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Thursday, August 21, 2008

GPSToday v0.9.9

GPSToday | v0.9.9 I 200 KB | Download


GPSToday installs as a today-screen plugin on your Windows Mobile internet-enabled device. At the most basic level, it keeps your GPS hardware primed whenever you need it. But that is only for starters. In general, it will significantly enhance the utility you derive from your device.

GeoTerrestrial GPSToday offers a mind-boggling array of intuitively accessible features hidden behind a unique and clever interface.

1.) Now includes GeoTerrestrial GeoWeather. Always see the current weather for your current location on the today screen(US Only). Can even be used to check the current weather for any point on the map.
2.) Now includes GeoTerrestrial GeoLogger. Can be used to log your position updates to a text file on your device.
3.) Now works on 320x320 (aka the Treo 800w) and 240x240 resolutions.
4.) Now save the street address for any point on the map to a contact.
5.) Now you can remove previously saved geo-positions from a contact.
6.) And other minor fixes and enhancements.

# It utilizes intelligent algorithms to always maintain and display a fix on your position right on your today screen, without draining the battery.
# Always see your full street address, not just geo-coordinates.
# GPSToday always shows the distance to the nearest contact from your device's address book.
# Single tap to create a new contact with your current location as the address, or save the current location as an existing contact's address. Imagine not having to type the full street address on the PPC keyboard!
# You will never need the stylus to use GPSToday!
# Speed, heading and satellite data is shown clearly on the today screen whenever the GPS is running.
# In-pocket tap protection. A single tap on the today screen only operates the GPS in quick fix mode. To fully start the GPS in continuous mode requires an iphone like sliding motion, guaranteeing no pocket accidents.
# Single tap from the today screen to access fully draggable online maps!
# Always see all your address book contacts on the map. Just tap a contact to quickly call/email or send sms.
# Single tap from today screen to quickly do a yahoo local search around your current position and see the results on a live map. Just tap a result to call or open the website.
# High quality Yelp Reviews for local search results!
# Fetch the full street address for any point on the map.
# GPSToday automatically disables data access when your device goes into roaming mode.
# And many more features.
# Best of all, its free!

Note: The Street-Address feature currently works in the US only!


· VGA Support!
· If the GeoTagger add-on is installed and running in automatic mode, it will now restart itself if the device is soft-reset or if the today screen is reloaded.
· Instead of street address, you can now save latitude/longitude/altitude to contacts in your address book. Great for saving specific locations "out in the wild"!
· Now find points on the map by specifying latitude/longitude.


· Windows Mobile 5 or later
· Integrated GPS receiver
· Unlimited data plan
· Only 240x320 and 480x640 screen sizes (portrait or landscape) supported yet