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Thursday, December 4, 2008

WMWifi Router v1.25

WMWifi Router v1.25 | 1852 KB | Download


WMWifiRouter is a tool to use your Windows Mobile 6 (possibly 5) as a WiFi <-> GPRS/UMTS/HSPA router. It'll allow you to use WiFi capable devices to connect to the internet through your phone's data connection.

WMWifiRouter is still pretty much in it's infancy and exactly how it works seems to change daily. It started with registry hacks and the likes, then went to using hacked DLL's and now is pretty much operational again with just runtime hacks. We're not in a final stage yet, so exact usage changes. The currently most up to date documentation is in TalynOne's "Internet Sharing over Wifi" topic over at XDA-Developers, which also serves as the official WMWifiRouter topic. The documentation will not make it to this page until we reach a decent final version. The first posts in that topic will tell you how to use it (as well as how you can do the whole thing manually), the last few posts will likely be dealing with current issues.

Note that....:

- You should turn on WiFi before starting the installation process
- The network settings installer will create an Ad-Hoc network for you named "WMWifiRouter"
- If you have a version of WMWifiRouter from before the installer (older than v0.85), remove all old files, shortcuts, etc. before installing this version.


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