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Sunday, August 29, 2010

CreditoMTV v2.00

CreditoMTV v2.00 |
Price: Free

CreditoMTV è un'applicazione che facilita la richiesta delle informazioni sul credito residuo e la ricarica della propria SIM MTV Mobile.

L'applicazione si presenta come nell'immagine seguente, basta tappare sul pulsante "CreditoMTV" per inviare la richiesta e dopo pochi secondi si riceverà a schermo l'informazione sul credito residuo.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET CF 3.5

Pilot Pocket Checklists v1.25

Pilot Pocket Checklists v1.25 |
Price: Free

Using PilotPocket Checklists you can create, edit and use checklists for all your preflight and flying tasks. You can go through the checklists using arrow keys only - you need only one hand and no stylus.
Features at a glance
  • Keyboard-only mode support (stylus is required for editing)
  • Configurable item text size.
  • Full-screen mode support - no wasted space for menus and status bars.
  • Fast switching between checklists.
  • Unlimited number of checklists and checklist items
1.25 version updates
  • Fixed problem with item notes text. Previously only part of the text was shown without any text wrapping.
  • Added option to exit the program without the message box. Check Buttons options screen.
  • Added option to select the default checklist file and checklist every time program is opened.

WMM Lamp v1.21

WMM Lamp v1.21 |
Price: Free

WMM Lamp is a simple flash light torch lamp for windows mobile. It will turn your brightness to max and display a white screen so you can use your phone as a torch

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

GogTasks v2.30

GogTasks v2.30 |
Price: free

GogTasks is a tool for synchronizing tasks between Pocket Outlook and Google Task. That is the task list you get either at the right hand side of Google Calendar or when you access it directly at the Google Tasks Canvas. GogTasks also provides a user interface for administrating the tasks which better suit the Google Tasks functionality than the stock Pocket Outlook Tasks Editor. Also, the UI is designed to allow finger control instead of the use of a stylus.

Warning: GogTasks make use of an unofficial service from Google. There is no guarantee that Google doesn't make breaking changes tomorrow that renders this software useless. See www.gogtasks.com for updated status on this.

Key features:
# Synchronize tasks with Google Tasks
# Supports both standard Google Account (gmail) and Google Apps Accounts
# Insert, delete and edit tasks
# Move tasks internally in lists
# Indentation

Use this together with Cookies Home Tab, which gives you tasks on the home tab on your phone, and you have a really powerful setup that gives you full control over your daily tasks.

pRSSreader v1.45

pRSSreader v1.45 |
Price: free

pRSSreader is an application for reading RDF and RSS feeds on PocketPC.

What's New in 1.4.5
- Gesture support for article view in touch friendly mode
- Shift right switches to next article
- Shift left switches to last article

pRSSreader is Small and fast.
  • Small
    pRSSreader is very small application. It takes about 300 KB of your PDA memory.
  • Formats
    pRSSreader can handle many versions of feeds: RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0, RDF 1.0 and Atom 0.3.
  • Site Manager
    Site manager allows you to subscribe to sites you want to read. You can group your feeds into folders and you can set up feed options such as displaying on the Today screen, caching options, etc.
  • Items
    pRSSreader can mark feed items with three states: new, unread and read. Those states are preserved between starts of pRSSreader. You can sort the feed items or you can hide already read items.
  • Sequential reading
    Once you start reading, you can read from the start to the end without getting back to the main window to switch between items or even feeds.
  • Customizable
    pRSSreader is quite customizable. You can set up appearance of reading dialog, change font sizes, enable clear type, set the location of cache or an external browser for viewing the whole messages and many more.
  • Caching
    pRSSreader have quite powerful caching abilities, it can cache images included within feeds, enclosures and it can also cache online pages for offline browsing.
  • Cache Manager
    Use Cache Manager for maintaining your cached content. You can delete whole cache as well as single files (from 1.3.0).
  • Import/Export
    You can import your OPML file from the Internet or from your local file system as well. pRSSreader can also export your OPML file.
  • Updates
    You can update your feeds manually or you can also let pRSSreader to update your feeds automatically. Then they will be updated periodically (you can select the update interval).
  • Today screen
    pRSSreader has integration with Today screen. It can simply display the number of new/unread items or can cycle feed names or even items from a feed. The plugin is compatible with Pocket Breeze.
  • Summary View
    The summary view shows you the number of new/unread/total items in your feeds. You can also use it to switch between your feeds very quickly.
  • Keywords
    You can enter a list of keywords and pRSSreader will show you feed items that includes those keywords (from 1.3.0).
  • Proxy Support
    pRSSreader supports HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy servers (from 1.3.0).
  • HTTP Authentication
    pRSSreader can access HTTP pages protected with Basic or Digest authentication (from 1.3.0).
  • Localizations
    pRSSreader is localized into Czech, Dutch, French and Spanish language (from 1.3.0).
  • HTML Optimizer
    You can use HTML optimizer (such as Skweezer) to get online content optimized for PDA screens. You can also define custom rules to get online content prepared for PDAs by a content provider (from 1.3.2).

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

2012 v1.00

2012 v1.00 |
Price: Free

Some rumors about 2012 were true. The end of the world is near. In 2011 scientists found a huge group of asteroids heading towards the Earth. Secret sattelite with weapons is humanity's only hope for survival, but we need someone with the sharpest eye and fastest reflexes. Are you the right man for this job? This game is Missile Command clone for Windows Mobile. The aim of the game is to destroy all the asteroids with the missiles fired from your satellite before they hit Earth. There are 3 game modes:
  • Campaing: there are 5 waves of asteroids each level and there are 15 levels. Each level is harder - more asteroids or faster asteroids.
  • Time attack: destroy as many asteroids as you can in 20 seconds.
  • Survival: survive as long as you can defending agaings infinite waves of asteroids.
Each game mode has 3 game difficulties. In campaign mode you can buy health, more missiles, nuke and improve your missiles' speed.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, QVGA

Liga BBVA v1.00

Liga BBVA v1.00 |
Price: Free

Developed by Chinubrio over graphical interface, and by Iván Musa and Ricardo Fraile (zorro1981) over writting code.

Technical features:
  • Multilanguage.
  • VGA (480x640) , QVGA (240x320) ,WVGA (480x800), WQVGA (240x400) and FWVGA (480x854).
  • All information about Spanish League.
  • Live mode: Advise of more important events during match.
  • Internet updatable (with new versions advise).
  • All suported diplays.
  • Improved graphical interface.
  • Vibration and sound advises.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, Net CF 3.5

McDoWMobile v1.23

McDoWMobile v1.23 |
Price: Free

- add specials in list with dynamical management by .xml file
- add functionnality to read item's names for prelisted one
- relocated resources
- add .xml gestion for foreign languages (different as french/english)
- add booting infos
- add DE.xml file as example for foreign language (in this case german)
- add date of ingredients.xml file in the options menu
- add cancel button in options menu
- modify ingredients.xml in having only one language, in node
- adapt listing ingredients to increase/decrease font size
- add pictures for specials items, as listed in .xml

Ramadan v1.10

Ramadan v1.10 |
Price: Free

Minor Update : shows current hijr date A list of selected daily supplications or du'as during the blessed month of Ramadan. It is best viewed in landscape mode.

Bundesliga Pocket 2010 v1.13

Bundesliga Pocket 2010 v1.13 |
Price: Free

All information about German League session 2010-2011. Teams, mathces, dates, live mode,...

Technical features:
  • Multilanguage.
  • VGA (480x640) , QVGA (240x320) ,WVGA (480x800), WQVGA (240x400) and FWVGA (480x854).
  • All information about German League.
  • Live mode: Advise of more important events during match.
  • Internet updatable (with new versions advise).
  • All suported diplays.
  • Improved graphical interface.
  • Vibration and sound advises.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Premier League Pocket 2010 v1.13

Premier League Pocket 2010 v1.13 |
Price: Free

Technical features:
  • Multilanguage.
  • VGA (480x640) , QVGA (240x320) ,WVGA (480x800), WQVGA (240x400) and FWVGA (480x854).
  • All information about Premier League.
  • Live mode: Advise of more important events during match.
  • Internet updatable (with new versions advise).
  • All suported diplays.
  • Improved graphical interface.
  • Vibration and sound advises.

eGIS v1.10

eGIS v1.10 |
Price: Free

This application uses "Program Files/egis/Maps" folder of your device for the placement of your custom map files.

Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 .Net CF 3.5

Get IP-Host v1.00

Get IP-Host v1.00 |
Show youre IP and Hostname

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Monday, August 23, 2010

StartMenu Back Gesture v1.00

StartMenu Back Gesture v1.00|
Price: Free

Simple and small application allowing use flick gesture (from left to the right) to go back one level in Start Menu. Application has only 16kB footprint in memory. Best for explaining is simple animation:

How to make sure you use it right:
Beginning point and ending point must be less than 70px from itself on Y axis. Also, total distance between points must be larger than 110px plus difference on Y axis.
For programmers:
int Y1 = e.y;
int Y2 = TouchOrigin.y;
int YX = Y1 - Y2;
if (YX <> 110)

Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.5/6.5.3 and other with PhysicsEngine.dll, TouchScreen phone, all resolutions

Sound Delay Calculator v1.10

Sound Delay Calculator v1.10 |
Price: Free

This simple application calculates the delay time between speakers. Simply measure from your base point speakers to each delay speaker. Enter the distance and press calculate and it will tell you the delay time in milliseconds. You can set your preferences to US or Metric measurements. This application requires the .NET framework.


Retro Football Manager v0.52

Retro Football Manager v0.52 |
Price: Free

Many years ago I played simple Football manager game on Commodore C-64 with my friends. We could selected one team of Italia and checked results on monitor screen. It was funny and addictive. Few weeks ago in a pub we remembered it. I learned visual basic and created this game. I hope, you enjoy it with us.

System requirements:
  • Windows Mobile 6.x (WVGA)
  • Microsoft .net Compact Framework 3.5
  • Tested on HTC HD2 (duttys, energy)

Hit the Kitty v2.00

Hit the Kitty v2.00 |
Price: Free

Hit the Kitty is a simple game for Windows Mobile.

New version 2.0 available!

The latest Hello Kitty invasion on every shop window, rack, magazine page and what-have-you is making you want to bang your head against the wall? No need for that, now there's one more way of venting your pent-up irritation... Hit the Kitty.

The game I've developed is compatible with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 e 6.5, with the following resolutions:
  • * QVGA (tested)
  • * WQVGA (tested)
  • * VGA
  • * WVGA (tested)

and needs .NET Compact Framework 3.5 in order to work.
The download link is at the bottom of the page, and here are the major news in this release:
  • * New graphics
  • * Sound effects
  • * Game stats
  • * Optimized the code
  • * Fixed some bugs

Now, let's go and see how the game works.
On opening the app, you get to choose between two game modes - Arcade and Time Attack. In the first, you have to hit as many Hello Kitty as you can, out of a maximum number you can set yourself; in the second mode you've got to get them all before time runs out.

* Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5.x
* .NET CF 3.5 or greater

Lineapolis for PDA v2.50

Lineapolis for PDA v2.50 |
Price: Free

Lineapolis is a game of logic with the aim is to draw as many lines as possible. Should working at any resolution. In Classic mode each line consists of 5 points in this one is new. In Bonus mode you can draw line by 5 existing points and store one point for free use later. Nice viewer including for review your saved games. Last update log: Adding shift button - you can shift board for more space to play. Adding WVGA options in config - you can duplicate most important buttons to first page on devices with WVGA screens to prevent switching between menus. Significantly improved hint routine for speed, especially in bonus mode. Stop moving pointer if you touch under buttons-this little bug is repaired. Little refresh graphics on top board also repaired. All text communicates was moved on top. In config added options to change point size. Added gray theme in config.

.Net CF requirement

Sunday, August 22, 2010

NotepadWS v2.57

NotepadWS v2.57 |
Price: Free

NotepadWS is a notepad-like application with TABS feature and some interesting tools such as the WEB SEARCH.

The Web Search (context menu) allows you to get google, wiki or dictionary contents about the word or text selected from NotepadWS, it could be a good way to perform your search quickly and easily!

* Edit up to four different text files in the same session.
* Switch from one tab to another with just one click.
* Ability to add or remove tool bars at any time.
* Configure each tab separately.
* Online search of selected word or text; google search, wiki search, dictionary.
ver 2.0
* Open file and Save file dialogs completely redesigned to be useful and finger-friendly
* Settings page added
ver 2.56
* Word-wrap options added
* Max file size supported increased
* File association works propely
* Copy and paste between different tabs added
* Cmd ExitAll added
* Single click option added
* File and Folder Shortcuts feature added
* Start folder option added (if left blank, the folder of last file used is taken)
* Font and colors customization tool added
* Ability to setup and save the properties of each tab (font, colors, start folder, etc)
* Tab character feature added
ver 2.57
* Overwrite related bug fixed
* Read-only related bug fixed

MySquare v1.02

MySquare v1.02 |
Price: Free

Here it is, the brand new foursquare client for windows phone. My square have both free and premium versions.

* * use your location to find out nearby places;
* * see your friends latest check-ins;
* * view tips of places;
* * share your experience with others;
* * explore foursquare and earn points and badges;
* * use even gps or network fix;
* * integrated with google maps;

Towers of Glennoi school edition v4.00

Towers of Glennoi school edition v4.00 |
Price: Free

The famous Tower of Hanoi game.

New Theme
Save your game
2 Game modes
Online Highscores
All Resolutions

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anuvadak - Google Translator for Windows v1.11

Anuvadak - Google Translator for Windows v1.11 |
Price: Free

Anuvadak derives it functionality from Google translation service. I have tried to incorporate the complete Google translator features in this app.

Anuvadak is different from the other apps as it offers a completely different user experience.
The new version packs in some real good features and above all : a solution to display ~all languages. No more boxes for Arabic, Persian, Hebrew , Hindi, Chinese or Japanese. There is workaround for this which I will explain later in the post. Changelog Anuvadak 1.1 + Added QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA support + Improved Instant translation but still in alpha + Added paste support with a dedicated paste button. No more long press to select paste option + Added dictionary items with translation
  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Interjection
  • Conjunction
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Abbreviation
+ Added check for update option + Added user-selectable option to show number of items in history - This is major memory improvement. Devices with low memory choose less than 5 items + Added support for saving a language pair as favorite or save it as default + Added support to show all indic and asian languages. Shown in the video The last enhancement was difficult to add but it happened. There is a trick to it. Anuvadak now uses Arial Unicode MS font to show all languages. Unfortunately, I cannot pack the font with the application as it would be illegal. Also, the font file is around 28 MB. But we have a solution :) The font is packed with all the versions of Microsoft office 2007 onwards. It is located in Windows> Fonts directory by name Arial Unicode MS. Download the font from the windows (pc) directory and copy it your windows phone > Windows > Fonts directory. Install the app and bingo!! all languages show up now :D For people who don't have access to Arial Font, I am attaching a another unicode font (free). Download that font and repeat the copying instructions as above and it should show up nicely. One thing to remember, when using the alternate font remember to change settings from the application menu to choose Bitstream cyberbit. The drawback of using this (Bitstream cyberbit) font is that it doesn't show every character in every language. Some characters from Arabic, persian and chinese are missing. Hindi is completely missing. If anybody has any problem, let me know and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Windows Mobile 2003, 2004, 5, 6.1, 6.5, 7 .Net Compact Framework 2.0 or Higher

Mobbyway v1.18

Mobbyway v1.18 |
Price: Free

- Avertisseur des radars fixes et mobiles - Géolocalisation par vos proches ou vos amis de votre position sur une carte par un système d'invitation disponible sur votre mobile. - Retour possible sur vos parcours de 15 derniers jours - Statistiques détaillées de vos parcours (vitesse moyenne, nombre de Km ..) - Information de circulation (Bouchons et accidents) - Contribution au projet OpenStreetMap - Live tracking Processus d'installation : 1 - Installer le .CAB 2 - Lancer Mobbyway 3 - Dans le menu, Enregistrement : Enregistrez vous 4 - Dans le menu parametres : Selectionner le port COM de votre GPS (Pour HD2, choisissez COM4) et valider les autres parametres 5 - Relancer Mobbyway. Votre activation de compte sera effectuée dans les 5 minutes suivantes. Si à l'issue de cette durée votre compte n'était pas activé, nous vous invitons à contacter le support à l'adresse support@mobbyway.com Pour toute question , vous pouvez consulter la FAQ : http://www.mobbyway.com/FAQ.html Mobbyway has been developed to allow - Stay connected with loved ones or whatever the place they are - Allowing your family to track your movements in real time and visually - Allow you to return at any moment on a trip that you made in a given date. - To move safely on the road network through the network of members: Mobbynautes - Contribute to the global mapping OpenStreetMap

SciLors LeoCameraAnyKey v0.40

SciLors LeoCameraAnyKey v0.40 |
Price: Free

SciLor's LeoCameraAnyKey is a tool to use nearly any key to make a photo shot/video and zoom in/out (Perfect for devices lacking a camera button).
It has been confirmed, that it works on following devices:
-HTC HD2 aka. HTC Leo
-HTC Touch HD aka. HTC Blackstone
-HTC Touch Pro 2
-HTC HD Mini

Pocket Converter v1.50

Pocket Converter v1.50 |
Price: free

Pocket Converter 1.0 is a converter for your pocket pc device. It is easy to use with "iPhone" style selectors. Pocket Converter converts: Area, Flow Rate, Length, Pressure, Power, Temp, Velocity, Volume and Weight.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wats My Number v1.00

Wats My Number v1.00 |

Price: Free

Wat's my number is a little application that allows you to find your:-


Windows Mobile 6.x Professional (Touch screen) QVGA HVGA VGA WVGA 500kb space .Net Compact Framework 3.5

eSablier v2.00

eSablier v2.00 |

Price: Free

To start, click on the main button.
To pause, click on the main button (color has changed).
The "axe" button will reset eSablier. Can be used when the timer is stopped.
The "book" button allows you to specify some options, such as bar display of the hourglass at the bottom and the duration of the countdown.
The "sword" button is to exit the software...

In the Option Menu you will be able to choose the language and if you want, or not, to have labels over buttons.

Please note that this software use eVB runtimes. If you do have it already installed, install the version without runtimes. If you do not have the runtimes installed, install the version with the runtimes embedded (you will need to reboot your mobile).

- Version without runtimes eVB (have to be installed before) :

Language: french and english

Screen Resolution: WQVGA (240*400) and higher (autoredim of pictures)

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5.x + eVB Runtimes + Screen upper than 240x240

microIRC v1.00

microIRC v1.00 |

Price: Free

microIRC is a tabbed, UTF-8 compatible, single-server IRC client for Windows Mobile 5 (and above) touchscreen devices. Development is ongoing and it is already usable for basic chatting.

HOW TO INSTALL: Download the "microIRC.zip" archive and extract it, then copy the microIRC folder to your device. Then navigate to this folder on your device and execute the "microIRC.exe". Edit the "options.ini" file if necessary !

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 or higher

ShortCAD Lite v2.30

ShortCAD Lite v2.30 |

Price: Free

ShortCAD Lite 2.3 is released with the following additions:

1. Command to create Rectangular ARRAYS of copies of objects.

2. A number of minor bugs fixed. Most critical of them were:
- on a number of devices, the drawing did not automatically redraw after the changed drawing settings.
- on a number of devices the ShortCAD's numeric keyboard was displayed incorrectly.

3. Little corrections, made in ShortCAD JavaScript Language References document.

Your Pocket PC software has never been so flexible before!

Get started with ShortCAD JavaScript to implement many useful things like:
-- Create custom objects and add them dynamically to the drawing in ShortCAD manner,
-- Design your own measurement tools, and use it wherever and whenever you need,
-- Automate drawing settings and create drawing templates based on scripts,
-- Use internal vector math engine of ShortCAD to avoid boring formulas in your programs,
-- Create layers, blocks and bitmaps, transform objects and set up object parameters from inside of your scripts,
-- Access interactivity loop of ShortCAD and create dynamic behavior with native look and feel.

…All these opportunities and many more are provided by ShortCAD Lite with embedded ShortCAD JavaScript language.

ShortCAD Lite is to prove again and again: The Mobility is advantage.

While your Pocket PC is small and slow, all of the "huge CAD" features of ShortCAD have been reworked to make them accessible and usable without mouse and keyboard.

You may ask why is ShortCAD. Here is an answer! ShortCAD is a pun on shortcut that means shorter route or smaller effort. Also it has a specific meaning: a file that contains only the location of another file in the computer. Gathering all meanings together will give you the answer: ShortCAD is a way to CAD and save hints and tips to your ideas with smallest effort while you are away from your workspace.

Monday, August 16, 2010

QuickShutdown v1.30

QuickShutdown v1.30 |
Price: Free

With QuickShutdown for Pocket PCs you can easy perform a soft restart of your device. Just slide the button and your device will restart instantly!

The hardware power button is configured to launch QuickShutdown but you can bind it to any other hardware key. It is very fast to start because not based on .net (unlike Slide2Shutdown) !

All resolution are supported (for QVGA, the pictures are resized) and lanscape is as smooth as portrait (thank's to the new version of Manila SDK) ! The graphics are all stored in the \resources\VGA\ folder and you can change them at will.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

F1 2010 Mobile v3.12

F1 2010 Mobile v3.12 |
Price: Free

F1 2010 Mobile has a small memory footprint runs on CF.NET 2.0 and includes:

-Circuit information

-Drivers and Teams
-Pole position
-Update function

Additional information

-Overview 2010
-Add GP events
-Remove GP events

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hit the Kitty v1.12

Hit the Kitty v1.12 |
Price: Free

The latest Hello Kitty invasion on every shop window, rack, magazine page and what-have-you is making you want to bang your head against the wall? No need for that... now there's one more way of venting your pent-up irritation: Hit the Kitty.

The game I've developed is compatible with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 e 6.5, with the following resolutions:
  • * QVGA (tested)
  • * WQVGA (tested)
  • * VGA
  • * WVGA (tested)

* Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5.x
* .NET CF 3.5 or greater

Blitz-Donner v1.00

Blitz-Donner v1.00 | Read more..
Price: Free

Mit diesem kleinen Programm,können Sie die Entfernung von Gewittern berechnen lassen. Bei einem Blitz drücken Sie auf Start und bei einem Donner auf Stop. In der unteren Zeile wird nun die Entfernung angezeigt. Viel Spaß! <<>> With this small program, you can calculate the distance of lightning. With a flash, press Start, and a thunder to stop. The bottom line is now the distance will be displayed. Have fun!

Getestet auf HTC HD Tested on HTC HD

HD2 Windows Vista beta v0.1

HD2 Windows Vista beta v0.1 |
Price: Free

This Windows Vista theme is created for the HTC HD2. To install this theme, you need to unpack the .zip and transfer the folder onto the phone. Then start WisBar Advance Desktop. Right click and press Change Theme. You'll get a new menu where you can search for the theme by pressing Menu > Scan For Themes. After you have to select the theme and set it as Portrait Theme. Please keep in mind that this is just a beta release.

HTC HD2, WisBar Advance Desktop

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GPS Sport Tracker v1.60

GPS Sport Tracker v1.60 |
Price: Free

GPS Sport Tracker is a FREE small usefull program designed for anyone who enjoys cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking. The software provides realtime statistic like current speed, altitude, distance, etc. and data for post analysis using PC.

GPS Sport Tracker Main Features:

1) Speed (current, average, max.), time to pass 1 km (1 mi)
2) Altitude (current, total up, total down)
3) Distance
4) Heading
5) Metric and imperial units
6) Time, elapsed time, simple lap timer
7) Track view with zoom in, zoom out, center start position, center current position
8) Offline maps, different renders available
9) Elevation profile, points where max speed, max and min altitude were achived
10) GPS signal availability, satellite info, settings for accuracy
11) Simple waypoints, waypoints with a photo, latitude and longitude can be printed on the picture
12) Save track, export track in GPX format. Log is also available when battery dies
13) Loading saved tracks (GST, GPX), using saved tracks as a backgorund track
14) Extended power management, program lock
15) Bearing back to the anchor, anchor alarm
15) Translations
What is new in version 1.6.0:
New features:
- GPS can be switched on/off
- Added Google Maps render
- Minor bug fixes

AmazonIt v1.00

AmazonIt v1.00 |
Price: Free

I release bugfixes ASAP, so the version on FreewarePPC may be out of date. Please visit the AmazonIt! website for the most recent version.

AmazonIt! helps you shop. Ever see an item on the shelf that looks interesting, but you wonder
A) if you can find it cheaper online?
B) if it's any good?

That's where AmazonIt! comes in. Using AmazonIt!, you can scan a product's UPC or EAN barcode, and see its Amazon.com price and ratings.
AmazonIt! will also show you if the price of an item has changed since it was last updated.

SciLors LaunchMe v0.25

SciLors LaunchMe v0.25 |
Price: Free

SciLor's LaunchMe
is a tool that allows run apps by just typing their name. Just like "Run" for Windows Mobile. You may know Launchy a similar app for Windows and Linux.

CheckList v2.10

CheckList v2.10 |
Price: Free

Overview: A simple Check List application

* Organized by Categories
* New / Modify / Delete Category
* New / Modify / Delete Item
* Move Item to Vault / Restore Item from Vault
* Touch friendly
* Included Desktop Companion (PC application)
* No Master Lists!
* No Descriptions / Notes
* No Quantities
* No Item Pictures
* No Prices
* Without many functions and options



- Fixed the WVGA resolution.
- The Splash Screen was Changed.
- The user can change the order of the Categories / Items
- Settings Panel added
- The Program now can keep the Backlight On (option)
- The user can change the Item (list) height (option)
- The user can change the Text size (option)
- The user can enable/disable the message dialogs (option)
- The user can enable/disable the splash screen (option)
- The database is saved only if changes detected.
- The graphic files was retouched.
- Many minor bug fixes.

WiMoRun v0.70

WiMoRun v0.70 |
Price: Free

Quick Links are okay, but you can not have a quicklink for everything. Or are you just conservative and want to have a launching tool on your PPC? WiMoRun enables you to run programs typing in their name or a keyword. You can start all executable applications within the whole device. With the T9 panel you can choose your apps even faster.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 .NET

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stomp Mobile v1.00

Stomp Mobile v1.00 |
Price: Free

Straits Times Online Mobile Print (STOMP), is Singapore's citizen-journalism website with user generated material.

Stomp Mobile is the unofficial Windows Mobile client, that allows you to read news from Stomp, view comments and also the pictures. Increase the font size or change the color theme (edit the image file installed), for easier reading.

DMX Calculator v1.00

DMX Calculator v1.00 |
Price: Free

So I have been looking for months for a good DMX calculator mainly to use on my Touch Pro 2. I couldn’t find anything, and the online DMX Calculators wouldn’t load right in my browser. So, I decided to create one and make it available for free. This is a simple DMX calculator that will show you the DIP switch settings from a DMX value or will show you the DMX value or set DIP switches.You can donate or leave me suggestions here.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 .NET

Speech and Debate Timekeeper v2.40

Speech and Debate Timekeeper v2.40 |
Price: Free

Speech and Debate Timekeeper is a multi-platform debate timer for various speech and debate events. It has speech order and time limits preset for Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, Public Forum, World Schools, Karl Popper, and miscellaneous debate formats as well as individual events. This timer gives visual and/or vocal time signals at user defined intervals so that you will never have to give manual time signals or frequently look at the time. At the end of each speech, cross-examination, or preparation, the timer automatically sets itself to time the next thing that needs timing at the push of a button. No stopwatch or general purpose timer comes this close to fulfilling the role of a dedicated human timekeeper in a round.


- Simple stopwatch style interface simultaneously shows time elapsed and remaining. Buttons are large so that they can be finger pressed on PDAs.
- Visual time signals on a color coded background indicating minutes or seconds remaining.
- Spoken time signals or tones, including protected minute alerts for points of information in constructive speeches of Parliamentary debates.
- Tracks speech order and prep times. Default time limits are set according to the selected event and are adjustable.
- The name of the speech or task being timed is displayed in the title of the window.
- Navigational buttons set the timer to time the previous or next task.
- Power conserving display mode on handhelds.
- Context sensitive help screens are available from drop down menus.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

JSPA Program Manager v3.10

JSPA Program Manager v3.10 |
Price: Free

JSPA Program Manager allows you to manage your programs(shortcut links) in start menu on Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5 Smartphone. It allows you to Navigate, Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and Create New Folder on an easy steps.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

SuperMarioJump v2.00

SuperMarioJump v2.00 |
Price: Free

Iphone has doodle jump now windows mobile has the answer== SuperMarioBros jump. Play as SuperMario who is jumping on his own power but you control his left or right movement via onscreen buttons. Avoid king koopa and make it to the top and get the princess. Iam tired of iphone this iphone that.....everyone share this game online where ever you go . Touchpro2 , HD2, and Xperia1x tested and works. Installation 1) Click on cab file 2)Choose your location And it installs auto-matically.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1,6.5. WVGA resolution Touchpro2,HD2,Xperia1x,

Break My Bricks 2 v2.50

Break My Bricks 2 v2.50 |
Price: Free

Break My Bricks 2 was is a more improved version of the original Break My Bricks a copy of the Atari Break Out game.

  • Vibration Supported for most Devices.
  • Customizable Background Colors.
  • Fun and Easy to Play.
  • Keep High Scores
  • Sound On/Off
  • Super Ball Goes Through Bricks and Doubles the Score.

This version of Break My Bricks will run on all Windows Mobile version up to version 6.5 for all screen resolutions. Hey don't complain, its free! The free version only has 3 levels. If you want more levels, then purchase a copy of Break My Bricks 2 in the Windows Mobile Marketplace!

Deluxe Moon v1.23

Deluxe Moon v1.23 |
Price: Free

Deluxe Moon opens you an unique possibility to look closer at how the moon influences on your life. Depending on your location the application shows you such an interesting things like the current moon phase, Zodiac sign, moonrise and moonset times and many other parameters.

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbor and the most prominent object in the night sky.

Although the Moon is so much smaller than the Sun, it strongly affects everything on the Earth, including many aspects of your life. Not only tides and animals are affected by the Moon, but also it influences human emotions, relationships, blood pressure an even finances.

Many forms of life on Earth depend on the Moon movement. If you keep track of it, you will soon discover some amazing relationships. This knowledge could help you make your life better!

We would like to offer you the tool to discover more about the influence of the Moon, your mobile assistant which is always at your service wherever you are.

Enjoy our Deluxe Moon application and save money: it is completely free.

Deluxe Moon Features

* Visual picture of the moon phases and the percent of the illuminated area.
* Full names of all moon phases.
* Zodiac Sign the moon is in.
* Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.
* Moonrise and moonset times for your location.
* Amount of time from moonrise and to moonset.
* Calculations for the current and other dates.
* Network independence: you can work anywhere in the world without Internet or cellular connections.
* Your current location determined by GPS
* Cellular network positioning can be enabled for several types of devices

WindowsMobile 5.0+
.NET Compact Framework 3.5
Screen resolutions:
QVGA (240x320), HVGA (320x480), VGA (480x640), WVGA (480x800).
*Compatible with:
Square 240x240, WQVGA (240x400), Square 320x320, SquareVGA 480x480

Paint Relax Lite v1.10

Paint Relax Lite v1.10 |
Price: Free

Paint Relax Lite:
relax after daily work by catching colorful paint bubbles. Enjoy bright colors, bubbles and fresh, thick layers of paint. Enjoy our Relax Paint Lite application and save money: it is completely free.


* Realistic graphics
* Bubble sounds and vibration
* Multiple relaxation backgrounds (available in Pro edition only)
* Supported resolutions: QVGA (240x320), WQVGA (240x320), Square VGA (480x480), VGA (480x640), WVGA (480x800)
* Compatible with resolutions: Square 320 (320x320), HVGA (320x480)

Basketball v1.00

Basketball v1.00 |
Price: Free

A standard shoot 'em quick basketball game. Aim by pulling down and back on the ball, using the red dot that shows up as an indicator. See how many shots you can make in a minute-your high score will be stored and displayed at the top. See who can get the highest score!

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5 .NET CF 3.5

Sunday, August 8, 2010

LearnA v1.00

LearnA v1.00 |
Price: Free

With LearnA, you can learn foreign alphabet like cyrillic.

You can repeat letters in sequential way or randomly. You can display phonetic, play sound.

Cyrillic alphabet is provided in the cab, but you can add your own alphabet by creating a xml file and sound.

Windows mobile 5/6, Compact Framework 3.5 needed, VGA, WGA. Work on QVGA with bad grafic.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1 : WGA, VGA Compact Framework 3.5

Getytv - Get Youtube Videos v1.20

Getytv - Get Youtube Videos v1.20 |
Price: Free

Once Again the Getytv came with bag full of surprises. The New version of Getytv 1.2 which will let you download youtube videos with more improved quality & different formats.

This Wonderful Application is for Windows Pocket Pcs/ Mobiles and is completely free. So what to wait for just give it a try. Hurry Download your favourite music right from your mobile device .

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1