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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

eSablier v2.00

eSablier v2.00 |

Price: Free

To start, click on the main button.
To pause, click on the main button (color has changed).
The "axe" button will reset eSablier. Can be used when the timer is stopped.
The "book" button allows you to specify some options, such as bar display of the hourglass at the bottom and the duration of the countdown.
The "sword" button is to exit the software...

In the Option Menu you will be able to choose the language and if you want, or not, to have labels over buttons.

Please note that this software use eVB runtimes. If you do have it already installed, install the version without runtimes. If you do not have the runtimes installed, install the version with the runtimes embedded (you will need to reboot your mobile).

- Version without runtimes eVB (have to be installed before) :

Language: french and english

Screen Resolution: WQVGA (240*400) and higher (autoredim of pictures)

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5.x + eVB Runtimes + Screen upper than 240x240