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Monday, December 8, 2008

HTorch v3.2

HTorch v3.2 | 47 KB | Download


hTorch is a small application with a graphical user interface that enables you to use your Touch Pro as flashlight.

hTorch is built for the HTC Raphael (aka HTC Touch Pro) and has only been tested on this device. Although users reported that it works on Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 as well. PLEASE NOTE: Use this application at your own risk! I’ve done as much testing as possible, and will try to fix every bug which will be reported but it's my first Windows Mobile application and I can not guarantee that it is free of bugs. (Well, even if it would be my 500th application I would still not be able to guarantee that - but anyway - you know what I mean ). NetRipper deserves most of the credit because my application uses his TorchButtonLibrary v1.0 to control the LED itself.


The program installs itself into "ProgramFiles/hTorch" and also creates a shortcut into StartMenu/Programs/Accessories. The further usage is as simple as possible. Start hTorch using the shortcut. On program start the LED will automatically be turned on and you will see the programs main screen.

On the main screen you can:

* enable and disable the standard LED mode using the upper left bulb button.
* enable and disable the bright LED mode using the upper right bulb button.
* disable the display using the lower left button (The display can be turned on again using the power button)
* exit the application using the lower right button.
* enable and disable the standard LED mode using the D-Pad Action hardware button.
* enable and disable the bright LED mode using the D-Pad UP hardware button.
* disable the display using the D-Pad DOWN hardware button.

PLEASE NOTE: The flashlight will stay on forever - there is no timeout programmed. So the only timeout is the capacity of your battery. Burning the LED should not be very likely as this posting explains but please take care anyway. Please also note that the LED can not be left turned on while the device is in standby. So if you want to use the torch for an extended period please use the display off button but be aware that the hardware buttons will still function!


· HTC Touch Pro
· .NET Compact Framework 3.5