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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

GPS Toggle v1.9

GPS Toggle v1.9 | 6 KB | Download


BAF GPS Toggle is a today screen plugin for Windows Mobile. It has been designed specifically for the HTC Titan, but should work on most other Windows Mobile phones that have a need for

this type of application.

BAF GPS Toggle is written in native code (not .NET), and uses very little memory. It sits on your Today Screen, allowing you to click on it to toggle GPS on and off for your applications. While

GPS is toggled on, it also displays lock status as well as the number of satellites and GPS signal strength from each satellite. Simple as that. It is similar to the GPSToday plugin, but simply

toggles GPS on and off as opposed to checking for nearby contacts in your address book and doing tons of things (which helps conserve memory and battery life).


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