well, its obvious! Err....[...TRANSMISSION ENDS]

Stretch your brain muscle in a series of increasingly challenging puzzles, as you maneuver stupid earth animals into the middle of a field so that you can beam them to your ship!


- Cute Animated Graphics for Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, Wolves, Foxes, and more!
- Colour or Greyscale versions available
- Two THOUSAND unique puzzles ranging from easy-to-learn, to brain-bustingly hard.
- Built-in Tutorial
- Easy to learn tap-based play with three difficulty settings
- High score charts for each difficulty
- Earn Ranks as you complete further missions
- Built-in ability to show the solutions for levels you can't do!

Resco Explorer 2008 v7.0

Resco Explorer 2008 | v7.01 | 2,365 KB | Download


Resco Explorer 2008 is a powerful file management utility for your Pocket PC. It implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation. Thus, you can copy, move or delete files, create folders, run programs with arguments, and search for files or folders.
Resco Explorer 2008 is a complex solution of the following modules:

- Strong File Encryption
- ZIP Compression
- FTP Add-in
- The Built-in viewer
- The Network Browser
- The Registry Editor


- Touch control support
- Side letter navigation bar
- Virtual folders – quick access to documents, pictures, audio files…
- Customizable toolbar
- Large toolbar buttons optimized for touch mode
- File search filter
- AES Zip encryption
- FTP module completely rebuilt, secure FTP added
- Settings dialog reorganized
- Added Details View mode
- Favorites redesigned
- Quick search

Pinball Angel's Egg v1.01

Pinball Angel's Egg | v1.01 | 7733 KB | Download


'Angel Egg' has come out with a new version. 1.01. 'iScore' installation is no more requirement to play.!! Cecraft obtained the exclusive license of "Angel Egg," from a famous PC pinball game company, Little Wing, in Japan. Cecraft has converted it for PocketPC and added 'iScore.' Now you can meet the famous pinball game in your pocket and also be one of the world rankers through the internet ranking system! Come and join now! Features 8 Ultimate multiball machine All Cecraft Pinball games feature the hot multiball action with the most advanced and challenging rules everywhere. Now Angel Egg takes multiball to even higher levels of fun and excitement! 8 Superb flipper action Angel Egg's super-realistic flipper action lets you use the "real" pinball techniques like dead flipper bounces, pass flips, deflection-post transfers, holding lifts, and trapping. 8 The ultimate feature : GENESIS Once you've met Angel Egg's five conditions, you'll be eligible for the ultimate pinball feature:GENESIS, the creation of Earth.

PDAMill Plumbin Frenzy v1.0 QVGA

PDAMill Plumbin Frenzy v1.0 1759 KB Download


Plumbin Frenzy an addictive puzzle game for those who enjoy a deep logical excercise of their minds.

Plumber Pete likes his job. He is keen on fixing pipes, as well as on designing the pipe network from scratch, so that the water can flow through without leaks.


- Stimulating puzzle game based on great new ideas
- Fun to play, easy to use gameplay designed exclusively for PDA's
- Colorful, humorous graphics and Zany sound effects
- 100 levels of gameplay ranging from easy to challenging
- Before the complex puzzles appear, you shall have enough time to practice
- Random elements keep the gameplay diverse - even after winning the game
- Keep your best scores in the Hall of Fame!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kaisoft Mosquito Prevent v1.2

Kaisoft Mosquito Prevent | v1.2 | 2511 KB | Download


Now you can stop looking for expensive devices to keep them away. Thanks to Mosquito Prevent your PocketPC can provide the same job.

The program plays a high tone in endless loop mode, which is supposed to keep mosquitos and their like on distance.


Three different tone levels:
9.000 Hz
16.000-20.000 Hz
22.000 Hz
You can toggle the display with the Media Player to save battery power

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kaisoft City Info v2.0

Kaisoft City Info | v2.0 | 4303 KB | Download


- Database with 472 Cities
- Create own Cities (database)
- Much Information: Worldtime, Sun, Position, Range...
- Graphic output in world map:
- City name , Position, Range of first city
- Distance between two cities
- View detail informations:
- Timezoneindex, Phonecodes, Airportcode, Latitude,
- Longitude, Summertime (in use and from > to),
- Summertime name, information to set summertime
- 1h forward or back...
- View: Day and night zone
- View: All Cities
- View: All timezones
- Add your own cities
- If you have GPS data, you can input the Position (Otherwise you can take the data of a city in your
- nearness)
- Delete, edit cities
- Calculation: different times of two cities
- Information text of our world
- Filtering if country or show all cities
- Search function: City, Phonecodes, Airportcodes
- Set summertime to your calendar
- Exit Windows in XP look and feel

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mobile Electronic Suite 2008 v2.01

Mobile Electronic Suite 2008 | v2.01 | 3592 KB | Download

The perfect electrical engineering tool for everyday business life with much more functions.

Mobile Electronic Suite 2008 is a huge tool for every day electric calculations. This software contains a wide range of basic essentials which are very important for the electronic sector. Specifically it is highly recommendable for students, teachers and experts. The program is simple and comfortable to use. This is the reason why Mobile Electronic Suite 2008 is more powerful than other electronic programs. This software can also be launched from any SD-/MMC/Memory Stick Cards. We give you a free upgrade possibility until 2.5.x version and free support!

Handmark 3d Air Hockey v1.2

Handmark 3d Air Hockey | v1.2 | 3592 KB | Download


With the different skill levels it really takes air hockey to the ultimate level. At first it was easy but as I started climbing up through the different levels, the action got intense. The puck was flying at lightning speeds and it really takes some skill to beat the computer at those higher levels.

In addition to playing regular air hockey against the computer, 3D Air Hockey includes a Block Break Game. This game is loosely based on the classic Breakout game. You must bounce the puck off blocks on the table breaking the blocks until all blocks disappear. Once all the blocks are gone you can score a goal. The only catch, you can't let the puck hit your side of the table or you lose a life. You have 3 lives to start the game and the puck speeds up dramatically as you hit the blocks.

Walls Balls v1.02

Walls Balls | v1.02 | 1035 KB | Download


Walls & Balls is a highly addictive and playable Arkanoid clone for mobile devices. Seeking best gameplay possible, RU0 Games brings you this classic to have some fun while waiting for the bus (burst gameplay) or just to while away the time.

The objective of the game is simple: destroy all the bricks with the only help of the bat and the balls. Hopefully the broken bricks will release some precious power-ups which will help you on your way, but beware! some power-ups may not be as good as they seem at first sight...


- 200 levels with increasing difficulty.
- Extreme playability.
- Smooth framerate.
- Continue from the last reached level for every difficulty level.
- Record table and Internet record table.
- Online tournaments submitting records. (Pocket PC only)
- Cool power-ups and... well, some power-downs ;)
- 5 levels of difficulty.
- Pen control, 3 control methods
- Key control, redefinible keys.
- Around 600 KBs in device


- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Standard resolution (176x220)
- Smartphone Smartphone Landscape (WM5/WM6)
- Smartphone Smartphone 2003 SE
- Smartphone Smartphone 2003
- Smartphone QVGA resolution (windowed at 176x220)
- Smartphone QVGA resolution (fullscreen 240x320)

Krmicros Pocket Puzzle v1.0

Krmicros Pocket Puzzle | v1.0 | 951 KB | Download


PocketPuzzle is more than a game. It's a puzzle building system. While it comes with 19 Graphic images used to build the puzzles you can add your own images.


- 67 Puzzles (Expandable)
- 4 Skill Levels
- Sound Effects
- Save/Load Game Abilities
- Peek Option
- Full Help

Kaisoft Holiday Viewer v4.3 Multilanguaage

Kaisoft Holiday Viewer | v4.3 | 1428 KB | Download


Holiday Viewer. More than 45 holidays & remembrance days per country. USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, French, Spain, Canada


- Holidays from: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, France, Spain, Canada, Great Britain
- Select country and year
- Next 32 years: actual year -2/+30
- Add selected holidays of the year into calendar of Pocket Outlook
- with alarm one day before
- Delete function: remove all holidays from calendar
- Newest .Net Technology
- New: Support landscape mode and square screens
- New: Year View (2x3 = 1/2 year at QVGA and 3x4 = 1 year at VGA)

Kaisoft Access Manager v5.5

Kaisoft Access Manager | v5.5 | 2511 KB | Download


Are you looking for a small, powerful and easy to use database application for your HPC? One that allows you to create, read, edit and manage Access compatible databases? Then Access Manager is the solution you are looking for! Access Manager by Kaisoft is a complete application to manage Access database and Pocket Access databases on your HPC.


- Works with Access databases (*.cdb) on your HPC
- Create new or open/change existing databases
- Create, edit, delete, rename or alter table structures and fields
- Add, edit, remove data records (new: edit in queries)
- Load large tables very quickly
- Copy to Pocket Excel
- Quick search and Filter form
- Replace function
- Advanced filter, search and sort functions for tables
- Manual or automatic column sizing to column name/data width (also, manual resizing of columns)
- Automatic opening of the last used database and table
- Export records to CDB, RTF, TXT and object store
- Sample database: northwind.cdb
- free update