if you feel bore and want to relax
Enjoy www.afcgame.com

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Magmic Games Medieval Kings Chess 2 v1.2

Magmic Games Medieval Kings Chess 2 v1.2 | 870 KB | Download


Relive feudal history through chess in this age-old strategy game.

Experience interesting play themes based on the greatest war time kings, featuring 6 grades of ultra-strategic and challenging Artificial Intelligence and multiplayer options to fight against live players online.

The online experience is what makes Medieval Kings Chess 2 really fun. Join ladder matches or make some regular matches to play up to 16 simultaneous "chess by mail" opponents. Moves are made one at a time but if you find one of your opponents online you can play a live game. Multiplayer Chess gets a lot of action mid-day: Perfect for lunch lines or goofing off at work.

Magmic Games Mahjong Solitaire

Magmic Games Mahjong Solitaire | 1320 KB | Download


Relax, meditate and prepare your concentration for this challenging tile-sorting mental workout.

Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game based on the classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the board by paired matching. Try this game for excellent graphics and long term addictive play. Match tiles to gain points. The faster you match tiles, the more points you earn. Once the pair of matching tiles is selected then they are cleared from the board. Clear all tiles from the board to win the round.

Rename Contacts

Rename Contacts | 231 KB | Download


Simple app for renaming your contacts from a list

To install, just unarchive the download file on your device and launch the RenameContacts.exe !
Note: pwrstat can be kept smaller & to use less memory when it doesn't come with screens for changing color or bar height. Use other software to edit pwrstat settings.

PWRstat v2.6

PWRstat v2.6 | 16 KB | Download


pwrstat is a minimalist clutter free & really small (14,848 bytes) battery & memory monitor.

· Displays a battery bar at the top of the screen in most situations except when full screen applications are active (intentional).
· QVGA, VGA, WVGA & possibly other display modes are supported.
· Portrait & landscape screen orientation modes are supported.
· Respects Windows Mobile power states and consumes very little battery power. Windows Mobile has various power states: 1) fully turned on, 2) screen off, CPU on, phone & various devices are on, 3) screen off, CPU off, but phone & various devices are on, 4) device completely switched off. pwrstat is only active at 1) & is suspended or not running in all other modes. pwrstat only wakes from hardware events.
· Should be compatible with most applications (eg: applications that lock the screen like Windows Mobile password screen, or applications that replace the NavBar such as WisBar.
· Bar colors can now be separately changed in HKCU\Software\PwrStat\* registry keys (RGB values). Restart pwrstat to see changes.
· Bar height can be changed by editing HKCU\Software\PwrStat\BarHeight registry key (valid values from 1 to 4 pixels). Restart pwrstat to see changes.
· The bars are segmented. Each bar has 10 segments (to let users gauge power/memory levels in percentage).
· The power bar blinks when device is being charged.
· The bars are only updated every 4 seconds or when there is screen activity that affects the bars.

To install, download the .exe file & put this .exe file into "\Program Files" of your PDA. Make a shortcut of the program to your startup folder. To stop a running instance, re-run the .exe & it'll prompt you to stop all running instances.
Version 2.6 comes with 2 versions of executables, one supports Windows Mobile power states & the other doesn't. Use whichever applicable.

Note: pwrstat can be kept smaller & to use less memory when it doesn't come with screens for changing color or bar height. Use other software to edit pwrstat settings.

Magmic Games Cribbage v1.0.0

Magmic Games Cribbage v1.0.0 | 501 KB | Download


It’s not just what’s in your hand: it’s how you play it. Cribbage is a game of pegs and cards that demands both skill and luck.

Cribbage is a challenging card game for two, three, or four players. The large role of luck in the game provides the opportunity for even a new player to beat a veteran after only a couple games. However, long-term success is only guaranteed through experience. This makes for an involving game at any skill level.


-Play against up to three opponents
-Automatic or manual pegging
-11 selectable card backs
-Exciting card play with strong cribbage AI

NoniGPS Plot v2.80

NoniGPS Plot v2.80 | 420 KB | Download


NoniGPSPlot allows you to locate your position in relation to other GPS points and to see the journey you have made.

It may be used to find your starting place in a port after sailing, or the place where you start a walking or biking excursion, or even your car in a parking. Any place long as you know its GPS coordinates.

If you find this tool useful, please donate to the developer.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Money Goes Away v3.1

Money Goes Away v3.1 | 233 KB | Download


Management of the personal finances / Gestione delle finanze personali

Easy Expenses v0.94.4

Easy Expenses v0.94.4 | 88 KB | Download


Easy Expenses is an application mainly focused on logging expenses. It can probably also be used for other purposes, but that is not the aim of the program. Easy Expenses is not designed as a complete finance management program and never will be. If you want to use Easy Expenses for this purpose, you have to export the data and process it in a program like Microsoft Excel.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

QIK v0.2.25

QIK v0.2.25 | 928KB | Download


With Qik, you can share with anyone and everyone what's going on anywhere and everywhere you go:

Stay better connected to family and friends.

Share your travels live with friends back home. Show your baby's first steps as they happen. Have Grandma “attend” the birthday party, even though she's on the other side of the planet. Qik also works with MySpace, Orkut and other websites, enabling you to share these moments with the social networks you already use.

Broadcast events and news spontaneously.

Add a new dimension to your online presence with streaming video. Become a reporter—get the scoop with backstage interviews with celebrities and experts Even better, Qik lets you share the results live on any website. Qik also gives you the power to broadcast to partner sites like Mogulus, Justin.tv, and Twitter.

Enhance your business.

Add to your news/media business with high impact, low resource live breaking news. Give medical consultations anytime, anywhere. Record incidents for legal and insurance purposes. Provide live customer support that's the next best thing to being there.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Magmic Games: Big Kahuna Words v1.01

Magmic Games: Big Kahuna Words v1.01 | 1628KB | Download


One of the all-time best selling PC word games goes mobile! Explore your word-making skills while traveling back to the islands of Hawaii and Polynesia. Dare to dive into a world of words in this underwater puzzler. Dive between the Hammerhead Sharks and other aquatic life, breaking stone blocks with your words in an explosive twist on puzzle gameplay. Explore an almost infinite number of underwater realms and discover the might of the “Tiki Totem.” Earn rewards for your word-creation prowess in either Action or Relaxed play. Download and unearth the journey of a lifetime!


• 150 Levels included
• Discover gorgeous and exotic fish
• Two modes of play: Action or Relaxed
• Beautiful submarine seascapes and aquatic life

SkyFire v0.9

SkyFire v0.9 | 628KB | Download


Skyfire is a free mobile browser for Windows Mobile, watch web video, listen to web music, shop, and use social networks – just like your PC. It’s the PC web on your phone. Real fast

Tube2Engine v3.6

Tube2Engine v3.6 | 4019 KB | Download


Transform your PDA into a fully scrollable detailed map of one of the worlds subway or metro systems.
See your journeys come alive with a superb animated display.

Save hours by automatically having the quickest routes to hand, with all the details you need including line changes, platform directions and accurate journey times.

No more confusion on your trips, route details include, direction of travel, end of line, towards information, and number of stops in each segment.

Select advanced journey options such as quickest journey, fewest stops, avoid lines and quickly display return journey details

Friday, April 24, 2009

ShrinkSms v1.0

ShrinkSms 1.0 | 830 KB | Download


ShrinkSms is a new windows mobile messaging application which can save you money when sending long SMS messages.
As the maximum length of SMS is 160 characters (English language) , each message longer then that will result in sending two or more SMS messages and as a result higher payment.
ShrinkSms came to solve this issue with a 50% statistically compression rate.

Each message is encrypted and shrinked so it will take less characters then the original message.
In addition the application holds a built in word list (similar to T9) which contains more then 700000 words.
The application works both on QVGA and VGA device
ShrinkSms can be used as regular SMS (English language) application (without the compression option).

G-Slide v0.7

G-Slide v0.7 | 830 KB | Download


GSlide, "Generic Slide", is a file explorer with a kinetic slider interface.

Magmic Games: Ka-Glom

Magmic Games: Ka-Glom | 830 KB | Download


Combine the explosive Ka-Glom jelly to blast blocks and get the ultimate chain reaction.

Ka-Glom is a high-pressure game of falling blocks. Of the two block types, only the Ka-Glom jelly is explosive. Connect four Ka-Gloms of the same color to start an explosive reaction eliminating all connecting blocks of that color. In building huge chain-reacting explosions your Ka-Glom Factor increases and the bonus points multiply. Play in Survival mode for a classic puzzle experience or try some deep thinking with the Puzzle mode.


-3 Different modes of Play: Normal, Time Attack, and Puzzle Mode
-Hidden modes to be unlocked
-Learn how to play with an easy and quick tutorial

Thursday, April 23, 2009

InDev Software FreeCell v2.0

InDev Software FreeCell v2.0 | 26 KB | Download


A simple application which creates the link to any file/application and then puts that link to Windows/Start Menu/Programs or any other folder you select.

When using TouchFlo3D, you can't just add to Program Tab just any link, any program, there is no browsing option, link has to be in Start Menu Folder. Making links with notepad or Word is not an easy / simple thing, that's why Link Creator was made ... to make life simpler.

InDev Software FreeCell v2.0

InDev Software FreeCell 2.0 | 3658 KB | Download


FreeCell is an implementation of the well-known FreeCell Solitaire for Windows Mobile handhelds. This implementation combines natural gameplay, high-res graphics and many game options.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Magmic Games: Scarface Money Power Respect v1.0

Magmic Games: Scarface Money Power Respect v1.0 | 1658 KB | Download


Tony Montana is back with a vengeance! MPR is the first open world mobile game that lets you control the action. Drive, run, and shoot your way through non-linear missions as the infamous Bag Guy. Jack cars, buy weapons and build your fortune. Great, boss!

Google Maps Mobile v3.0.1

Google Maps Mobile v3.0.1 | 1658 KB | Download


Take the power of Google Maps with you on your mobile phone.

Real-time traffic — See where the congestion is, and estimate delays in over 30 major US metropolitan areas.

Detailed directions — Whether you plan to walk or drive, your route is displayed on the map itself, together with step-by-step directions.

Integrated search results — Local business locations and contact information appear all in one place, integrated on your map.

Easily movable maps — Interactive maps let you zoom in or out, and move in all directions so you can orient yourself visually.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vito Technology GoodWin v1.21

Vito Technology GoodWin v1.21 | 1658 KB | Download


GoodWin is a touch oriented Windows Mobile launcher and task manager for Pocket PC. Slide the screen with finger to scroll the list of favorites and running programs, installed applications, and settings - all on one screen! Whenever you turn on your Pocket PC GoodWin displays all necessary information - new SMS, email, current time, and missed calls.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Magmic Games Solitaire Legends v1.0

Magmic Games Solitaire Legends 1.0 | 770 KB | Download


Solitaire Legends now bundles four of the world’s most popular Solitaire games.

Solitaire Legends is four classic solitaire card games in one package with innovative networked high-score features. Klondike, FreeCell, Spider and Golf are the most renowned solitaire games and you get them all in Solitaire Legends.

You too can become a legend by downloading daily puzzles from the Magmic Gamezone and posting the fastest times.


4 classic solitaire games in one
(Klondike, FreeCell, Spider and Golf)
• Unique tranquil environment for each game
• Music and sound effects add to calming
• Download daily puzzles for each game
• Online high scores for each daily puzzle
• Online ranking for players who play regularly
• Avatars and high-score rank screen

PocketMan v0.11

PocketMan 0.11 | 544 KB | Download


The PocketMan is a freeware Pocket PC-compatible remake of the 1980s classic Pac-Man arcade game. It now has a modern look and adjustable gameplay.


Adjustable game speed and difficulty
Fine sound and music
Stylus and keyboard control
Table of records
Resume Game option


Windows Mobile 2003 and above

Magmic Games Poker Blast v1.0

Magmic Games Poker Blast 1.0 | 902 KB | Download


Everything you thought you knew about poker is exploding in this high-pressure puzzle game.

Test and hone your ability to quickly size up poker situations in this game of falling and sorting cards. Position the falling card pieces into rows or columns to make poker hands. After scoring some cash by making hands, the minimum winning hand will increase. You’ll need to make stronger and stronger hands to survive. Only a keen eye and quick reflexes will keep you from cracking under the pressure.

In “Beat the Dealer” mode, you need to beat the dealer’s hand with the fewest number of cards. The tougher the dealer’s hand is, and the less cards you use to beat it, the bigger the payout. Too many cards and you may lose money, even though you’ve still beaten the dealer.

CurrencyConv v0.7.3

CurrencyConv v0.7.3 | 77 KB | Download


CurrencyConv is an application for you to check out the currency rates and convert a sum from one currency to another.

Usage Notes

Simply choose the three currencies you wish to view from the dropdown list.
Type in the amount to convert for any of the three currencies.
To get the latest currency rates, connect to the internet and click on the 'Update' button.

Other Notes

If currency update module does not work, please download the currency file here, save as "currency.xml" and place it in the same folder as the program


Windows Mobile 2003 and above

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WebTV v3.01

WebTV v3.01 | 643 KB | Download


Another TV application for your PDA. When you double click on a TV/Show Icon its stream is launched in the selected player (CorePlayer, Windows MediaPlayer or TCPMP).

MORE THAN 900 CHANNELS Links are provided from many countries

Dynamic address (according date) streams are manageable.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Throttle lock v0.5 beta

Throttle lock v0.5 beta | 643 KB | Download


ThrottleLock is a pattern based screen lock application. The device will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points.

Important: the default code is to click on the first point (the one on the top left corner).

Note that when you first start the software you will be asked for the pattern, but if you already had a previous version installed, the patter will be the one fo the previous version. If at any time you want to reset the pattern, you can delete the lockcode.txt file located on the ThrottleLock directory (you can acces that file by using ActiveSync).

Note: A free license for Throttle Lock can be obtained here.


· Windows Mobile 5/6.x
· .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Trackr v1.03

Trackr v1.03 | 643 KB | Download


Use trackr! to let people know where you are and where you have been. All you need is the Internet, a GPS receiver and your mobile phone (or a mobile phone with an internal GPS receiver). Download the application to your mobile phone, create a friends list and let your friends know where you are! Nice and simple GPS tracking application!

Don’t have a GPS receiver or a suitable mobile phone? Then use the trackr! website to find out where your friends are! With trackr! you can:

* share your current location and track history with your friends
* see on your mobile phone or on the trackr! website where your friends are
* view what tracks you or your friends have traveled: distance, average speed, etc.
* receive a warning when someone enters and/or leaves a certain area (geo-fencing)
* Put photos on the map next to your track exactly where you shot them.
* Automatically send updates to your Twitter and Hyves accounts as soon as you are online.
* include a map with your current position on your own website/blog
* use the Quick Access Code to immediately show others where you are at that moment
* trackr! is FREE for personal use

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sokosave v3.02

Sokosave 3.02 | 643 KB | Download


SokoSave Mobile is an implementation of Sokoban for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

Secilweather v1.0

Secilweather 1.0 | 643 KB | Download


SecilWeather is a finger friendly weather application.

Quick user guide:

1 - Move your finger right to left on current or forecast screen for update weather data
2 - Move your finger top to bottom on current or forecast screen for exit application
3 - Right click any weather icon for menu
4 - Move your finger top to bottom on satellite photo screen for close satellite screen
5 - Move your finger right to left on satellite photo screen for update photo
6 - Move your finger top to bottom or bottom to top on current or forecast screen left corner for change forecast
7 - Move your finger top to bottom or bottom to top on current or forecast screen right corner for change city

Monday, April 13, 2009

Soccer Information Manager v2.0

Soccer Information Manager v2.0 | 643 KB | Download


In June, the soccer world championship is coming up – a thrilling time for all soccer fans. But it is not easy to keep up with all the information about the matches. Who is playing when against whom, where at what time? Having a PocketPC, there is an easy and comfortable way to be prepared: Soccer Information Manager is providing the whole schedule. You can sort the matches by starting time, by groups or final-groups or by locations.

When inputting the results, the software will calculate the new tables and fixtures. You can also try out different scenarios, e.g. what would be the ranking if a certain team looses or plays a tie game. The software even shows the location of the matches in a map. Very comfortable: the memory function. In order not to miss the kick-off of an individually picked game, the system is sending the start time to the Outlook database of the PocketPC. Thus the user will be informed e.g. 15 minutes in advance to fetch beer and chips and switch on the radio or TV.

Without reading instructions, everybody is able to input the results, to calculate the following fixtures and to set the alarm for the memory function. All data are saved automatically, so no data loss can occur. The user can select between six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It is also possible to select any time zone. The program size is less than 250 Kbyte. The software is also compatible with any kind of outlook-extensions e.g. Pocket Informant.

Twobile v1.6.8

Twobile v1.6.8 | 643 KB | Download


Twobile (pronounced Twoh-bul, a mixture of the words "Twitter" and "Mobile") is a new Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. Initially a personal project designed to help access various services provided by Twitter, the project began in mid 2007 and had remained in prototype status for nearly a year. In early 2008, it was decided that since there was a lack of sufficient Windows Mobile Twitter clients that addressed nearly all the services that Twitter provided, the project was moved from a prototype to a publicly available beta.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Magmic Games: Phase v1.0

Magmic Games: Phase 1.0 | 643 KB | Download


A rummy-type card game with challenging and exciting twists!

The object of the game is to complete each of the ten specific phases. If you complete the phase you advance to the next phase, but if you do not you must try again.

This mobile version includes stunning graphics and special effects, an innovative gameplay style, and special game modes for you to discover. Play alone or with up to three other players, and collect special awards in the game as you progress.

Fans of exciting and challenging card games have been playing Phase 10 for 25 years. Now you can take this classic game to the next phase with this new mobile edition.

Phonycall v0.9

Phonycall 0.9 | 643 KB | Download


A "fake call" freeware application.


Just about everything Can Now Be customized via the "PhonyCall Config"

To Change the ringtone or backgrounds the files are located in the application's directory.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Igor Lozitskiy Senet v1.0

Igor Lozitskiy Senet 1.0 | 643 KB | Download


Senet is a race game for two players with moves determined by tosses of the stick. Ancient Egyptians believed that a successful Senet player was under the protection of gods. Senet might be the ancestor of Backgammon.


Windows Mobile 2002 or higher, 240x320 pixel touch

Frobbles v1.03

Frobbles 1.03 | 643 KB | Download


Frobbles is a fast-paced arcade puzzle game designed to keep you glued to your handheld for hours! It is so addicting you'll want to always give it another go. Try to clear the field from all bubbles by firing color bubbles with the canon and making 3 or more bubbles with the same color disappear. You can play Frobbles using your device's directional pad, stylus or both. Your goal is to clear all the bubbles in all 100 levels.


· Windows Mobile 5/6.x

3GR Technologies: MXCalc Senet v3.1

3GR Technologies: MXCalc Senet 3.1 | 643 KB | Download


The decisive calculator performing all complex calculations & featuring the most comprehensive converter available for PocketPC. Free Desktop version


PocketPC 2000, 2002 & Windows Mobile for PocketPC (2003) & 5.0

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Magmic Games: Minder 2049

Magmic Games: Minder 2049 | 643 KB | Download


Discover a retro gold mine with Miner 2049er. An Eldorado of excitement and mother lode of thrills--can you dig it?

Do not adjust your screen! This is the classic game you played in your living room, now in the palm of your hand. Choose from two modes: the classic retro mode and an evolved and enhanced version. Either way you choose, you'll be playing a hugely popular game that has been hooking serious gamers since the 80s.

Help Bounty Bob trail a dangerous desperado into an abandoned uranium mine loaded with hazardous radioactive wastes, deadly mutant organisms, and a whole minefield of dangers and tasks to perform--plus the deadline pressure of a ticking time clock that could end your life at any moment.

Magmic Games: Euchre v1.0.0

Magmic Games: Euchre v1.0.0 | 351 KB | Download


Most card games pit player against player to see who the victor is, but Euchre is a four-player game with teams of two. Teamwork is crucial in Euchre; you have to know your partner if you want to win! The goal of Euchre is to win tricks to get points. Tricks are won by playing the highest card of the led suit, or the highest trump card if you don't hold cards from the led suit. You and your teammate must win at least 3 of the 5 tricks per round to get any points. The first team to ten points wins. Good luck!

Mobi Cocktail v1.0

Mobi Cocktail 1.0 | 351 KB | Download


Search over 44 delicious Bacardi Cocktails Recipes anywhere, anytime right on your mobile device. Share these delicious recipes with your friends with just a click of a button.

KeySwop v0.4.1

KeySwop v0.4.1 | 85 KB | Download


KeySwop is a simple tool for you to remap the softkeys on the today screen.


1. Select the target links using the "Browse" buttons and edit the labels if needed.
2. You can also add new shortcuts to your Start Menu from the dropdown list using the "Add" button.
3. Click on "Apply" to apply the changes for the relevant softkey.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IRis Browser v1.1.4

IRis Browser 1.1.4 | 3316 KB | Download


The Iris Browser is an advanced, high-performance and versatile Web browser application for mobile and embedded devices. Based on the WebKit rendering engine, it is specifically designed to function in resource-constrained environments. It brings the full Web experience to mobile phones, set-top boxes, mobile Internet devices, portable media players, Ultra-Mobile PCs and other embedded devices - in a fast and user-friendly manner.

* Advanced mobile key navigation
* HTTP cache optimized for low disk usage
* SSL and authenticated proxy support
* Styled Form Controls
* Netscape plug-in API
* JavaScript/ECMAScript 1.5
* SVG, XPath and XSLT support
* History Auto-Complete
* Efficient storage of bookmarks and cookies
* Bookmark editor, carrier specified list
* Favorite icons and history
* XHTML 1.x mobile profile support
* Customizable about: pages


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

ICQ v1.0.8

Mobile ICQ v1.0.8 | 1110 KB | Download


ICQ for Windows Mobile brings all of the best features of ICQ on your PC to your Windows Mobile device! ICQ for Windows Mobile lets you communicate whenever you want, wherever you are, in whatever way suits you best. Update your ICQ status and information when you're on the go. Change your conversation style, manage your Contact List, and much more. ICQ for Windows Mobile has many of the same key features and the familiar look-and-feel of the desktop ICQ client.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

HTC Addicts: Clean RAM v1.0.6

HTC Addicts: Clean RAM v1.0.6 | 22 KB | Download


CleanRAM is a little tool which helps you clean your RAM memory when your device is getting slow.


- Level 1 - Basic Purge Only (quick) close non-responding tasks
- Level 2 - Quality Purge - recommended for best performance
- Level 3 - Fundamental Purge (slow) Reset non responding tasks and services
- Customized Purge - RAM status notifications


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Magmic Games: Proteus v1.0

Magmic Games: Proteus v1.0 | 926 KB | Download


Don the Proteus armor and save Earth from waves of alien attackers in this action packed space shooter.

Use the Proteus mecha armor to save Earth from waves of alien attackers. The alien fleet is vast and diverse: 16 attack waves, 11 different enemy ships from scouts to gunships. Huge Boss Battles could halt your advance into the heart of the enemy fleet, learn their attack pattern and attack their weak spot with everything you have. Use the powerups: shields, power weapons, and drone weapons pods to inflict maximum damage on the alien fleet.

GPSED v2.1.6

GPSED v2.1.6 | 300 KB | Download


GPSed is a location-based service for trip tracking from mobile. In real time tracks are traced on Google maps and stored in an online archive. With a simple geotagging feature it is possible to pin photos to a map precisely at a place they were taken.

Note: In order to use GPSed mobile application and Take'n'Pin you need a GPSed account.


GPSed is fully compatible with mobile devices equipped with the internal GPS receivers. Examples of some models: Nokia N95, latest BlackBerry models. GPSed is also compatible with mobiles that can connect to the external GPS receiver via Bluetooth and wit

GPS Refresh Rate Meter v1.0

GPS Refresh Rate Meter | 14 KB | Download


GPS Refresh Rate Meter is an application that measures the refresh rate of your GPS device. It can measure refresh rates up to 20Hz.

Important: The GPS must have enough signal to lock more than 4 satellites to start the measure.


· Windows Mobile 5/6.x
· GPS receiver (internal or external)

Monday, April 6, 2009

FingerPoint 1.0

FingerPoint 1.0 | 700 KB | Download


FingerPoint is an application meant to replace the standard Samsung Omnia launcher.

This is the first release so it can have some bugs. It was tested only on Samsung Omnia.

If you'd like to configure the favorites, icons etc. find the installation folder - usually in Program Files and look for files:

Favorites.txt - add any application to the list and you should see it in favorites,
Icons/Icons.txt - will assign new icons to apps (name, icon). You can add any png 48x48 or 32x32 image - see Icons folder.
Exclude.txt - add app to the list and it will be excluded from the app list.


Samsung Omnia

GCz v0.0.32

GCz 0.0.32 | 486 KB | Download


GCz is an all-in-one software for Geocaching.


· Seek cache by "Address/Postal Code/Geocache Code/GPS location".
· Cache list and detail information (Title/Owner/Description/Hint/Log/Map/etc...).
· Post cache log.
· Pickup and Drop TB/GC.
· GPS Monitor.
· Mobile GoogleMap.
· AppToDate


· Windows Mobile 5/6

Get SMath Studio v0.78

Get Smath Studio v0.78 | 260 KB | Download


Absolutely free mathematical application with "paper"-like interface and numerous computing features (now with integrated mathematical reference book).
Traditionally, since the appearance of the first programs, their speed and available features are ever increasing, while user interfaces are getting more and more complicated. As a result, the non-professional users are unable to deal with these overcomplicated features. As intuitive user interfaces of modern operating systems evolve and computers become more and more powerful, this non-trivial problem is gradually receiving outstanding solutions in terms of simplicity of use. However, most of the mathematical programs are still utilizing user interfaces inherited from very first pocket calculators. It is no secret that a "paper"-style of recording of mathematical expressions is the most convenient to users.


· Windows Mobile 2003/5/6.x
· Pocket PC 2002
· .NET Compact Framework 2.0