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Thursday, December 18, 2008

TCPMP Plugin for Flash Video v0.4.3

TCPMP Flash Player Plugin v0.4.3 | 205 KB | Download


It's a plugin designed to work with the great freeware media player TCPMP, that lets you play flash video files (.flv).

This version allows you to play flv files directly over the internet via the site http://www.mobytube.net which lets your search and play YouTube and Google Video files via a mobile browser such

as Pocket Internet Explorer.

It has two parts:

- A program to download YouTube movie by Pocket PC and PC.
- A TCPMP plugin to play flv file directly on Pocket PC (the plugin will never support CorePlayer).


* For ease of use you should make sure TCPMP is associated with .m3u files:
- Starting TCPMP.
- Taping on the "Options" menu item.
- Choosing the "Settings" menu item.
- Tapping on the "Select Page" button (lower right).
- Selecting the "File Associations" menu item.
- Selecting/Checking "M3U playlist files (M3U)" from the list.
- And then finally tapping the "OK" button.
* Then just visit http://www.mobytube.net with Pocket Internet Explorer (or Opera Mobile or other web browser that lets you download/launch files).
* Search for a video, once you find one you want to play, click on the video to download/launch the .m3u in TCPMP.
* Depending on your settings in TCPMP you might have to click the play button to start streaming the video.


* Pocket PC 2003 / WM 5.0 and higher
* TCPMP software