if you feel bore and want to relax
Enjoy www.afcgame.com

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lumos v0.9

Lumos v0.9 | 157 KB | Download


Lumos is a fully customizable auto-backlight changer developed as a complete replacement for HTC's built-in auto backlight service in newest HTC devices starting from HTC Diamond and

Raphael. It focuses on minimal CPU usage (0.05-0.2%), maximum battery saving, low memory footprint and maximum backlight change smoothness and responsiveness. Lumos combines

only the best from all currently available auto-backlight solutions and adds many extras.


· HTC Diamond, Raphael

ThumbCal v1.1.2

ThumbCal v1.1.2 | 1750 KB | Download


ThumbCal is a finger friendly calendar and tasks application for your Pocket PC that lets you use without the need of stylus.
With simple gestures you can slide through days, weeks, months and years. ThumbCal lets you organize your appointments and tasks very quick and simple.


Windows Mobile 2003/5/6

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SokoSave v2.6

SokoSave v2.6 | 1230 KB | Download


SokoSave Mobile is a user-friendly implementation of Sokoban. It supports unlimited undo/redo, saving and loading of game positions, and computer-assisted movement which makes game-

play fluid and enjoyable. SokoSave Mobile features crisp, simple graphics and intuitive game controls.


- VGA, QVGA, SE_VGA, and OzVGA video mode support; portrait and landscape orientations.
- High-resolution, scalable graphics allow small and large puzzles to be played comfortably on handheld devices.
- Plays classic Sokoban puzzles, as well as Multiban puzzles.
- Computer-assisted movement and intuitive game controls. Simple screen tapping actions move objects automatically over long distances and complex paths.
- Unlimited undo and redo.
- Automatically saves and restores game positions.
- Highlights legal moves and pushes.
- Puzzle browser with preview. Recognizes puzzle collections stored one per file, several per file, and in ZIP archives.
- Includes thousands of puzzles, and can incorporate puzzles downloaded from the Internet


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, 5 , 6 , 6.1

Monday, December 29, 2008

Skype v2.5

Skype v2.5 | 5210 KB | Download


Skype is the next phenomenon from the people who brought you KaZaA. Just like KaZaA, Skype uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you to other users – not to share files this time, but to talk and chat with your friends.

The technology is extremely advanced – but super simple to use... You’ll be making free phone calls to your friends in no time!


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 / 5 / 6 / 6.1
* High speed wireless Internet connection over WiFi or 3G

Sunday, December 28, 2008

pRssReader v1.4.3

pRssReader v1.4.3 | 508 KB | Download


Today plugin: user can specify cycling time
Added sort menu to the menu in the feed list view
Site manager renamed to 'Manage subscriptions'
UA-String is more sane (R.I.P. Bitevni kocka pitypacka)
AppToDate support
Email account for sending email can be selected in GUI (Menu | Options)
Improved message boxes of the YesNo type
Can move back to the read items when in sequentional reading and hiding read items
Context menus can be opened by HW key


Windows Mobile PocketPC

Saturday, December 27, 2008

PhatWare PhatPad v4.6

PhatWare PhatPad v4.6 | 1769 KB | Download


PhatPad is an advanced notes organizer for Microsoft Windows Powered Tablet, Desktop and Pocket PCs. It allows you to draw pictures, jot text notes, or put a mixture of pictures and typed text on a virtual scratch pad. The program uses new digital ink technology, which provides a very smooth ink flow, so it feels like you’re writing on a piece of paper. While working with the note editor, PhatPad offers standard editing commands, such as Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste; 25%-200% zoom and special Fit to Screen mode; Draw, Select, Erase, and Change modes; customizable pen palette; variable pen width; customizable toolbars; variable page size; and page preview mode. You can export your notes and drawings as bitmap, JPEG or PNG images, email them as file attachments, and transfer them between Pocket PCs via infrared. In addition, PhatPad allows you to store up to 1,000 pages containing a mix of handwritten text, drawings and printed text per single file and add an optional memo, a background image, and a voice note. You can use the Pocket PC navigation button to browse multi-page documents and zoom in/out, or to scroll the current page depending upon your preferences.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Persia v1.0

Persia v1.0 | 3057 KB | Download


A glance at some Iran's major attractions. Includes 78 Historical attractions and 37 Natural attractions. This application travel you into the ancient land, Iran, and its wonders.


Windows Mobile 5/6
.Net Compact Framwork 2.0 or Higher

nueLight v3.0

nueLight v3.0 | 315 KB | Download


nueLight turns your device into a versatile flashlight. nueLight uses the flash LED for the camera and can even enter high-beam mode. nueLight also has a morse code function where it will send text you type as morse code over the flash LED.

To use the locking mode, let go of the app button (default: voice command) and quickly tap the lock button (default: comm manager).

Warning: Overriding the built in safety timer can burn out the flash LED. Use at your own risk.

NormSoft Pocket Tunes Deluxe v4.1.1

NormSoft Pocket Tunes Deluxe v4.1.1 | 5148 KB |


Pocket Tunes is the easiest-to-use feature-rich music player for Palm and Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. Try it today to find out why hundreds of thousands of customers love it!

Group SMS v1.4.5

Group SMS v1.4.5 | 38 KB | Download


Send the same SMS to a group of contacts.
As most Windows Mobile devices lack the functionality to send the same SMS to a group of contacts i decided to make this small application. It can be started from the Start menu or by the

right menu in the messaging application.

The application reads the categories from the Pocket Outlook database. If you own a Smartphone, you have to create the categories in Outlook and sync them to your device.

To implement a way to add new categories is on my todo-list and I'll implement it when I have some spare time


1. Category Wise Contact Pickup
2. Individual Contact Pickup made easy
3. works with WM5 and WM6.
4. Seems to be moderately paced as it is written using managed code but does the job well.
5. It is free.


· Windows Mobile 5.0 or later Pocket PC or SmartPhone

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

eTrack MSI v3.0

eTrack MSI v3.0 | 5098 KB | Download


- Expenses based on the concept of Accounts and Categories
- You can edit and completely modfy Accounts and Categories

- You can determine in advance your balance

- Expense allows input of transactions of following types:

- Predefined account to another predefine account

- A user defined account to a predefined account

- A predefined account to a user defined account

- A user defined account to another user defined account

- Detailed announcement based on dates, categories and account

- Possibility to export reports in CSV and text format

- Possibility to edit text in appropriate fields with your Soft Keyboard

- Simple numeric keypad

Expense Diary v2.0

Expense Diary v2.0 | 15 KB | Download


A simple expense tracker utility that (help) pays your bills & fits your budget...

Manage your budget with Amount Spent & Amount Earned.

Filter Cash Flow which are expense or income easily.


· Pocket PC with 100 KB of free memory

GPS Toggle v1.9

GPS Toggle v1.9 | 6 KB | Download


BAF GPS Toggle is a today screen plugin for Windows Mobile. It has been designed specifically for the HTC Titan, but should work on most other Windows Mobile phones that have a need for

this type of application.

BAF GPS Toggle is written in native code (not .NET), and uses very little memory. It sits on your Today Screen, allowing you to click on it to toggle GPS on and off for your applications. While

GPS is toggled on, it also displays lock status as well as the number of satellites and GPS signal strength from each satellite. Simple as that. It is similar to the GPSToday plugin, but simply

toggles GPS on and off as opposed to checking for nearby contacts in your address book and doing tons of things (which helps conserve memory and battery life).


Windows Mobile

Do Not Disturb v3.3

Do Not Disturb v3.3 | 45 KB | Download


SMS auto-reply to unanswered Phone Caller
This program does for you the one thing: it will send SMS reply to the Caller of missed phone.

You should only set:

After how many rings it will send reply
If it will send for every unanswered number
Or just for numbers selected from Contacts list

And of course your own message text
This program is a clever (just a little): it will send only one message to the Caller whose number repeats.

This program runs in background completely. To turn it on/off you will simply have to launch this program again, and check/uncheck Active option.


· PPC2002 or Windows Mobile Phone Edition

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

AC TimeTools v1.0

TimeTools v1.0 | 717 KB | Download


AC time tools helps you to monitor and measure time with alarms. Virtually unlimited number of stopwatches, countdowns and t-minus instances. Stopwatch and countdown do not have time limitation, they can go over 24 hours.


· Windows Mobile 5/6

Inesoft Cash Organizer 2008 Premium v8.0.5

Inesoft Cash Organizer 2008 Premium v8.0.5 | 6388 KB |


Inesoft Cash Organizer 2008 Premium helps you take control of your finances at any time. Cash Organizer unites all your accounts in one place, watches your budget and reminds you of

planned payments.

Inesoft Cash Organizer 2008 Premium was designed to be convenient when you are on the move. Cash Organizer personal money management software offers an express transaction

registering system, instant access to your current financial condition, fast credit calculation and cost check, informative reports and data synchronization with Intuit Quicken 2008 and Microsoft

Money 2008. This is Inesoft Cash Organizer, a powerful financial manager in your pocket.


- Compatible with Windows Mobile 5/6 and Pocket PC devices;
- Completely Redesign Interface; NEW
- Express module for fast register input NEW
- MS Money 2008/Plus data synchronization NEW
- Intuit Quicken 2008 data synchronization NEW
- Budget overflow alarms
- OFX file import for bank synchronizer NEW
- and more then 30 new features
- Loan calculator NEW
- Today Plugin smart info NEW
- Notification of upcoming bills
- 3D graph interactive reports
- Customizable Today plug-in NEW
- Advanced backup system
- Payee manager NEW

Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 2000 - 2003 SE, including Phone Edition devices
5 MB Free memory for install, 5MB RAM
Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista for install only
MS ActiveSync or Vista Windows Mobile Device Center for install and syncronization with Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken

S2U2 Costomize v0.05

S2U2 Costomize v0.05 | 139 KB | Download


Customize S2U2 by A_C the way you want. After the popularity of S2U2 Customization thread Here @ xda-developers. I decided to write a software to make switching or customizing S2U2



* Change Digital Clock.
* Change Analog Clock Face.
* Change Analog Clock Hands.
* Change Arrows.
* Change Slide.
* Change Notice.
* Change Battery.
* Change Slide to Unlock Text.
* Change Answer, Ignore Text.
* Change Slide to Answer Text.
* Hide/Unhide Clock & Hide/UnHide Date.
* Add or Change sound to play on Lock & Unlock.
* Add or Change the application to run after unlock.
* Export & Import S2U2 Themes.


· S2U2

Monday, December 22, 2008

S2P (Slide2Play) v0.58 QVGA

S2P (Slide2Play) v0.58 QVGA | 232 KB | Download


S2P is a stylus-free MP3/WMA player application. It simply lets you browse your music files & play them. It fully integrates with S2U2 & supports A2DP & AVRCP as well.


· Windows Mobile 5 Phone or Windows Mobile 6/6.1 Professional devices (with built-in Windows Media Player)

RMVB Codec

RMVB Codec | 500 KB | Download

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pocket Finance Diary Lite v3.0.2

Pocket Finance Diary Lite v3.0.2 | 124 KB | Download


Pocket Finance Diary is a simple financial manager for tracking expenses.

Using Pocket Finance Diary you will have more income available, and you will perform your expenses in a more efficient manner.


1. Simple and functional user interface

- Expense or income records can be easily added, edited or deleted.
- The current date is always preselected.
- Using drop down menus, the user can select the date.
- Filter Cash Flow which are expense or income easily.
- Display the summary of the transactions.

2. Database file for storing entries and settings


· Windows Mobile 2003/5/6

Neo Pocket Diary .Net v1.4.1

Neo Pocket Diary .Net v1.4.1 | 3623 KB | Download


Record and document your personal data or any other information you want to keep from prying eyes. WARNING NeoPocketDiary uses 128bit encryption. Encryption is illegal is some countries. Please check your laws before downloading.


-Password Protected Login
-Fully encrypted data
-Personalized splash screen.
-View entries by Title and Date
-Easy to use intuitive interface
-Built on the .NET Compact Framework to insure Optimal Compatibility
-Compatible with VGA screens
-Built by a proven software company and back by Enterprise level support


.NET Compack FrameWork 2.0 or higher

Unzip v1.0

Unzip v1.0 | 211 KB | Download


The program name says it all - now you can unzip a file enclosed in a mail message, files, downloaded from Internet - simple and easy - unzip any ZIP file!


· Windows Mobile PocketPC

Thursday, December 18, 2008

GadgetApps Snipper v1.3.469

GadgetApps Snipper v1.3.469 | 680 KB | Download


Do you like chatting with people you don’t know? Do you want to be able easily share multimedia files with your friends? Do you hate the cost of MMS? Well now you can do it all via BlueTooth?

Find your target, take aim and let Sniper do the rest!

Using Sniper you can send/receive and reply to text messages from other BlueTooth equipped phones (including non Windows Mobile devices such as Nokias and Sony-Ericssons). Sniper

also contains a BlueTooth scanner which will locate discoverable BlueTooth devices in your vicinity to start socializing with. Sniper will also allow you to transfer files between devices as well as

messages. With just a few clicks you can designate folders (on the storage card if you wish) for Music, pictures or any kind of file. Sniper is skinnable and comes with a range of cool skins.

More skins may be easily added. Sniper also includes a Bluejacking feature which means you can send files or messages to all devices within range at the same time. A useful feature for

sending out Business cards at meetings! Since BlueTooth is short range 10-12 meters and does not use a Wireless carriers data network, all this messaging and data transfer is FREE.


A Windows Mobile Phone (2003 or later) with the Compact Framework 1.0 and running the Microsoft BlueTooth stack

TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video v0.4.3

TCPMP Flash Player Plugin v0.4.3 | 205 KB | Download


It's a plugin designed to work with the great freeware media player TCPMP, that lets you play flash video files (.flv).

This version allows you to play flv files directly over the internet via the site http://www.mobytube.net which lets your search and play YouTube and Google Video files via a mobile browser such

as Pocket Internet Explorer.

It has two parts:

- A program to download YouTube movie by Pocket PC and PC.
- A TCPMP plugin to play flv file directly on Pocket PC (the plugin will never support CorePlayer).


* For ease of use you should make sure TCPMP is associated with .m3u files:
- Starting TCPMP.
- Taping on the "Options" menu item.
- Choosing the "Settings" menu item.
- Tapping on the "Select Page" button (lower right).
- Selecting the "File Associations" menu item.
- Selecting/Checking "M3U playlist files (M3U)" from the list.
- And then finally tapping the "OK" button.
* Then just visit http://www.mobytube.net with Pocket Internet Explorer (or Opera Mobile or other web browser that lets you download/launch files).
* Search for a video, once you find one you want to play, click on the video to download/launch the .m3u in TCPMP.
* Depending on your settings in TCPMP you might have to click the play button to start streaming the video.


* Pocket PC 2003 / WM 5.0 and higher
* TCPMP software

Task Facade v3.8.5

Task Facade v3.8.5 | 62 KB | Download


Task Facade is a graphical task-switcher that shows all running programs as snapshots (Vista-style). Just map it to some button, then reboot.

The main aim of the Task Facade project is to get the functionality similar to Dynamo 2, but with enhanced performance.


· Bugfixes
· Silent start-up removed (did not allow to show TaskFacade in task managers)
· Works on WM5
· Should (should) work on Smartphones


· .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Richesse GPS v2.1

Richesse GPS v2.1 | 128 KB | Download


RichesseGPS is a small navigator for geocaching. It allows you to approach caches very closely.

How To Use:

Points tab
- Tap + to add your own point (waypoint, cache, etc.). If the GPS is connected, current coordinates will be used.
- Tap - to remove selected items.
- Tap Info to see more details about the selected item.
- Tap Import to import LOC, GPX or OV2 file.
- Tap Select to navigate to the selected item.
- To Export, select items to export, then tap'n'hold on the selected items.

Compass tab
- This page shows you direction to the cache, distance from the cache and speed your are currently moving. If you are standing still, then the speed and direction is not precise. You need to move.

Info tab
- This page shows some information read from GPS like position, satellites, etc.


· Small - RichesseGPS takes about 103 KiB of your PDA memory.
· Hi-DPI aware - RichesseGPS is designed in modern manners, it is ready for VGA displayes.
· Compass - RichesseGPS shows you the distance from the selected cache and the speed you are approaching the cache.
· Import - RichesseGPS can import LOC and GPX file formats (available from geocaching.com). It can also import OV2 files.
· Export - Export your POIs and exchange them with your friends (from 1.1).
· Cache status - You can mark your caches with three states (Not completed, completed, not found).
· GPS Coordinate Format - You can change between three types of GPS coordinates (DD.DDDDDD, DD MM.MMMM, DD MM SS.SS).
· Sorting - You can sort your caches by name or status


Operating system:

PocketPC 2003/SE
Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC)

200 MHz processor (ARM based).
16 MB RAM.
GPS capable of communicating by NMEA standard

Resco Media Suite v6.56

Resco Media Suite v6.56 | 4552 KB | Download


Explorer 2008, Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition, Audio Recorder and Pocket Radio all in one suite

Mito Team Paint

Mito Team Paint | 19 KB | Download


Small program for Pocket PC that allows you to draw pictures like on paper. Program is VERY simple. It allows you to draw with different pen colors and line widths. After that you can save your picture to BMP-file. It was written in an couple of hours just to test .NET Compact Framework v2.0 capabilities.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 / 6
.NET Compact Framework v2.0

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today Agenda v1.5

Today Agenda v1.5 | 617 KB | Download


TodayAgenda for Pocket PC displays appointments and tasks on your today screen up to 30 days in advance. It replaces the default Outlook plugin with a lot of more features.

* View appointments (including location and busy status) up to 30 days in advance * View tasks (include status) up to 30 days in advance * View birthdays/anniversaries from your contacts up

to 30 days in advance * View current day and time

* Single line or word wrap for appointments and tasks * Past appointments are striked out * Plugin height can be configured (fixed, automatic) * You can scroll through the list with the d-pad or

by using the scroll bar * Compact Mode, to display even more appointments and tasks * You can configure colors and fonts of the displayed items * Date formats of day titles are configurable


- ARM and XScale processor.
- Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.0.
- QVGA, VGA, Square.
- Potrait and landscape.

Pocket Rar v3.8

Pocket Rar v3.8 | 224 KB | Download


Pocket RAR lets you open and create RAR and ZIP files on your PocketPC. It comes with an integrated file browser, optional password protection for archives, different compression levels and

optional file association with ZIP and RAR files. Not as powerful
Pocket RAR lets you open and create RAR and ZIP files on your PocketPC. It comes with an integrated file browser, optional password protection for archives, different compression levels and

optional file association with ZIP and RAR files. Not as powerful as the Desktop WinRAR, but offers everything you need to open and create compressed files on your device


Klaxon 2 | 492 KB | Download


Windows Mobile G-Sensor and Light Sensor Enabled Alarm Clock.
Klaxon is a Windows Mobile G-Sensor and Light Sensor Enabled Alarm Clock application.

Using Klaxon is pretty straightforward; it's more or less like the standard Clocks and Alarms application.

G-Sensor Instructions:

* Flip your phone over to snooze.
* Shake your phone to turn the alarm off.


HTC Touch Diamond

Google Maps Mobile v2.3.0.9

Google Maps Mobile v2.3.0.9 | 1122 KB | Download


Take the power of Google Maps with you on your mobile phone.

Real-time traffic — See where the congestion is, and estimate delays in over 30 major US metropolitan areas.

Detailed directions — Whether you plan to walk or drive, your route is displayed on the map itself, together with step-by-step directions.

Integrated search results — Local business locations and contact information appear all in one place, integrated on your map.

Easily movable maps — Interactive maps let you zoom in or out, and move in all directions so you can orient yourself visually.

Satellite imagery — Get a bird's eye view of your desired location. (It's like you're there, we swear.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Touch Commander v3.2.3.5

Touch Commander v3.2.3.5 | 3068 KB | Download


Touch Commander is a small software utility that provides fingertip control for Pocket PC for more efficient, natural touch screen navigation. Just like an iPhone and TouchFLO, Touch

Commander lets you browse and scroll a Pocket PC interface, launch applications by recognizing and responding to the sweep of a finger across the screen.


- Touch Control - scroll lists, open and minimize applications by finger sweeps
- Today Plugin with clock, weather, launcher and more
- Cube-like Multipage Launcher
- Finger-friendly Start Menu
- Titlebar Battery Indicator


Windows Mobile 5, 6 Based Device
.NET Compact Framework 2.0 (download) (embedded into EXE installation, for Windows Mobile 5 only)

GX5 Ultimate Search v1.1 Beta

GX5 Ultimate Search v1.1 Beta | 1071 KB | Download


The folks over at GX5.com sent a press release over for their new product, Ultimate Search. Ultimate Search functions as a homescreen plugin and searches a variety of online services. They have a trial version so try it out.

When you are on the go, the faster you can get the information you need, the more efficient and productive you are. To achieve this, Gx5 introduces UltimateSearch, a today screen plug-in that gets you the information you need in the fastest possible manner. This beautifully designed search gadget gives you instant access to all the key search engines you need to access when you are on the move. Search Engines include Google, Local Business and Services, Yahoo oneSearch , Wikipedia, Answers.com and many more. UltimateSearch gives you pin point accurate results because we have sensibly divided your search into specific categories. Not only do you now search sensibly, but you will be searching smarter.

Food Database v1.2

Food Database v1.2 | 1421 KB | Download


Food Database lets you work out exactly what you need to do to shed pounds quickly and effectively.

There's nothing as helpful for effective, real-world dieting than knowing what it is you eat. Clinical studies show that people who understand and keep track of their food intake are more

successful at controlling their weight.

Now with the Food Database for your Pocket PC it's always easy to carry the information you need in order to better understand the food you eat.


· 50,000+ food database! Largest and most comprehensive available!
· Find out the calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein values of your favorite foods


Windows CE 3.0 or greater

Dr. Web v4.44

Dr. Web v4.44 | 182 KB | Download


There ain’t many viruses, malwares or potential security threats that targets Windows Mobile Pocket PC (PPC) wireless devices yet, but that doesn’t mean protection is not required. In fact,

virus, although less, may still infect a WM mobile devices when user download and run an infected program from non-trusted websites, or via infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connection or

during synchronization process with compromised PC.

HTC EzInput keyboard v1.5

HTC EzInput keyboard v1.5 | 745 KB | Download


This app, as many of you already know, is the well known "Diamond" keyboards suite shipped with the HTC devices since the Diamond release. HTC officially ships it with the Quartz and

Touch HD (in WVGA), Diamond and Touch Pro (in VGA) and with the Touch Viva and Touch 3G (in QVGA).


* Added compatibility with 16keys Hardware keyboards.
* Added compatibility with 20keys Hardware keyboards.
* Added compatibility with Full Hardware keyboards.
* Added full key remapping capabilities to Full Hardware keyboards.
* Added T9/ABC functionality to Full Hardware keyboards.
* Restored DeadKeys functionality to Full Hardware keyboards.
* Added compatibility between 16keys Hardware keyboards and some apps extracted from the new Manila2D roms.
* Improved compatibility with third-party browsers.
* Fixed the "white items" issue in the list of available languages.
* Added compatibility with French Qwerty, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Turkish Language Packs.


HTC version

Monday, December 15, 2008

Digital Illusions Square Master .Net v1.2

Digital Illusions Square Master .Net v1.2 | 182 KB | Download


If you've mastered traditional block-sliding puzzles, you may be ready for Square Master. The goal of the game is to move the big red-dotted square to the bottom-center position. It seems

deceptively simple, but the minimum number of moves to win is 126 (in the most difficult level). To move the pieces, you simply drag-n-drop them around or click on a piece's edge and it will


Be forewarned, it's highly addictive and very challenging. This is an excellent logic exercise for players of all levels


.NET Compact Framework

Cube v1.0

Cube | 35 KB | Download


A realistic 3D Rubik cube puzzle that runs on PocketPCs and Windows desktop computers


· Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 or PocketPC 2003 with .NET Compact Framework 1.0

AvinaSoft TaskList v1.2

AvinaSoft TaskList v1.2 | 298 KB | Download


TaskList is a light-weight yet powerful application for Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone. This comes as an ideal replacement for the built-in Tasks application. Unlike the built-in one, TaskList

allows you to create and modify tasks in the device itself, you don''t need go to your PC to modify a task. You can have your tasks perfectly in sync with your Outlook. Yes, it supports synching

all your tasks to outlook on your desktop or laptop PC. Some of the features worth mentioning:


* Create and Modify tasks in the device.
* Sync with Outlook.
* Set reminders.
* Set reoccurrences.
* Easy navigation in summary screen, lets you cycle thru your tasks by pressing left or right navigation keys

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ilium Software ListPro v5.0

Ilium Software ListPro v5.0 | 2605 KB | Download


Get your life under control with ListPro! Ilium Software's ListPro lets you do everything from simple checklists to detailed databases. From grocery shopping lists and birthdays to CD collections and reference guides, ListPro can do it all.


- Easy to learn and easy to use
- Make a to-do list in just 3 clicks or build a customized database!
- Add alarms to help you to remember important tasks
- Include links to websites, pictures, and more
- Build calculated columns for shopping, inventory, or mileage
- Share your data with the desktop ListPro software*
- Highest quality live technical support

TouchResponse v0.2.2

TouchResponse v0.2.2 | 13 KB | Download


This program is a touch driver to handle the touchscreen presses and vibration. TouchResponse will vibrate on touch.

A settings program exists to configure how the vibration works. Since this is a touch driver, there is no program you need to run to start it.

It has been tested on an HTC Touch and HTC Touch Pro for several days with several stability issues corrected.


- Global enable/disable option.
- Variable duration of vibrate.
- Disable during Phone Call option.
- Disable when phone is on silent.
- Settings Program- Settings->System->Touch Response Settings.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1

TealPoint TealAuto v2.00

TealPoint TealAuto v2.00 | 307 KB | Download


Save fuel and track automobile mileage, service, and expenses with TealAuto, the complete log book for your car or any vehicle. With extensive customization options, TealAuto is unmatched

in features and functionality.
Use TealAuto to record all your car, truck, or motorcycle fueling, trips, and service stops, and then generate reports and graphs based on those records.
Unique features include an unlimited number of vehicles, mixed currencies and units, extensive customization options, fueling entries, trip records, service reminders, line graphs, bar charts,

summary reports, comparison reports, a parking meter reminder, and data importing and exporting to text files, CSV files, Doc files, and MemoPad entries. TealAuto is available for Windows

Mobile, PalmOS, and as a desktop version for Windows PC.


- Version 2.00 - October 29, 2008
- Fully rewritten from ground up under TICL multi-platform codebase
- Added new Windows Mobile version
- Added new Windows Desktop PC version
- Added support for full screen modes
- Added support for mixing multiple user-defined currencies
- Added support for mixing multiple measurement units
- Added support for optional fractional odometer values (tenths)
- Added support for "hours" odometer units for stationary equipment
- Added support for synchronizing with other handhelds and TealAuto Desktop
- Added new UI interface
- Added support for new fonts
- Added new graphing statistics
- Added new fluid level entry for fueling logs
- Added new statistics
- Added new pie charts
- Added new vehicle memo fields
- Added optonal vehicle icons
- Added service summary export to Calendar event
- Added service summary export to Tasks entry


Snap2Face | 142 KB | Download


Most comprehensive fakeing solution for protect your private SMS! Stable your family! Peace-Keeping in your family!
Worry about your important and secret SMS being found by someone(your wife/husband...)? SmartSMS could help you! Three type password-Entry could offer a perfect SMS hiding solution for

different case!


* Sleek, graphic-rich user interface
* Set your status while on-the-go
* View friends' status and detailed information
* View friends' friends and send friendship requests
* Get notified of events like wall post, message, poke, or friend request
* View your pokes, wall, inbox, and friend requests, all in full text
* Poke friends, send message to friends, and post on friends' wall
* Access you and your friends' photo albums
* Upload photos from built-in camera or file folder
* Import friends' profile photos to Outlook Contacts (photo Call ID)


· Windows Mobile 5/6
· .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunrise v1.2

Sunrise v1.2 | 142 KB | Download


This small program is a useful tool for aviation professionals that need to have an accurate calc of Moon phases and Sunrise/Sunset times. Freeware to calculate sunrise,sunset,lunar noon and lunar phase depending on your coordinates and selected date.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Frame 2

Smart SMS v3.171

Smart SMS v3.171 | 142 KB | Download


Most comprehensive fakeing solution for protect your private SMS! Stable your family! Peace-Keeping in your family!
Worry about your important and secret SMS being found by someone(your wife/husband...)? SmartSMS could help you! Three type password-Entry could offer a perfect SMS hiding solution for

different case!


Pocket PC 2003/2005 Phone Edition

SmartFall v0.97c

SmartFall | 142 KB | Download


Smartfall is a freeware game developed to support the HTC Magician (iMate Jam/MDA Compact/XDA II mini/etc.). The "Jam" is a Windows Mobile 2003 SE device. Smartfall was also tested on the IPAQ 5450. We hope that this game will work on all Pocket PC Devices (2002 - 2003 SE). However we will not be able to support Windows Mobile 2005 until we are able to have a test device for that platform due to the difference in support for the VGA resolution. If you come across any device where this game doesn't work we would appreciate your feedback.

SKTool v4.x

SKTool v4.x | 4294 KB | Download


Powerful maintenance toolkit. Cleaning the registry and the file system, FreeUP RAM, other methods of system maintenance and much more...


Clear temporary and cache folders such as IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments, Terminal Server client cache, Opera cache, NetFront cache and custom user folders
Find and delete:
temporary, empty and absolete files
bad registry keys and values
bad shortcuts
duplicate shortcuts
duplicate notify queue entry/entries
bad uninstall info
files depending on their size or/and names (wipe optional)
duplicate files (search by the name,size,crc)
MS Reader bookmarks (taking into account the bookmark's in-use/not-in-use status)
empty folders
past appointments
Delete PIE history (registry)

Built-in Uninstaller:

Show the list of the installed programs including their size and date
Show the list of files and registry keys of the installed programs/li>
Uninstall program
Save the installed programs list to a text file


This option can free up 50K-2M of RAM
Send hibernation message
Compact Heaps
Imitate the "memory low" situation
Close tasks

System tweaks:

more than 70 tweaks in 10 categories

Registry Explorer (New!):

Browse registry
View keys and values
Delete keys and values
Create new keys
Export (Unicode REGEDIT5)
Import (Unicode REGEDIT5, REGEDIT4)

PIM maintenance:

Search for duplicate contacts, appointments and tasks
Show past and reccuring appointments
Delete PIM data

Notifications Queue:

View, add and delete records
Find doublicates


Auto (may be disabled) backup of a registry key prior to its deletion
Full system backup (may not work correctly in some cases with certain devices)
Sheduled full backup
Independent registry, filesystem, databases, PIM, ActiveSync Partnership, MSReader activation backup
Self backup
Password protection for the backup files
Find and restore all of the SKTools backup files
Good compression of the backup files

Storage card maintenance:

Dsplay the card'(s') info (size, ID, slack, ...)
Format, Scan and Fix (hardware dependent)

Database maintenance:

Show the list of databases (CEDB, EDB)
Export/Import to/from an XML file (device and database dependent)

Process list:

Show all the processes including the list of process' modules
Display the info of memory usage, threads, command line
Close one or selected processes

Windows Startup:

Display the list of the programs run at the system's bootup
Delete program
Add new
Programs startup sequence management (device dependent)

Automation mode:

Run SKtools at the system's bootup
Run SKTools every day at the user defined time (powering the device off after the operation is complete)
User defined operations list
Background mode (run in the background, just LED blinking)


Registry optimization for WM5 New!
Search and replace in Registry New!
Delete ALL contacts, appointments, tasks, messages option New!
Show Messaging Files New!
View and manage Today plugins
View and manage Input methods
View and manage SIM contacts (PocketPC PE)
View and manage SIM SMS (PocketPC PE)
Compact and purge call history (PocketPC PE)
System Information
Memory Usage - display all the folders including their sizes
Change the location of PIE cache, PIE history, PIE coockies, AvantGO data, NetFront cach, Messaging (outlook) files New!
System optimisation option
Soft and Hard(for certain devices) reset
Command line support (screen off/on,power off, soft/hard reset and more...)
Shortcut Wizard
Change system files' paths (you can move some dlls from the windows folder to any location, for example to storage cards)
Multi-language support ( English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)
Free updates for all new SKTools 3.xx.xx versions

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pocket Rar v3.71

Pocket Rar v3.71 | 147 KB | Download


Pocket RAR lets you open and create RAR and ZIP files on your PocketPC. It comes with an integrated file browser, optional password protection for archives, different compression levels and

optional file association with ZIP and RAR files. Not as powerful
Pocket RAR lets you open and create RAR and ZIP files on your PocketPC. It comes with an integrated file browser, optional password protection for archives, different compression levels and

optional file association with ZIP and RAR files. Not as powerful as the Desktop WinRAR, but offers everything you need to open and create compressed files on your device

PhatWare CalliGrapher v8.7

PhatWare CalliGrapher v8.7 | 7934 KB | Download


PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of the CalliGrapher 8.7. The award-winning

handwriting recognition software has been optimized for better performance on the latest Windows Mobile devices and features a reduced memory footprint.

Named the best software for handwriting recognition for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs by industry experts for six consecutive years, CalliGrapher converts your handwriting into

digital text and sends the recognized text to the target application. Employing advanced fuzzy logic and neural net techniques, CalliGrapher recognizes all handwriting styles: cursive, print, and



- Optimized to work with the latest Microsoft Windows powered Pocket PCs
- Write Pad Soft Input Panel (SIP).
- Write Anywhere SIP.
- Improved handwriting recognition engine reliably recognizes cursive, print or mixed handwriting
- Ready to Go Without Training
- Seamlessly Integrates with most Pocket PC applications
- Includes Spell Checker with Customizable User Dictionary
- Includes PenCommander
- Enhanced handwriting recognition engine
- Full on-screen keyboard with 13 pre-defined layouts for 10 Western European languages and autocomplete feature
- Built in vocabulary editor
- Auto corrector
- CalliGrapher Statistical Analyzer
- Multilingual support
- Customizable Toolbar
- Customizable 24-key keyboard
- Multilingual support
- Configuration manager
- Letter Shape Selector
- Recognition Margins
- Ink Color Selection and Customizable Ink Width
- Enhanced Screen Orientation
- Separate Letter Mode
- Quick Correct Window