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Sunday, December 14, 2008

TealPoint TealAuto v2.00

TealPoint TealAuto v2.00 | 307 KB | Download


Save fuel and track automobile mileage, service, and expenses with TealAuto, the complete log book for your car or any vehicle. With extensive customization options, TealAuto is unmatched

in features and functionality.
Use TealAuto to record all your car, truck, or motorcycle fueling, trips, and service stops, and then generate reports and graphs based on those records.
Unique features include an unlimited number of vehicles, mixed currencies and units, extensive customization options, fueling entries, trip records, service reminders, line graphs, bar charts,

summary reports, comparison reports, a parking meter reminder, and data importing and exporting to text files, CSV files, Doc files, and MemoPad entries. TealAuto is available for Windows

Mobile, PalmOS, and as a desktop version for Windows PC.


- Version 2.00 - October 29, 2008
- Fully rewritten from ground up under TICL multi-platform codebase
- Added new Windows Mobile version
- Added new Windows Desktop PC version
- Added support for full screen modes
- Added support for mixing multiple user-defined currencies
- Added support for mixing multiple measurement units
- Added support for optional fractional odometer values (tenths)
- Added support for "hours" odometer units for stationary equipment
- Added support for synchronizing with other handhelds and TealAuto Desktop
- Added new UI interface
- Added support for new fonts
- Added new graphing statistics
- Added new fluid level entry for fueling logs
- Added new statistics
- Added new pie charts
- Added new vehicle memo fields
- Added optonal vehicle icons
- Added service summary export to Calendar event
- Added service summary export to Tasks entry