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Monday, August 11, 2008

Pocket Presence Running Voice GSM v3.1.1

Running Voice GSM | v3.11 I 1845 KB | Download


By March this year, Pocket Presence will release the successor of the Running Voice GSM software for Pocket PC. The new release will be the most advanced and value adding tool so far for GPRS and GSM communication on PDAs.

The new product has three new core components:

1. A new multiplexing communication core
The communication core is able to manage several parallel communication sessions with different applications. This will be an important component for future integrations of advanced GPRS services in Running Voice.

2. A Bluetooth manager
The Bluetooth manager provides a range of features for optimising Bluetooth communication with other devices. There will no more be a problem to lose Bluetooth contact with the mobile phone. As soon as the phone is "visible" again, Running Voice will resume work. SMS messages will be automatically synchronised between the mobile phone and PDA and ongoing calls will appear in the Voicebox.

3. A wireless service platform
The new release of Running Voice contains an embedded platform for integration of additional services and functionalities. Using the service platform (which was pre-launched in version 1.1) and a special distribution tool, service providers and enterprises can easily develop and wirelessly deploy advanced solutions to existing Running Voice clients.


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