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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Compegps Twonav Pocket v1.1

Compegps Twonav Pocket | v1.1 I 3399 KB | Download


Don't limit your mobility to just one kind of terrain. With TwoNav you can enjoy the best On-road and Off-road assistance, obtaining a complete solution to your orientation needs.

Use urban navigators' typical features (door-to-door navigation, next manoeuvre, etc.) beside the versatility of the CompeGPS Off-road tools (map viewing, movement stats, position reference edition, etc.). All in just one program.

TwoNav includes high quality urban maps (V-maps) so On-road navigation can achieve the best performance. Moreover, any kind of map (topographic, orthophotos, elevation maps, etc.) may be used to obtain complete information about any terrain (see more info about cartography or visit maps' shop).

A user friendly interface will let you access a great diversity of functions so the software can be adapted to your needs in any situation. Wherever you are, TwoNav will help you find the best way to reach your destination efficiently and safety.

TwoNav Pocket is the version of the program for PDA (Windows Mobile 2003, 2005 y 6).