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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Joggah v1.4.0

Joggah v1.4.0 |
Running log with integrated GPS tracker.

With Joggah you always have your complete running log book with you on your mobile device. Using the integrated GPS tracker functionality you can record your running tracks straight to your log automatically. Of course you can still listen to music or place phone calls simultaneously while Joggah tracks your outdoor workout. As each running path is stored in standard KML format, they can be opened directly in Google Earth.


· Keeps a detailed log book of all your training exercises.
· Integrated GPS tracker records your outdoor fitness activities including distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned, and path traveled.
· Realtime display of speed and total distance covered based on GPS data.
· Simple finger based touch screen operation.
· Touch screen lock and button lock prevent unintentional operation while exercising.
· Various speed, pace, and distance units supported (miles, kilometers, etc.)
· Easily track jogging shoe mileage.
· Give it a personal touch by setting your own background picture.
· Storage of calories burned and training effect for each log book entry makes it ideal for a long term collection of the log book information from a Suunto heart rate monitor.
· GPS track is stored in standard KML format for easy viewing in Google Earth and similar applications.
· The log book is stored in convenient tab-separated-values format that allows direct opening in Microsoft Excel or other spread sheet applications.

Requirements : Windows Mobile 5/6.x, .NET Compact Framework 2.0