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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Avinasoft TaskList v1.1

Avinasoft TaskList v1.1 | 241 KB | Download


TaskList is a light-weight yet powerful application for Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone. This comes as an ideal replacement for the built-in Tasks application. Unlike the built-in one, TaskList

allows you to create and modify tasks in the device itself, you don''t need go to your PC to modify a task. You can have your tasks perfectly in sync with your Outlook. Yes, it supports synching

all your tasks to outlook on your desktop or laptop PC. Some of the features worth mentioning:


* Create and Modify tasks in the device.
* Sync with Outlook.
* Set reminders.
* Set reoccurrences.
* Easy navigation in summary screen, lets you cycle thru your tasks by pressing left or right navigation keys