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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

PocketCalc v2.2.1

PocketCalc v2.2.1 | 1314 KB | Download


PocketCalc is a powerful calculator that includes practically all the basic calculation modules for every day use. The variety of functions enables you to perform nearly all calculations

(mathematical, statistical, financial, conversion, credit, etc.), which you may need in your day-to-day activity. Guarantee of absolute mobility, user-friendly interface, easy to use make

PocketCalc program your constant mobile assistant


· Windows Mobile 5.0 support
· Skinable interface
· VGA devices support
· Wide-screen 14-digit display
· 4 different modes to display the end result
· Accurate calculation - features up to 16 digits after the decimal point
· Accurate result display - features up to 14 digits after the decimal point
· 36 basic math and trigonometric functions
· Full Deg/Rad/Grad conversions
· 14 built-in most common Constants
· Extra constants adding capability
· Decimal/Oct/Bin/Hex conversions up to 32bit
· Calculation range (1e-300, 1e300)
· 3 different ways of data input (simple, algebraic, RPN)
· RPN stack viewing
· 10 independent storage cells
· Statistics calculator with the ability of plot construction
· Unit converter (more then 1600 units)
· Currency Converter
· Mortgage rate calculator
· Tip calculator
· Undo option
· Recent Calculations list
· Adjustment of the mode selection menu
· SIP like input support
· Fully supported clipboard


· Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 device.