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Monday, December 8, 2008

Pocket Informant v8.5

Pocket Informant v8.5 | 1336 KB | Download


Pocket Informant is The Next Generation in Personal Daily Management, but we don't just say that; we mean it. Pocket Informant 8 doesn't just simply let you work with your daily events

through lists and grids, but with the new Events and Journal views you can look at your life's past and future in an easy cohesive environment. Even create contact links within your appointment

or tasks' subject and notes let you quickly access a named contact without having to resort to links or a search. Most suprisingly, this power doesn't come at the cost of a complicated, cluttered


Pocket Informant 8 brings a new level of ease of use to your mobile device. Version 8 introduces a new Roles based user-interface that lets you scale the user-interface and feature to your

needs offering you just the power you want. A fully one handed interface lets you use Pocket Informant without ever touching the stylus - or if you prefer finger control Pocket Informant brings

finger touch scrolling, a touch ABC bar in Contacts, and new finger friendly time pickers.

These are just a taste of the new features that Pocket Informant 8 provides that separates it from any other PIM on the market. This just builds on top of the already easy and powerful features

that have made Pocket Informant the winner of the best business application and PIM for this and previous years at Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine.