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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wolftech Paper Agenda v2.1

Wolftech Paper Agenda v2.1 | 4811 KB | Download


This smart and functional software let you take hand notes quickly and easily. Every day you have a new page, so it's very easy to browse pages. Very handy tool for everybody!

PaperAgenda is nothing else that the digital revisited version of your old-fashioned and functional paper agenda.
You have a blank page for each day, and a calendar that let you know which days have actually been filled with any information and which are still blank.
There is a pen tool, with selectable width and color, and obviously a useful rubber with selectable width too.
You can select the background of the page, selecting between 'gray paper', 'rice paper', 'planner style' and other beautiful styles, that will make your notes aesthetically appealing and realistic.
If you open the summary page, you can have a list of every note you have written down, with a fast preview that let you find quickly your old notes.


· Multiple width pen
· Advanced calendar for fast navigation
· Vector based notes saving
· Dozens of coloured themes, with theme editor
· Customizable background image
· Full color palette
· Smooth animated toolbar
· Sizeable pages
· 3 calendar views
· Undo/Redo tools
· User-defined data folder
· User profile selection
· Profile background image
· Profile fefault pen width and profile default page size
· Profile advanced configuration for date visualization, with shadows
· Profile customization of working/festivity days in the calendar


.NET Compact Framework 2.0