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Friday, December 5, 2008

Batti v2.4

Batti v2.4 | 47 KB | Download


Batti is a small application which shows you remaining power of your battery.


· Small
· Batti takes very few space of your PDA memory. The battery indicator itself takes less than 20 KB and the whole application is less than 90 KB.
· Highly configurable
· Batti is highly configurable to suits your needs. You can set up the update interval of a indicator, its height, all colors are customizable and more.
· Hi-DPI aware
· Batti is designed in modern manners, it is ready for VGA displayes.
· Custom colors
· You can set colors for foreground and background, colors for low and critical battery level. You can also set the color for indicating your battery is on AC power source or that your battery is being charged.
· Detailed information
· Batti can show detailed information about your battery such as temperature, voltage, chemistry and some information about your backup battery as well.
· Charging
· Batti can indicate that your battery is being charged. If you don't want this indication, you can easily turn it off.
· Battery levels
· In Batti, you can set up the value of low and critical level of your battery. Those two levels could be indicated with different colors (also configurable).


· Windows Mobile 2003/5/6