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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Group SMS v1.4.5

Group SMS v1.4.5 | 38 KB | Download


Send the same SMS to a group of contacts.
As most Windows Mobile devices lack the functionality to send the same SMS to a group of contacts i decided to make this small application. It can be started from the Start menu or by the

right menu in the messaging application.

The application reads the categories from the Pocket Outlook database. If you own a Smartphone, you have to create the categories in Outlook and sync them to your device.

To implement a way to add new categories is on my todo-list and I'll implement it when I have some spare time


1. Category Wise Contact Pickup
2. Individual Contact Pickup made easy
3. works with WM5 and WM6.
4. Seems to be moderately paced as it is written using managed code but does the job well.
5. It is free.


· Windows Mobile 5.0 or later Pocket PC or SmartPhone