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Friday, November 9, 2007

Resco Seal Ball v1.10

Download Resco Seal Ball v1.10
One day the seals have found a lost ball on the beach. They kept playing with it for a while and finally they came up with an idea for a great seal tournament. Now you can take

part in this tournament as well and win great trophies on your Pocket PC.

are similar to beach volleyball. The aim of the game is to successfully bounce the ball over the net onto the opponents half of the court, so that he does not manage to bounce it

back and it falls onto the ground.
The ball enters the game with a service so that it flies over the net to the opponents court half. Your opponent has max. 3 bounces to return the ball to your court half. The game

is over as soon as the ball touches the ground or the player touches the ball more than 3 times in sequence. The match continues until a score of 21 is reached, the player to

reach that score as first wins.