if you feel bore and want to relax
Enjoy www.afcgame.com

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pocket BattleField v1.2

Pocket BattleField | v1.2 | 6739 KB | Download


If you love playing shooting games be sure that you will spend a lot of time enjoying our new game. Here you will be a special agent that fights against terrorists. You are equipped with well-armed helicopter. You will experience dangerous missions against enemies armed with rockets, tanks, rocket launchers and others.


15 different missions in different parts of the world
More and stronger enemies in missions


4Mb free disk space for installation, 8Mb memory to run the game

Arukube v1.0

Arukube | v1.0 | 40 KB | Download


Arukube has the same gameplay as Arukone, but with an additional constraint: length between two symbols is given.

This new concept is totally changing the game, this is now an Arukone elevated to the cube.

You are required to link the symbols:
- no crossing
- length must be the number indicated by the cell.

You may ask for help and reveal one line, but it costs 15 seconds per cell.

This version automatically computes grids. 3 sizes are available.

Several solutions may exist for one grid.

You can choose the color of good/bad cells.


Compiled for ARM, tested on iPAQ hx2750 PPC2003/SE
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Astraware Popcap Games Pack 2 v1.01

Astraware Popcap Games Pack 2 | v1.01 | 8756 KB | Download


PopCap Games Pack 2 brings you five awesome PopCap games in one pack for one great price!

Feed Lex the Worm's endless appetite by joining letters on the library wall! Bookworm. A superb word game for beginners and experts alike and a great way to increase your word power!

Get prehistoric with this dino egg-citing game! Dynomite! Launch dino eggs to solve the puzzle, but watch out for Mama brontosaurus! This new Palm game is a spectacular action puzzler for everyone!

Mars Needs Cows
Stretch your brain muscle in a series of increasingly challenging puzzles in Mars Needs Cows, as you maneuver stupid earth animals into the middle of a field so that you can beam them to your ship!

Noah's Ark
The Ark is built, it has just started raining, and there are still hundreds of animals to bring in! Noah's Ark. Tap to match pairs of animals in the confusion, to bring them to the Ark and save them from the rising flood water.

Big Money
Big Money is the crazy game of coin collecting fun, so grab all the coins you can and fill up those moneybags!


Five great games for one great price
Mars Needs Cows
Noah's Ark
Big Money


Any color Pocket PC 2002 or later

Thursday, August 28, 2008

S2U2 v1.18 QVGA

S2U2 | v1.18 | 374 KB | Download


S2U2 (Slide 2 Unlock 2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. And it has a CallerID function (some devices may not work, so please try it first); and S2P (Slide 2 Play) control plugin.

For installation and configuration instructions see the included Readme.txt file.

If your device has suspicious unknown count of any unread email/vmail/sms/mms, use ResetUnreadCount.cab file to reset them.


· rewrote the show appointments code which fixed some bugs & requires lesser CPU time.
· further optimized the screen rendering speed.
· when the S2P control is activated, appointments info will be temporarily hidden.
· removed the lock when S2P (or other music app) blanks the screen.
· added option to disable the unread count of MMS.
· upgraded some graphics (but still not all) to true VGA for the VGA version.
· some minor bugs fixed.


· Windows Mobile 5 Phone or Windows Mobile 6/6.1 Professional

OldSAP's Oist v1.3

OldSAP's Oist | v1.3 | 428 KB | Download


OldSAP's Oist is a multifunctional utility for managing your SMS, contacts and calls.

- New Core (probably will work even when using other sms related applications)
- set and play individual sms tones for each contact
- unread sms and missed calls reminder alarm
- forward incoming/outgoing sms, including sender and body of the message to a specific number
- send incoming/outgoing call details including number called, call start/end time to a specific number
- remote control. send a text message to the phone using a specific password to retrieve a contact's information

Note: for the sms forwading of sent sms items you should use using the default tmail.exe or it will not work.

Menu Items:
Tones - set default/unknown number/reminder tones
Receiver - set the specific number for the sms and call details forwarding
Password - set the password needed for contact details retreival
Set Oist - set individual sms tones for each contact

Pocket Mini Golf 2 v1.13

Pocket Mini Golf 2 | v1.13 | 2125 KB | Download


Pocket Mini Golf features 3 courses of increasing difficulty, with 18 holes per course. It has 4 different players to choose from and 2 different game types. Play standard golf rules or against the clock, the choice is yours.

- 3 Courses
- 18 Holes per course
- Highscore Table
- Normal, Arcade & Practice games modes
- 4 cool player characters!
- 2 Difficulty settings
- Bunkers/Conveyor Belts/Water features
- Particle effects for sand and water

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RLCalendar v0.20

RL Calendar | v0.20 | 15 KB | Download


An excellent plug-in. Extremely customizable and sizes well for VGA - after a bit of tweaking the settings. Developer says he has stopped development on it though (this version was actually released in 2005). Too bad, but it'll have a home on my Today screen for a while.

Pocket IRC v1.10

Pocket IRC | v1.1 | 252 KB | Download


Pocket IRC aims to become the premier IRC client for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, and Pocket PC 2003 PDAs. Pocket IRC has many of the features you've become accustomed to from desktop IRC clients like mIRC, such as full colour code and formatting support, custom background images, built in IDENT server and more!

Pocket IRC has also been designed with the Pocket PC in mind, and that means the less typing the better! All of the most commonly used IRC commands are just a tap away, no need to type more than necessary.


· mIRC style colour code support
· Custom message formatting for every type of event
· Customisable colours
· Tab highlighting lets you know if there is activity in another channel
· BMP, PNG, JPG or GIF background images
· Built in IDENT server
· Full screen mode, for even more chat room
· Auto-copy selected text to the clipboard
· Tap n hold popup menus for colours and formatting
· Never be without IRC!


Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, and Pocket PC 2003

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pocket Uno v1.1 QVGA

Pocket Uno | v1.1 | 193 KB | Download


Uno (spanish for "one") is a card game played with a specially printed deck. The game was originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins. Uno is one of the world's most popular family card games. Just play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word. Try to rid yourself of cards before opponents do! Rules are simple but the gameplay offers hours of fun.


- Multilanguage: English, Esperanto, French, German, Spanish, Russian
- 3-level opponents AI
- Game progress auto-save
- Smooth adjustable graphic
- Stilus-free gameplay


Pocket PC (WM 5, WM 6)
QVGA (240x320, 320x240), VGA (640x480)
.NET Compact Framework 2.0

HTC Light saber v1.0

Lightsaber | v1.0 | 806 KB | Download


Turn your phone into a Light Saber ! Be a Star Wars Jedi


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1
HTC Diamond

more details : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=408147

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zio Interactive Spawn v1.0

Zio Interactive Spawn | 9672 KB | Download


Spawn is based on the best-selling independent comic book of all time.

Spawn for Pocket PC follows the battle of Hellspawn against Angels in a world where good and evil are not as clear-cut as they may seem.


- Multiple scenarios and endings
- 3D dynamic-action shooting game
- Create and develop your character to be good or evil


· Pocket PC with Windows CE
· Desktop PC with Windows 95/98/NT4.X/2000/XP and Activesync 3.X
· Supporting Precesser: StrongARM Only
· Color: 64K Color
· Memory Size: 8MB free memory

Lockcrypt v1.2

Lockcrypt | v1.2 | 425 KB | Download


LockCrypt for Windows Mobile provides a secure, password protected database of your accounts. It uses an encrypted database, enabling you to access your account information, bank details, passwords or other information from a phone or PDA. Data is encrypted using industry standard AES encryption, which is regarded by the cryptography industry as very secure. Even if you phone is lost or stolen, your data will remain safe. There's also a desktop version.

Scroll Launcher v0.25

Scroll Launcher | v0.25 | 92 KB | Download


Scroll Launcher is a Diamond styled Launcher for WM Devices. It index all your program files and when executed you can simply scroll down with your finger and launch the selected application. Very simple but yet efficient application.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

OmniG 3D Speed City v1.1

OmniG 3D Speed City | v1.1 | 4809 KB | Download


A 3D Underground Racing Game for Mobile Generation. Taste the Spirit of Mobile Generation, Feel the Pulse of Speed City!

Speed City features:

Stunning highly detailed city scenes

Endless challenge with the randomly generated racing routes

Lifelike physics simulation

Exciting street racing...

What else? You taste it!

Provided by OmniG Software Inc., Game Engine Powered by OmniGraphics.

Reminder: SpeedCity is designed with the heaviest ever 3D graphics for mobile game. In terms of 3D graphics, it may render thousands of triangles in a single frame. For playable 3D rendering (frame rate), a Pocket PC with 400+ MHz Intel® PXA 255 / 26x / 27x or compatible processor is required.

Free Upgrade: Buy our games now, enjoy free upgrade forever!
Note: 1. Original electronic purchase receipt is required. 2. Free upgrade is
applicable for the same game. 3. Check our website regularly to get new release

Phone Tracker 4 Free v2.33

Phone Tracker 4 Free | v2.33 | 90 KB | Download


Received SMS are checked for location statements by Phonetracker4Free and transferred to Google Maps Mobile independently. Google Maps Mobile displays the location on a map or by satellite images, and takes over the routing to the destination if necessary.

To request a position report only send the text message > *PHONETRACKER* Request < to the mobile phone where Phonetracker Locator is running.

S2U2 v1.12

S2U2 | v1.12 | 336 KB | Download


S2U2 (Slide 2 Unlock 2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. And it has a CallerID function (some devices may not work, so please try it first); and S2P (Slide 2 Play) control plugin.

For installation and configuration instructions see the included Readme.txt file.

If your device has suspicious unknown count of any unread email/vmail/sms/mms, use ResetUnreadCount.cab file to reset them.


· rewrote the show appointments code which fixed some bugs & requires lesser CPU time.
· further optimized the screen rendering speed.
· when the S2P control is activated, appointments info will be temporarily hidden.
· removed the lock when S2P (or other music app) blanks the screen.
· added option to disable the unread count of MMS.
· upgraded some graphics (but still not all) to true VGA for the VGA version.
· some minor bugs fixed.


· Windows Mobile 5 Phone or Windows Mobile 6/6.1 Professional

Friday, August 22, 2008

PocketCas v1.01

PocketCas | v1.01 | 2879 KB | Download


PocketCAS is a free interface to the open-source Computer Algebra System giac/xcas. xcas enables you to quickly solve complex algebraic problems, e.g. symbolic and numeric integration and derivation of non-trivial functions, solving differential equations etc. It has also a huge support for problems of linear algebra, like solving linear equation systems, multiplying and inverting matrices, finding eigenvalues (and eigenvectors, of course) and much more. If you do statistics or number theory, you will like xcas' great functionality in those areas, too! Built-in TeX output
PocketCAS has the option to automatically use the output of xcas to generate beautiful formula images using mimeTeX. Just enter an expression and you will get the result in the same formatting you would find in a mathematical textbook! For example, other Computer Algebra Systems would output the following result to the command integrate(sin(x)*cos(x)):(sin(x))^2/2 With PocketCAS, you will see:

(this is VGA output, on your PDA it will look smaller and even smoother!) More screenshots here. Get more information on the author's website. Simple input method for faster solutions
PocketCAS contains a fully-customizable, easy to use mathematical keyboard for quick input of most mathematical functions. You can even assign images to displayed on a button rather than mere text! Therefore, PocketCAS is as simple to use as a pocket calculator, but provides you with the functionality of a full-blown CAS - in your pocket, wherever you take your PDA with you! Missing a function or a macro? Simply add it to the keyboard which is stored in a human-editable XML-file!

Medical Wizards Lymphatic

Medical Wizards Lymphatic | 2010 KB | Download


The Lymphatic System Flash Cards product uses the time tested content and images from BryanEdwards.com and displays the necessary images to demonstrate the lymphatic system. This PDA version consists of 24 pages that examine the lymph vessels and capillaries. Substantial text content detailing each image, and a quiz (?) section has been added to aid as a learning tool.

Whether an attending physician using this product to demonstrate anatomical terms to a patient, a medical, dental or nursing student, or undergraduate anatomy student; this product will exceed your expectations and needs.

SmileySMS v1.66

Smiley SMS | v1.66 I 358 KB | Download


SmileySMS program is a plugin for default MailBox program,and whenever you receive an sms this program shows special notification message and also you can view it the same way in your inbox.

To change program settings you have to go to “Settings” or “Control Panel”of your device and in”System” section of it,you’ll find SmileySMS settings. If before installing the program you opened the settings,you have to reset the device for settings to show up. Also if you have sent/received SMSs before installing program,you have to do reset too! This program is a plug-in for default Mailbox program,and whenever you receive an sms this program shows special notification message. And also you can view it the same way in your inbox. This program does not change your SMSes. Current engine uses an internal skin for notification

TouchWatch v1.1beta

TouchWatch | v1.1b I 358 KB | Download


This is a simple timer application with four configurable countdown timers. Set an description and a time (hh:mm:ss) and stop/start/reset timer with your fingers only. No need to use the stylus pen.

Touching the timer once will start it. Touching it twice will stop it. Tapping&Holding the timer will reset it. Needs no more explanation. The app is self explaining.

# You can change the background image
# You can change the audio wave notification file
# You will get an vibrating response from your device on start/stop/reset timer
# If a timer is running your device will not enter standby/sleep until all running timers count zero (configurable). If you want to use a long timer be aware of battery usage. Be sure that your backlight switches off after some time. If your device switch off for any reason, you will not be notified that a timer count zero. The application isn't able to switch your device on.
# Settings are stored in registry "HKLM/Software/M_G/TouchWatch" and all configurable from the application.


· edit timer window now opens with buttons instead with the menu.
· added vibrate response features


· .NET Compact Framework

Thursday, August 21, 2008

GPSToday v0.9.9

GPSToday | v0.9.9 I 200 KB | Download


GPSToday installs as a today-screen plugin on your Windows Mobile internet-enabled device. At the most basic level, it keeps your GPS hardware primed whenever you need it. But that is only for starters. In general, it will significantly enhance the utility you derive from your device.

GeoTerrestrial GPSToday offers a mind-boggling array of intuitively accessible features hidden behind a unique and clever interface.

1.) Now includes GeoTerrestrial GeoWeather. Always see the current weather for your current location on the today screen(US Only). Can even be used to check the current weather for any point on the map.
2.) Now includes GeoTerrestrial GeoLogger. Can be used to log your position updates to a text file on your device.
3.) Now works on 320x320 (aka the Treo 800w) and 240x240 resolutions.
4.) Now save the street address for any point on the map to a contact.
5.) Now you can remove previously saved geo-positions from a contact.
6.) And other minor fixes and enhancements.

# It utilizes intelligent algorithms to always maintain and display a fix on your position right on your today screen, without draining the battery.
# Always see your full street address, not just geo-coordinates.
# GPSToday always shows the distance to the nearest contact from your device's address book.
# Single tap to create a new contact with your current location as the address, or save the current location as an existing contact's address. Imagine not having to type the full street address on the PPC keyboard!
# You will never need the stylus to use GPSToday!
# Speed, heading and satellite data is shown clearly on the today screen whenever the GPS is running.
# In-pocket tap protection. A single tap on the today screen only operates the GPS in quick fix mode. To fully start the GPS in continuous mode requires an iphone like sliding motion, guaranteeing no pocket accidents.
# Single tap from the today screen to access fully draggable online maps!
# Always see all your address book contacts on the map. Just tap a contact to quickly call/email or send sms.
# Single tap from today screen to quickly do a yahoo local search around your current position and see the results on a live map. Just tap a result to call or open the website.
# High quality Yelp Reviews for local search results!
# Fetch the full street address for any point on the map.
# GPSToday automatically disables data access when your device goes into roaming mode.
# And many more features.
# Best of all, its free!

Note: The Street-Address feature currently works in the US only!


· VGA Support!
· If the GeoTagger add-on is installed and running in automatic mode, it will now restart itself if the device is soft-reset or if the today screen is reloaded.
· Instead of street address, you can now save latitude/longitude/altitude to contacts in your address book. Great for saving specific locations "out in the wild"!
· Now find points on the map by specifying latitude/longitude.


· Windows Mobile 5 or later
· Integrated GPS receiver
· Unlimited data plan
· Only 240x320 and 480x640 screen sizes (portrait or landscape) supported yet

Home Screen Plus v1.01 beta

Home Screen Plus | v1.01 I 164 KB | Download


These are some examples of how the plugin can be custimized by using xml and self-created images and.. “some more” features. Any reading can be mapped to a registry-value or start an application on click of that reading…

Handmark Mobiledb with Access v4.1

Handmark Mobiledb with Access | v4.1 | 4345 KB | Download


MobileDB-PC is a free and easy-to-use Windows version of MobileDB.

Create and edit MobileDB databases on your PC to use with MobileDB or MobileDB Lite on your Palm.
The "Excel-like" interface is both intuitive and flexible as it allows for import/export of the data in a comma separated, tab separated, or semicolon separated format.

MobileDB databases can be set to be installed on the next hotsync directly from MobileDB-PC.

- Each record may contain up to 20 fields with 1000 characters per field
- Import from comma separated (.csv) or tab separated files (.txt)
- Export MobileDB data to comma separated (.csv) or tab separated files (.txt)
- Install Palm databases directly from the MobileDB-PC application

Astraware Noah's Ark v2.1

Astraware Noah's Ark | v2.1 I 345 KB | Download


The Ark's built, and it's just started raining, and there are still hundreds of animals to bring in!

Can you fill the ark with pairs of animals in time?

Amazingly simple to play - Unbelievably hard to put down! Tap to match pairs of animals in the confusion, to bring them to the Ark and save them from the rising flood water.


- Animated instructions included to get you started
- Three levels of difficulty
- Rocks to block your path on higher levels
- Themed rankings as you progress through the levels

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The dog ate it v2.12

The dog ate it I v2.12 | 681 KB | Download


The Dog Ate It is a fully functional new student planner for your Pocket PC. It has great features including Outlook compatibility and full class scheduling and assignment tracking. It offers you a fresh simple user interface making accessing your schedule convenient and fun. It is clearly the leading solution in the Student Planner Market.

Resco Audio Recorder v4.01

Resco Audio Recorder I v4.01 | 2462 KB | Download


The best audio recorder (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAV and RAF)
Recording music or speech, with respect to quality, length, portability or power consumption: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAV and RAF

One button recording
Start recording anytime just by pressing one button.

Top quality Digital Signal Processing
All DSP filters use the most effective algorithms designed especially for ARM architecture: Equalizer, Real VAS, Noise filter and Gain control

Fast export
Convert WAV to MP3, RAF to WAV, SPX to MP3, ... everything is possible.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Medical Wizards Head and Neck

Medical Wizards Head and Neck I 9779 KB | Download


This amazing product Head & Neck Anatomy Flash Cards uses the time tested content and images from BryanEdwards.com and displays 140 specialized images of the head & neck on the PDA. This product clearly displays the anatomy of the muscles, arteries and nerves through this anatomic region. Images individually illustrate each muscle of mastication, denoted are the origin, insertion, action, innervation, arterial supply, synergists, and antagonists.

Whether an attending physician using this product to demonstrate anatomical terms to a patient, a medical, dental or nursing student, or undergraduate anatomy student; this product will exceed your expectations and needs.

MASPware AutoKennzeichen 2008 v5.0

MASPware AutoKennzeichen 2008 | v5.0 I 825 KB | Download


Not sure whether it is English or German version.

With MASP ware plates can be easily German car registration plates on the road and over time, ie the corresponding city. Zudem gibt es zusätzliche Informationen zum Herkunftsort. In addition, there is additional information about the origin. Unterstützt werden auch abgelaufenen Kennzeichen, sowie Sonderkennzeichen und Diplomatenkennzeichen. Supports are also expired registration plates and special plates and diplomatic plates.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Compegps Twonav Pocket v1.1

Compegps Twonav Pocket | v1.1 I 3399 KB | Download


Don't limit your mobility to just one kind of terrain. With TwoNav you can enjoy the best On-road and Off-road assistance, obtaining a complete solution to your orientation needs.

Use urban navigators' typical features (door-to-door navigation, next manoeuvre, etc.) beside the versatility of the CompeGPS Off-road tools (map viewing, movement stats, position reference edition, etc.). All in just one program.

TwoNav includes high quality urban maps (V-maps) so On-road navigation can achieve the best performance. Moreover, any kind of map (topographic, orthophotos, elevation maps, etc.) may be used to obtain complete information about any terrain (see more info about cartography or visit maps' shop).

A user friendly interface will let you access a great diversity of functions so the software can be adapted to your needs in any situation. Wherever you are, TwoNav will help you find the best way to reach your destination efficiently and safety.

TwoNav Pocket is the version of the program for PDA (Windows Mobile 2003, 2005 y 6).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ButterFlight v2.2

ButterFlight | v2.2 I 11732 KB | Download


ButterFlight is a perfect pastime for all fans of puzzle games. This game will absorb you. It will please your eyes with amazing views of nature. Having four various game modes (Pairs, Twins, Quads, Trios), and different skill levels (EasyRide, Novice, Expert and Master), it offers you an exciting trip, where you can become the Lord of the Butterflies. Have fun with rotation and gathering colorful butterflies. Make your butterflies fly!

Astraware Super Slyder v1.00

Astraware Super Slyder | v1.00 I 2662 KB | Download


Meet Slyder, a spherical hero who needs your help to find his way through a wealth of brain-teasing mazes. Along the way he'll meet friends and foes like Boffo, Unger, Reginald and Sparky. Some will help him and some will seek to hinder his progress. Use your powers of logic to show Slyder the right way to the warp point and on to the next level.

Super Slyder features over 200 mind-boggling mazes with a full tutorial to show you how to play. Guide Slyder by using your stylus or directional keys. Just press the thumbpad in one direction and Slyder is off and running. But be careful. Once Slyder starts moving he will continue in that direction until he is stopped by an obstacle or the edge of the maze. This colorful, fun puzzle game is easy to start, but so addictive you won't want to put it down.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deluxeware Click 2 Deluxe v1.02

Deluxeware Click 2 | v1.02 I 924 KB | Download


Popular game ClickDeluxe is back again – and you won't believe the fun! New graphics, gameplay and game modes, skins and bonuses. Click Deluxe 2 is a must-have game for your Palm OS or Windows Mobile device. More fun, more play, once you start clicking you won't be able to stop!
Internet score boardSubmit your high score in internet or show your record to your friends.Use this direct link:http://www.deluxeware.com/high

Anton Tomov Pocket Mechanic Professional v2.01

Pocket Mechanic Professional | v2.01 I 1766 KB | Download


The leading Windows Mobile maintenance utility comes re-loaded with features and tools to keep your mobile device and storage cards in perfect shape. A complete rewrite of the award winning Pocket Mechanic application, the Professional version is faster, more powerful and is compatible with more devices.

Optimize your device and storage for peak performance, clean up system junk and free up precious memory occupied by unwanted files and OS objects, maintain the system integrity and prevent possible problems, ensure your privacy and protect your investments in storage cards and mobile device hardware by using a simple and descriptive user interface yet offering robust arsenal of powerful Pocket PC maintenance tools ? this is what Pocket Mechanic Professional does well.

All Locations Gprs Traffic Counter v3.2

All Locations Gprs Traffic Counter | v3.2 I 269 KB | Download


Start taking control of your costs when using GPRS! Now you can, with the ALL-locations GPRS Traffic Counter, a unique utility for measuring the amounts of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection and calculating network usage costs. The GPRS Traffic Counter monitors all data transfers you perform and calculates the cost of your GPRS usage taking into account your billing model. Just pick the one you are using and all details will be filled in! Finally you are able to get a grip on your GPRS costs. The GPRS Traffic Counter can be used both with a one piece solution like the XDA as well as with a two piece solution like an iPAQ in combination with a bluetooth GPRS mobile phone.

The GPRS Traffic Counter will save your traffic statistics, and you can export data to your desktop PC and view it graphically and numerically. Also the GPRS Traffic Counter allows you to back up your data. You can view data over different pre-defined periods (day, month or year) or you can view traffic data over a self-defined period. For example, it is very handy to set the start date of the invoice period, so you can be in sync with the invoice of your operator.


- The ability to Monitor different types of connections
- Graphical and textual overview of your traffic statistics
- Measure average connection speed
- The ability to export data to your desktop PC and view it both graphically and numerically;
- The possibility to backup your data;
- Support of numerous billing models, just choose the one you are using and the details will be filled in;
- Setting the start date of the invoice period, so you can be a€˜in synca€™ with the invoice of your operator;
- Very user friendly product activation;
- A six weeks free trial version, allowing you to test for a full billing period;
- Free upgrades during one year! This also applies to our existing customers;
- Upgrading from version 3.0 to 3.1 without losing current data.

PRO Blackjack v1.3

PRO Blackjack | v1.3 I 1388 KB | Download


Play blackjack the way it was meant to be played!
Any number of players in one game, played by you or by the computer. Set up your Pocket PC to play some of the positions and ,computer players to come and go at random just like a real casino table.

Set the skill level of the computer players to be advanced, normal, or novice. Play multiple hands, count cards, get advice, and much more.

Version 1.4 now has improved graphics, and the ability to change the table color from Green to Red.

You'll feel like you're playing a real blackjack table at the casino.

AIM Productions Done In 50 Seconds v1.6

AIM Productions Done In 50 Seconds | v1.6 I 1328 KB | Download


Put yourself in high gear and steal your dreamcar out of the garage by moving all other cars, vans, and trucks, within a given timeframe. Think fast, move efficiently and maybe you'll outrun the cops!


- Arcade puzzle/strategy game with addictive gameplay
- Superb high-color graphics
- Cool sound effects and music soundtrack
- 60 exciting missions with increasing difficulty - from very easy to extremely hard!
- User-friendly level editor
- Integrated Help screen

AIM Productions MagicSync PRO v1.06

AIM Productions MagicSync PRO | v1.06 I 1896 KB | Download


MagicSync PRO comes with a Client Wizard tool. With this tool you can create a completely customized program to distribute to your clients, staff, friends,... You can specify the content (unlimited number of files/folders), add your logo and text, add a link to your URL,... and the Client Wizard will fully automatically create an executable you can distribute to your endusers. All they have to do is run the executable and next time they dock their Windows Mobile Device, the content of your choice will automatically be synced from your website to their SmartPhone/Pocket PC. At any time you can decide to add new information to sync, discontinue syncronisation of files that have become obsolete, or even change the location of the files without changing anything to the client configuration.

There's no need to go through expensive online file syncing services which charge monthly or annual fees. You can do it all yourself. All you need is MagicSync Pro and some space on the Internet to put your files. The software comes with a crystal clear manual which will enable you to set up your custom solution within 20 minutes!

AIM Productions Strip Blackjack2

AIM Productions Strip Blackjack2 I 4876 KB | Download


Watch out because this lovely blackjack dealer sure has a trick or two up her sleeve!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Total Remote v1.14

Total Remote | v1.14 I 2684 KB | Download


You better search for v2.2 on my website.
I post this old version because I want to help someone who wants the crack of this version.

Designed specifically for Pocket PCs, Total Remote transforms a Pocket PC into a full function remote control. It can send infrared commands to any device that can be controlled via IR - up to 100 feet away. The Total Remote package includes a patented hardware transmitter that gives users up to 3 times greater range than standard remotes. The Total Remote software can support built in Infrared ports (IrDA) at shorter ranges. Total Remote 2.0 is also capable of utilising consumer infrared (CIR) hardware, which results in a much stronger signal and better performance. For customers who have upgraded to Windows Mobile 2003 and lost their built-in remote control program, Total Remote 2.0 allows them to take full advantage of their hardware.

Total Remote ships with preconfigured profiles for TVs, VCRs, and DVD players from most common manufacturers. Users can easily add additional devices by downloading new customized device profiles. With the new CCF compatibility thousands more unique presets are available for free download from sites like remotecentral.com among others. Users can also create their own custom settings or macros. Now in Total Remote 2.0, users have the ability to re-edit and save existing macros instead of recreating them from scratch.

AIM Productions Space Balls v1.00

AIM Productions Space Balls | v1.00 I 1794 KB | Download


Experience classic gameplay with this extremely addictive and fun to play arcade puzzle game !
The game is simple but your goal is not; defend your planetoid by blasting all coloured space balls into oblivion.

If 4 or more balls of the same colour touch each other, they are annihilated. So use this knowledge to your advantage and try to survive as long as possible. Don't forget to go for the COMBOS, because they will bring you a highscore ! One last advice before you dive into this space adventure: "Beware of the black holes !" Sounds easy, doesn't it? Just you wait and see...!


- Incredibly addictive, easy to control but hard to put down
- High-quality graphics
- Superb soundfx and cool soundtrack
- Highscore listing
- Turn music on/off option
- Clear help screen with game instructions

Astraware Shape Shifter v1.01

Astraware Shape Shifter | v1.01 I 1794 KB | Download


Ladies and Gentlemen, Children Of All Ages, Shape Shifter beckons you to a delightful convergence of action, intrigue and fun!

ShapeShifter has two fun-filled modes of play; Beat The Clock, where you fill a specified number of rows before time runs out; and Shape Speedster, where you clear a number of rows before the board fills up. As they are cleared, another row appears. If the rows reach the top of the board, then your game is over. Higher levels bring more and varied types and colours of shapes to create a greater challenge. Beat The Clock also includes special bonus levels to test your speed and dexterity.

ShapeShifter also features the same zingy sound effects as the PC version and has a carnival-style music soundtrack courtesy of Astraware's Aurora Sound Engine


* A massive array of colourful and bright shapes!
* Original musical score!
* 2 Game modes
* Selectable levels of difficulty, from level 1 to level 99!
* Bonus levels to test your wits and reflexes

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pocket Presence Running Voice GSM v3.1.1

Running Voice GSM | v3.11 I 1845 KB | Download


By March this year, Pocket Presence will release the successor of the Running Voice GSM software for Pocket PC. The new release will be the most advanced and value adding tool so far for GPRS and GSM communication on PDAs.

The new product has three new core components:

1. A new multiplexing communication core
The communication core is able to manage several parallel communication sessions with different applications. This will be an important component for future integrations of advanced GPRS services in Running Voice.

2. A Bluetooth manager
The Bluetooth manager provides a range of features for optimising Bluetooth communication with other devices. There will no more be a problem to lose Bluetooth contact with the mobile phone. As soon as the phone is "visible" again, Running Voice will resume work. SMS messages will be automatically synchronised between the mobile phone and PDA and ongoing calls will appear in the Voicebox.

3. A wireless service platform
The new release of Running Voice contains an embedded platform for integration of additional services and functionalities. Using the service platform (which was pre-launched in version 1.1) and a special distribution tool, service providers and enterprises can easily develop and wirelessly deploy advanced solutions to existing Running Voice clients.

Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero 3 I 5642 KB | Download


Guitar Hero® is now available on mobile! Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based, three button game that stays true to the original. This is the one-time purchase version of the game. The initial game comes with 15 tracks from some of rock’s greatest acts. With the one-time purchase, you will have access to an additional three tracks issued each month...Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based, three button game that stays true to the original. Open with 15 jamming tracks, all taken from the Guitar Hero console series."

Resco Picture Viewer v4.11

Resco Picture Viewer | v4.11 I 2041 KB | Download


Capture screenshots and view photos, MPEG videos, and PowerPoint presentations with this versatile application for all Pocket PCs! Screenshots can be made with a 10 second delay or instantly, and are saved in .jpg format. You can attach a sound recording to an image or draw notations on it. An included desktop application lets you enhance and export images and PowerPoint presentations to your Pocket PC. With Voyager VGA card (not included), the exported presentations can be projected using the card’s built-in support.

Ziosoft Chopper Alley

Ziosoft Chopper Alley I 5066 KB | Download


Having worked on a few flight simulations for the PC, I have always been a fan of aerial simulation games. Now comes Chopper Alley published by Zio Interactive. Trying to create a flight combat game on the PC is very difficult. Making one on the Pocket PC is extremely difficult. With the limited screen, memory, storage, and input system of a Pocket PC, creating a true experience is quite a challenge. Choppy Alley is fun and challenging, but it is not a simulation. It is however, an enjoyable action game.

Chopper Alley is a game with a long history. Developed by Amazing Games, it went through a long list of versions, bugs, design faults, and was re-released a number of time. The game has finally reached a final release form and is now being published by Zio Interactive

Battle Dwarves v1.0

Battle Dwarves | v1.0 I 2470 KB | Download


What's cooler than an army of medieval dwarves with modern-day weapons? How about 8 different armies? That's right, choose from 8 different armies of dwarven fighters and blow each other to Kingdom come! Arm your team with 20 different weapons ranging from bazooookas and frag grenades to railguns and napalm! If you want destruction on a grand level, Battle Dwarves is for you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pocket Mini Golf Bundle v1.3

Pocket Mini Golf Bundle | v1.3 | 1434 KB | Download


"Pocket Mini Golf - Bundle" combines the award winning #1 best selling mini golf game and the great new add-on pack "eXtra" at a bargain price.