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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Richesse GPS v2.1

Richesse GPS v2.1 | 128 KB | Download


RichesseGPS is a small navigator for geocaching. It allows you to approach caches very closely.

How To Use:

Points tab
- Tap + to add your own point (waypoint, cache, etc.). If the GPS is connected, current coordinates will be used.
- Tap - to remove selected items.
- Tap Info to see more details about the selected item.
- Tap Import to import LOC, GPX or OV2 file.
- Tap Select to navigate to the selected item.
- To Export, select items to export, then tap'n'hold on the selected items.

Compass tab
- This page shows you direction to the cache, distance from the cache and speed your are currently moving. If you are standing still, then the speed and direction is not precise. You need to move.

Info tab
- This page shows some information read from GPS like position, satellites, etc.


· Small - RichesseGPS takes about 103 KiB of your PDA memory.
· Hi-DPI aware - RichesseGPS is designed in modern manners, it is ready for VGA displayes.
· Compass - RichesseGPS shows you the distance from the selected cache and the speed you are approaching the cache.
· Import - RichesseGPS can import LOC and GPX file formats (available from geocaching.com). It can also import OV2 files.
· Export - Export your POIs and exchange them with your friends (from 1.1).
· Cache status - You can mark your caches with three states (Not completed, completed, not found).
· GPS Coordinate Format - You can change between three types of GPS coordinates (DD.DDDDDD, DD MM.MMMM, DD MM SS.SS).
· Sorting - You can sort your caches by name or status


Operating system:

PocketPC 2003/SE
Windows Mobile 5.0 (Pocket PC)

200 MHz processor (ARM based).
16 MB RAM.
GPS capable of communicating by NMEA standard


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