if you feel bore and want to relax
Enjoy www.afcgame.com

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sindbad Return

Download Sindbad Return
Classic adventure game is reborn!
Famous sailor Sindbad begins his journey in the Mediterranean.
Soon he gets into new adventure in the Egyptian sands.

You will join Sindbad in his adventure to save his wife from egyptian priest.
Sindbad will encounter many deadly places and dire enemies, who use different combat tactics.
Many colorfull places to explore, fully animated 3D rendered characters and unique player control system make an exciting and addictive game.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lemonade Tycoon

Download Lemonade Tycoon
Start honing your business skills and make your mother proud!

Aimed at casual gamers of all ages, Lemonade Tycoon features intelligent gameplay, colorful animated graphics and a humorous twist that will have you coming back for more!

Always wanted to test your entrepreneurial skills? With Lemonade Tycoon, you're in business! It's a well known fact: even the simplest ideas can become very lucrative. In Lemonade Tycoon you have the chance turn a kid's game into a serious and profitable enterprise.

You start with a small lemonade stand and a few dollars in your pocket. Check the latest weather forecast and try to pick the best location for your stand, tweak your lemonade recipe, set your price and manage your inventory. Re-invest your profits and streamline your production methods to earn the best margins out of every workday. Make the wrong decisions and you'll be on your way to bankruptcy faster than you think? Make the good ones, and you just might take your business to the top!

And that's only part of the challenge! Use JAMDAT ScoreCasttm technology to post your Results on the Lemonade Stock Exchangetm.

The Lemonade Stock Exchange is where you can see the Market Capitalization of your lemonade business, and compare it with that of the top players worldwide. Find out if you rank amongst Best Businesses, Blue Chips or Hot New Businesses.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maggot Attack Pinball

Download Maggot Attack Pinball
Maggot Attack Pinball is our brand new futuristic Pinball game for the Pocket PC.

Maggot Attack gives you the great experience of playing an authentic, state-of-the-art Pinball machine, in addition to tons of extra gameplay
features only possible in a video game, and all in the palm of your hand!

As a hired Mercenary Hunter working for the Federation Army, your job is to eliminate a new breed of Alien Maggots that
are trying to take over the planet, and rack up as many points as possible!

Maggot Attack Pinball features an incredible physics engine, fast-paced action, beautiful graphics and audio, plus the traditional seasoning of PDAmill polish!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MR Pile Puzzle

Download MR Pile Puzzle

In this game you have to compose a puzzle by taking the pieces from a pile.
Try to compose the puzzle with the minimum of the movements.
When you exchange a piece, it will go to the end of the pile.
In the game are 10 images but also you can use yours jpeg images.

Merriam Webster Crossword

Download Merriam Webster Crossword

Enjoy hundreds of brain-bending puzzles at the tips of your fingers, without ever having to hunt for an eraser.

Merriam-Webster Crossword Challenge uses the cryptic style, similar to the most popular puzzles appearing in daily newspapers. The game allows you to choose your level of

difficulty, play using hints and verifies, and view amusing commentary on your score at the end of the game.

Merriam-Webster Crossword Challenge features the following:
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Hundreds of different puzzles
- In game hints
- End-of-game commentary on your results
- Track and review your progess over time
- Easy-to-use

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knight Tales Land of Bitterness v1.0

Download Knight Tales Land of Bitterness v1.0
Role playing games are a strange affair on mobile. You either get extensive, innovative games like the quest for alliance series, or stupidly structured absolute flops- of which there are too many to name. The latter type of RPG becomes a complete disappointment because it is doomed to failure from the word go- there’s usually a truckload of sponsoring going into it, while developers, in the words of John Carmack, try to “shoehorn” console elements onto the project. The result is a flawed, unplayable but good looking game which is not all it seems at first glance. The former type of RPG is usually low-budget, but is still very much enjoyable, like the mystic islands series. There’s rarely been a mixture of good graphics and good gameplay on a mobile RPG. There is, however, a good attempt in the form of Devalley’s Knight Tales: Land of Bitterness.

Resco Table Soccer v1.21

Download Resco Table Soccer v1.21

Table soccer is a fast addictive game which will test your speed and skills. You can play a fast match with your favourite team or an entire tournament. In online tournaments you can upload your score to the Resco server and compete with other players from around the globe to win great prizes. The basic version offers 20 national teams, 3 unique tables and 3 championships. After registering you can download additional teams, tables and championships. Watch the Table Soccer website, to obtain the most recent updates which you can download using the “ONLINE”

Monday, November 19, 2007

ILaunch 1.03

Download ILaunch 1.03

Ever wanted all those cool looking features iPhone has on your Pocket PC? Now your wish has become true with the launch of iLaunch.

iLaunch are two programmes in: it is on one hand meant as and on the other side as Program Launcher. The developer does not wants problems with Apple's copyrights and changed the images of screen lock and icons for program manager so they look more like a Windows Vista.
iLaunch Screen lock and application launcher utility for Pocket PC Features:

* Lock your screen and put it in your pocket without triggering unwanted actions
* Launch commonly used programs with the touch of your finger
*Start programs such as Pocket Outlook, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Pocket Excel and Pocket Word and Skype.
* Runs on Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 in QVGA portrait mode only.
* iLaunch will automatically detect if Skype and Google Maps are on your device, and prompt you to download it, if you don’t have it installed.
* There are also buttons for the camera…and of course to make calls.

Emperor Mahjong

Download Emperor Mahjong
Remove tiles and collect valuable bits of wisdom in this excitingly unique game. For 2,000 years Mahjong has delighted and entertained gamers around the globe. Now, it can be

your key to enlightenment. Play a quick one or two player game, or take the Emperor's Challenge where your reward is wisdom and the chance to become an Emperor yourself.

Mahjong players will love this colorfully transcendental hit.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Galaxy Gate for ppc

Download Galaxy Gate for ppc

A gripping puzzle with a nice graphic and unique gameplay. Here on more than 30 levels the player can test his logic and frustrate the plans of space terrorists those are graduated by the level of complexity from simple ones to those which can be passed only by a smart and attentive player

Harry Putters Crazy golf

Download Harry Putters Crazy golf
Harry Putter is an exciting crazy golf game, utilizing our custom Ray Casting engine to bring you a convincing and fun 3D playing environment.
A true first person perspective golf game, you view of each shot just as if you were standing on the virtual play area yourself.
Armed with only a Putter and a Wedge your task is to navigate your way round all 18 holes completing the course in as few shots as possible... easier said than done!
The 3D element brings an extra dimension to the game (no pun intended). Guiding your ball over uneven terrain, bouncing round blind corners and chipping the ball onto ledges

and over obstacles are only some of the things you will need to master.Some holes can only be completed by rolling over strategically placed switches revealing ramps or hidden passages, whilst others require use of automatic lifts to achieve your goal.

Classic Arcade Game

Download Classic Arcade Game
Bring the fun of your favorite arcade games to your Pocket PC! These games are fun and fast-moving. Try them now!
Installation requires a PC running any version of Windows.
Classic Arcade Games run on any Pocket PC device.
All 4 games require up to 365Kb on your Pocket PC.

Conversions in hand

Download Conversions in hand
CIH includes over 200 different conversion types, including currencies. CIH also includes a built-in calculator so you can actually make use of your conversions as you need to.

Because currency conversions go out of date quickly, you can update CIH's currency conversion settings from the Internet, by easily downloading an updated conversion file

from our web site. And because you need quick access to the conversions that are important to you, you can customize the conversion tab layout to place your frequently used

conversion types into the most easily accessible location.

Battle Ship for ppc

Download Battle Ship for ppc
The classic naval combat game now in the palm of your hand on your Pocket PC device! Try to sink all 5 of your opponents ships before your own are found and sunk! Choose

from two skill levels and play against the computer or with friends using one or multiple handheld devices!

Realistic game sounds and rich media graphics make this officially licensed version the ultimate classic BATTLESHIP game. Play in Salvo mode where your number of shots is

determined by the number of ships remaining in each player’s fleet. Game statistics are displayed after one fleet is found and sunk.

Baseball Addict

Download Baseball Addict
Imagine a crowded stadium with thousands of fans whistling and screaming as your star player slams it far in the outfield. Baseball Addict, the new and highly anticipated title

from JAMDAT, combines stunning graphics, realistic sound effects, intuitive controls and addictive gameplay elements to reproduce the atmosphere, strategy and excitement that

made baseball one of America's favorite sports.

Baseball Addict will also be released for Palm OS and for Microsoft Smartphone in 2002.

Baseball Addict features three modes of play: Exhibition, Tournament and Homerun Derby. Exhibition mode allows players to tackle a single computer opponent for a quick baseball

fix. Those looking for a greater challenge can select the Tournament mode, in which their chosen team goes head-to-head against computer-controlled teams in an attempt to

win it all. In Homerun Derby, two teams battle to prove that they are the best homerun hitters around.

Each team features specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as ratings for batting, pitching, defense and speed. Players even have individual stats and characteristics. A highly

detailed camera mode focuses right up on the action for pitching and batting, while another provides a general overview for fielding. Humorous scoreboard animations and realistic

game physics add up to create a fun and challenging baseball experience on Pocket PC.

Taking advantage of JAMDAT's unique PSI technology (Precise Stylus Input), Baseball Addict features a stylus based input system enabling easy and precise player control.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mad TV Spiderman

Download Mad TV Spiderman
It is a funny movie clip of a new spiderman, a gay spider man. After he was bitten by a spider, He transfered himself to be a fat spiderman. He has design his own clothes as a

You will like it after you watch it.


Download Awele 1.01 for PPC
Awele is a fascinating game in which two opponents try to capture as many seeds as possible. It is played on a board with six "holes" or "cups" and each player takes turn at distributing or "sowing" their seeds in the different holes.

Awele is very easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master! You'll find its give-and-take approach to strategy intriguing and very different from other board games. What's more, there is no chance factor involved, so success is entirely dependant on your ability to reason and count.

Awele features superb graphics based on traditional African art, and the interface is so simple and intuitive you'll be able to jump in right away. Everything in the game can be controlled through the use of the stylus and a special target indicator helps you plan your moves effectively.

Don't wait for the seeds to grow -- grab a copy of Awele and see for yourself why this ancient traditional game is still growing in popularity!

bounty hunter

Download A bounty hunter's for ppc
A bounty hunter's work is never done -- ain't it cool? The scum of the earth has taken to the stars... and the Fugitive Retrieval Agency has selected you to bring it back home and face justice. Bounty Hunter 2099 is an exciting, fast-paced, futuristic pinball game for your Pocket PC. Steer the ball to obtain the more lucrative contracts, blast off to Hideout Majoris and make your capture!

FireHawk full verson

Download FireHawk full verson
Fire Hawk is a vertical shooter with 2D/3D graphics and smooth gameplay. Game features 3 type of ships, 6 stages, 6 mega bosses, 3 difficulty Levels. Record your playing for

replay or interchange with your friends. Textured and huge 3d live elements, 3D layers. Background music and sound effect

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Hold Em for PPC

Download In Hold Em for PPC
Are you looking for a great game of Texas Hold 'Em for your handheld?

The top selling "All-In Hold'Em" is packed with tons of features including multiple characters, pot limit, top notch graphics,

completely customisable play and much more!

Do you dream of becoming the next great poker champion, or do you just want to play better in your home game? Get practicing

with All-In!

Pipe Frenzy for PPC

Download Pipe Frenzy for PPC
Pipe Frenzy is a great-looking, OS5 enhanced adaptation of the classic game Pipe Dream, where the goal is to quickly place pipes

on a game board to form a pathway for running water.

If you are a fan of games where the combination of strategic thinking, speed, and a fair amount of stress are vital compontents,

Pipe Frenzy should be just the game for you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Area Code Reverse Lookup

Download Area Code Reverse Lookup
Reverse Area Code Lookup - Info On Every Area Code. Search by state or number. This simple program pulls up regional information, major cities, overlaying area codes and more.

Also includes a reverse phone/cell phone lookup tool to find out who owns an unlisted phone number. Download now and find what you're looking for in two clicks or

If you often receive messages with a phone number, but no address, you want to know roughly where they are from before returning their call. Enter an AreaCode and this will return the state and closest cities. Now includes Time Zone lookup feature. Register and get a version that runs on your Desktop PC also. This install includes application for all CPU and devices.

Big Box of Blox for WM5

Download Big Box of Blox for WM5

Big Box of Blox is a block stacking game taken to outrageous extremes! Using stylus or button controls, arrange the three-blox-high stacks as they fall. Match blox in groups of

three or more, vertically or horizontally, to eliminate them - but that's not all!

Don't just stack the blox. Smash them, blast them, mutate them or explode them in a shower of flames! Use special blox including jokers, bombs, frogs, mushrooms, fireballs and

slot machines to clear the board before it reaches the top!

Choose from five exciting game modes: Flaming Peelout, Blok Atak, Groink, Mushroom King and Asylum Cubez or even create your own combination using the special Custom

Mode. Faithful to the critically-acclaimed PC version, Big Box of Blox features cool psychedelic graphics, awe-inspiring animated backgrounds, brain crunching sound effects and

an epic music soundtrack. The game's graphics reflect the dark and mysterious nature of the PC original, but PDA owners are sometimes known to go outside into the light, so Big

Box of Blox also includes a gamma adjustment slider so you can select anywhere from dark and atmospheric to vibrant and acidic.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Agenda Fusion 7

Download Agenda Fusion 7
Use Simulator Pre for Agenda Fusion 7 is a useful application which explains everything you see on Agenda Fusion screens
Use Simulator Pre for Agenda Fusion 7 is a useful application which explains everything you see on Agenda Fusion screens. Just move the mouse over AF Views.

Also shows how to use Agenda Fusion: 15 controlled animations and many more step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Adobe reader v2.0

Download Adobe reader v2.0

Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC software lets you view Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on Pocket PC devices. Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC includes two

components that work together: The ActiveSync filter runs on the Windows platform. It prepares untagged Adobe PDF files for the Pocket PC and transports them to the user's

handheld device. The reader is the Pocket PC application, designed to accommodate the characteristics of small-screen devices.

Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC allows you to choose between two ways to view Adobe PDF files. One allows you to view the Adobe PDF file exactly as intended. The second

utilizes tagged Adobe PDF files, which provide the best reading experience on handheld devices because text and images can be easily reflowed to fit the screen size. Tagged

Adobe PDF files can be created with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard, Adobe PageMaker 7.0, Adobe FrameMaker 7.0, or Adobe InDesign 2.0.

Resco Spy 1.0

Download Resco Spy 1.0 for Pocket Pc
Resco Spy 1.0 for Pocket Pc. RESCO Spy 1.0 released New: Posted 11/1/2001 Source: Resco, Ltd. RESCO Spy is an utility that lets you record any conversations or sounds taking place.
It's a player, a really nice recorder with functions that no freeware application could touch, and you can even do simple editing with the tags edit/save feature.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Resco Seal Ball v1.10

Download Resco Seal Ball v1.10
One day the seals have found a lost ball on the beach. They kept playing with it for a while and finally they came up with an idea for a great seal tournament. Now you can take

part in this tournament as well and win great trophies on your Pocket PC.

are similar to beach volleyball. The aim of the game is to successfully bounce the ball over the net onto the opponents half of the court, so that he does not manage to bounce it

back and it falls onto the ground.
The ball enters the game with a service so that it flies over the net to the opponents court half. Your opponent has max. 3 bounces to return the ball to your court half. The game

is over as soon as the ball touches the ground or the player touches the ball more than 3 times in sequence. The match continues until a score of 21 is reached, the player to

reach that score as first wins.

Resco Kudoku 2.10

Download Resco Kudoku 2.10
The most advanced Sudoku for PocketPC ever. VGA, QVGA and Square QVGA (Treo700, hw6515) compatible, Millions of puzzles, One-hand use, HINTS system, Free lifetime

upgrades and more.

The goal is to fill in the empty cells, one number in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numbers 1 through 9 exactly once. Each number in the solution

therefore occurs only once in each of three "directions" (wikipedia).

Resco Stickies v2.51

Download Resco Stickies v2.51
Imagine that you have to remember the terms of an important business meetings but your secretary is unreachable. Or you have to make a note of a contact phone number and

address, but the nearest pen is miles away. Imagine you have to record or be reminded of a voice message or note but you have no voice recorder in your pocket. Imagine...okay,


The time has come to choose something more reliable, more effective, something that you can always have with you. Time has come to choose Resco Stickies as your private

memory agent.

All you need is only one tap and you are able to view, add, modify or delete notes in the easiest and fastest form you've ever seen. No cumbersome writing on virtual keyboard,

simply draw your note and/or attach a voice note in a couple of seconds. It is even simpler than leaving a sticky on a fridge. Moreover, you have a perfect overview of your

planned activities anytime, since all your notes appear directly on "today screen". Do you need to be reminded to keep your notes in mind? No problem, Resco Stickies reminds

you with any .wav sound you choose.

So why keep all the things 'to do' in your memory, when Resco Stickies does it all for you ?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Resco Photo viewer v5.31

Download Resco Photo viewer v5.31
Resco Photo Viewer is a comprehensive application ideal for organizing, viewing, enhancing and editing your images. The application is divided into 2 parts.

Using the image browser, you can organize and preview images and MPEG video files on your device. You can copy, move, delete and sort them the way you want.

A feature-packed image viewer quickly generates high-quality displays of your images. You can run slide shows, play embedded audio, add text annotations, display multiple

images on a single screen and play animated gifs.

A very strong part of the viewer is the editing tool. You can crop, rotate and resize images, change their contrast, brightness or gamma correction.

Resco Photo Viewer is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use image management system that everyone from beginners to professionals can use and enjoy.

Resco Keyboard Pro 4.35

Download Resco Keyboard Pro 4.35

This application gives you ability to write texts and control your applications faster, than ever before. In addition to the system keyboard, there are three numeric layouts

including a "Writing Calculator" for typing numbers or numerical expressions. Moreover there is a special keyboard for fast insertion of frequently used phrases. a powerful input

method. It gives you the ability to write texts and control your applications faster than ever before. In addition to the system keyboard, there are three numeric layouts, including

a "Writing Calculator" for typing numbers or numerical expressions.

“ Resco Keyboard PRO is the closest best thing. I tried it for a couple of hours and decided to buy: it is much better than the default keyboard that comes with my Pocket PC !

Resco Guardians 1.0

Download Resco Guardians 1.0

Become the best pilot of the Guardians unit and protect the Earth from enemy attacks. In the first part you'll be assigned to a unit

fighting for our safety over the ocean. Your task will be to learn to fly one of the best combat machines of the present and use

your skills to prevent the enemy from fuel exploitation and further development.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Resco Explorer 2005

Download Resco Explorer 2005

The built-in File Explorer in Windows Mobile is to put it simply, lame. It only has a very basic feature set, and add to that there is no registry editor included at all. Resco has

come up with a replacement application that should fulfill the needs of even power users, and throws in some features outside the realm of a file manager for that extra value

Resco Backup

Download Resco Backup

Resco Backup creates a safety copy of your handheld and lets you restore it in case of problems.
Look at the Quick Start Guide to see Resco Backup in action.

Key Features
While the purpose of various backup solutions is the same, there are important differences in the quality (speed, compression), safety or add-on services. Here are a few distinct

points offered by Resco Backup:

Full or partial backup
Full or partial restore
Verification of the backup results
Tools for backup set analysis and management
Backup projects
Backup of the internal drive
Archive of the deleted files
Alerts about scheduler failures
Higher stability through locking of the background apps

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Matrix FireHawk v1.22

Download Matrix FireHawk v1.22

Fire Hawk is a vertical shooter with 2D/3D graphics and smooth gameplay. Game features 3 type of ships, 6 stages, 6 mega bosses, 3 difficulty Levels. Record your playing for

replay or interchange with your friends. Textured and huge 3d live elements, 3D layers. Background music and sound effect

StyleTap Platform v1.025

Download StyleTap Platform v1.025
StyleTap Platform Version 1.0 is now available. StyleTap is a Palm OS emulator that allows users to run thousands of Palm OS applications without changes on Windows Mobile

Pocket PC PDAs and phones. The company also announced plans for future released on the Symbian and Microsoft Smartphone platforms.

The StyleTap software includes everything necessary to run most applications and games written for any version of Palm OS (including version 5 applications that use ARMlets).

It supports virtually all Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices, including phones with square screens (like the popular Palm Treo 700 series) and PDAs with high-resolution VGA

screens, in portrait or landscape mode. Programs run at full speed, even animated games and multimedia applications. Network applications work great through WiFi, serial or USB

connections. Infrared (IR) and Bluetooth communications are also supported. You can even cut and paste between Palm OS-based applications and native Windows Mobile-based

applications on the same handheld device.

Applications written for Palm OS run, unmodified, on StyleTap Platform. If they wish, application developers can extend programs that are fully compatible with Palm OS by using

StyleTap APIs that optimize execution speed and the user experience on Windows Mobile devices. Direct access to native libraries is available for specialized applications.

Monday, November 5, 2007

14 Languages Speereo Voice Translator v3.7

Download 14 Languages Speereo Voice Translator v3.7
Everything you need for traveling!
Speereo Software UK, the winner of 'Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine’, is here to make traveler’s life easier. developing all necessary information for business and leisure trips.

The most useful and powerful application is Talking Dictionary Phrasebook, which provides perfect communication in a foreign language while traveling around the world.

That’s exactly what Speereo Voice Translator (SVT) can do for you!
If you travel around the world and do not know the language of the certain country, Speereo Voice Translator is an essential tool to have! Easy communication! All you have to

do is to say a phrase in one language and gets immediately translated into the other.

Speereo Voice Translator gives you all information you need!

About 4,000 most commonly used phrases, business, technical, medical, and legal terms, conversational phrases, idioms, and some slang are arranged in 16 main categories and

87 subcategories by subject, such as




Buy Food,


Health and Entertainment.

Skype 2.2

Download Skype 2.2
Skype for Pocket PC is free and simple software that enables you to make free calls anywhere in the world with your handheld. Created by the people who brought you Kazaa, Skype uses innovative P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you with other users. It is quick and easy to install and offers several features, including SkypeOut calling from Skype to regular and mobile phones worldwide, free conference calling, and secure file transfer. Skype calls have better sound quality than your regular phone and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption.

Version 2.2 includes unspecified updates.

Peter's GameBox

Download Peter's GameBox

The latest version of Peter's GameBox includes eight different games, even more sound effects, adjustable game levels, pause function, support for landscape screens (HPC/HPC

Pro). The games included are Blocks, Blocks2, Snake, Smae, Cannons, Squash, Mahjongg and Mahjongg Rivers. It works on all important CE powered platforms and processors.

Maybe the most important thing is that it's completely free to use.

VidaOne MyPersonalDiet

Download VidaOne MyPersonalDiet

MyPersonalDiet is the most comprehensive diet software for Pocket PC that gives you the tools to reach you weight goal by providing simple means of tracking your food and

workouts, monitor your health and get clear assessments of your efforts and results. MyPersonalDiet will not burn calories for you, but it will eliminate any guesswork and help

you make the right decisions to reach your objectives. It is also equipped with features to monitor specific nutrients, which is essential for people with food restrictions