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Friday, February 18, 2011

GpsCycleComputer v4.50

GpsCycleComputer v4.50 |
Price: Free

GpsCycleComputer is a FREE lightweight but powerful application for cycling, mountain biking, skiing, running, hiking or walking.
It displays several statistics:
- Time (inclusive or exclusive stoppage), wall time
- Speed (current, average, max)
- Distance (in different units)
- Altitude (current, gain, loss, differece, slope)
- Heading (direction of movement)
- Device, Gps and satellite info
It records your track and displays it on a map. Map sources can be one or more simple jpeg files or Open Street Map (online or offline) or other similar sources.
Waypoints can be created.
The track can be exported in GPX or KML/ format.
Altitude and Speed can be plotted as graph over distance or time.
You can live log your position to crossingways.com.
There is a lap function too.
Operation is easy through menu page and context menu.

It has a good power management (you can switch off your device while logging). GPS can be configured to work only for a short time to log only one point every time interval in order to save battery power.
Now support for Geocaching.

Windows Mobile 5 and above or Windows for Pocket PC 2003 + .Net CF 2.0; Touch screen; supports all screen sizes (tested from 240x240 to 480x800) in portrait and landscape; GPS-receiver (intern or extern)

hobd v0.68

hobd v0.68 | Read more ...
Beside all the stuff you may find in tons of OBDII scanner tools, here are some
HOBD unique features:
- Concentration on trip data: MPG, distance run, total fuel consumption, etc.
- Precise MPG (fuel consumption) analysis and calculations.
- Toyota owners have precise MPG data via injector pulse width PID.
- Sensor data logging facilities for data review.
- DTC reading, explanation, and clearing
- Fine graned touch-friendly fluid UI for use in carputer/navigator uninterruptly.
- Full i18n and metric/imperial switching.
- Visual themes.
- HUD (screen projection) mode.
- Opensource core, extensible.
- Runs on any platform with .net installed (WinCE/PNA/PDA/PocketPC/WinMobile/Windows)

Potential Energies in Joules v1.20

Potential Energies in Joules v1.20 |
Price: Free

Many people are in GOING GREEN initiative to save energy and this planet. My app calculates Potential energies of following types - Gravitational, Kinetic, Rest Mass, Elastic, Internal electro-Chemical, Thermal, Electrical and Electromagnetic. (Some work in progress) All computations are via formulas and this app version is 1.1 and there will be few more versions.

All formulas are listed in app. Most of us already know these basic scientific terms of energy so I will not be describing them in detaill here, but feel free to Google/Bing/Yahoo Search, any energy term that you want to know more. I am researching into how I can grab few inputs by automation or programatically.

.NET3.5, WINDOWS Mobile5.0, 6.0,6.5, 7

Virtual Trade Free v1.00

Virtual Trade Free v1.00 |
VirtualTrade – Free with Auto-Refresh Browser Virtual Trading and Portfolio for Windows Mobile USA and INDIA Stocks You can play now virtual trade in your windows mobile touch phones. USA Quotes will be updated every min from yahoo finance. INDIA Quotes will be updated almost realtime (maximum 2 min delay). Total USA market symbols available are 3230. Total INDIA market symbols available are 1447. visit: http://wmdeveloper.wordpress.com

First install…


Second install …


Third install…



FIND NUMEROLOGY v1.00 |
Price: free

This application helps users to calculate Destiny number, Heart Number, Personality Number, Purpose Number and Life Goal Number. This calculations based on very old and acurate result Chaldean Numerology and also latest English Numerology. If the Name Number and the Birth Number of a person are mutually incompatible then there are certainly some problems or difficulties with regard to the person’s mind, health, career, finance etc. This condition requires appropriate rectification in name so as to make it compatible with birth number.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

OPEN web Radio v1.50

OPEN web Radio v1.50 |
Price: free

The new improved version of the program to listen to music!
Almost all countries in the world! Listen to your favorite radio station whenever you want!
More than 5,000 stations already

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5 .Net CF 2.0 The program works on resolutions: 240x320, 480x640, and 480x800 only vertically The program needs about 2-4MB of free RAM

GPS2day v1.13

GPS2day v1.13 |
GPS2day is a today screen plug-in showing your current GPS coordinates, speed, satellite info, etc...
Languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish.

Currently GPS2day program works as GPS informer. It supports both metric and U.S. (Imperial) units and shows a various types of information for users, such as:
Current geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude);
Course and speed;
Some information about satellites and fix type;
Altitude followed by the fix 3D value;
Exact current date and time from the satellite atomic clock;
And battery life state which is important when you using GPS device.

KidsLearning v1.00

KidsLearning v1.00 |
Price: Free

This was developed for my 6 year old son. He keeps forgetting the spellings especially during his tests. Hence created this app for him so that I can keep showing him and ask the spelling everyday. Atleast that is the plan. The words are shown in randon to avoid kids to remember the sequence. The words can be added/edited/removed using the config application. Thought of sharing this with others. Please do give me your feedback if you find it useful.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Mp3 Taggy Lite v1.0

Mp3 Taggy Lite v1.0 |
Price: Free

MP3 Taggy Lite is the light version of the Mp3 Taggy Application along with PlayBack funtionalities. The lite version do not have kinetic scrolling and other things which consume memory and this makes it perfect for devices with low ram.
Its very simple and easy to use and lets you edit ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags along with the Attached Pictures of all kind.
The application is created by following Standards of ID3 tags in Mp3 files.
It also contains Search Functionalities which scan phone's memory to find all mp3 files & creates a simple list to move between your music.Functionalities like Search Inside List and Browse File Method Makes it more easy and straight forward to use.
Enjoy the Music.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

mVu Mobile Viewer v1.00

mVu Mobile Viewer v1.00 |
mVu Mobile Viewer is a Windows Mobile application for searching, downloading, creating playlists, and streaming videos from multiple websites, including YouTube and Dailymotion.

  • * Search sites (YouTube, Dailymotion, Tube8, etc.) by category and keyword
  • * Stream video to player in flv, mp4, mpg, or 3gp format (depending on site)
  • * Create m3u playlists
  • * Save videos to device. Multiple concurrent downloads are supported.

New Features in 1.0:
  • * Redesigned UI
  • * Larger thumbnail images
  • * More results per screen
  • * New playlist manager
  • * New download manager
  • * More supported sites
  • * Added ability to extract audio (MP3/AAC) from FLV files
  • * Automatic update checking

Noisy Soundboard v1.00

Noisy Soundboard v1.00 |
Price: Free

Various randomly digitized generated sound effects. There are hundreds of simulated sounds of all sorts of noises like sci-fi guns, alarms, insects, percussion instruments, horn, beep, zap, drip, buzz, birds, woodpecker, chirp, wind, crash and motors. Generate twelve new sounds anytime. Great to use with a sound amplifier also.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

G-Rotator v1.30

G-Rotator v1.30 |
Price: Free

Better UI [NEW]
Bug fixed for start on startup [NEW]
Can be started or stopped using UI
No need to keep minimized
Eats up negligible resources in the background
Sensitivity can be changed
Timer Interval for fetching of data from G-Sensor can be changed
Rotates screen orientation according to the postion of the device
Can be minimized to serve it's function everywhere
Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and later with G-Sensor

.Net CF v3.5

fluxion Profiles v0.93

fluxion Profiles v0.93 |
Price: Free

Adjusts to almost any screen aspect ratio [NEW]
Better support for landscape and potrait mode [NEW]
Shows active profile name
Manage your sound profiles like you can do in any normal phone
Personalise incoming call ringtone, SMS tone and ringtype too
Name your sound profiles that describe them in the best way
Extra light application that takes up least amount of space on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Compatible with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone Edition

.Net CF v3.5

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ocAgenda v5.20

ocAgenda v5.20 |
Easier, with many features:
  • - Lock the phone (when you unlock it, you return to the agenda)
  • - Transforming the notes into a checklist (using the [...] category)
  • - Enter a phone number in the note and make a phone call from the agenda
  • - In the "7/14 screen", you can read the summary of a selected day
  • - You can define 5 shortcuts to other applications
  • - (screen 7/14): button PostIt to take notes without deadline
  • - 4 categories can be associated with 4 colors, and you can choose the default color for the other events
  • - Alarms from ocAlarms can be displayed as images. (option)
  • - Display of the number of weeks in the view 7/14 days (option)

GETYTV v1.40

GETYTV v1.40 |
Price: Free

Getytv is an advanced YouTube video downloader. It lets you download videos in multiple Formats & Multiple Resolutions.
Whats New ?
* Audio Video Extractor (Now you can breakdown Flv into Audio and Video Parts)
* Deep Search with AI (Now the Video's downloadable sources are decided on runtime by the new Artificial Intelligence functions)
* Search Progression Numbers on Wait Panel.
* Shows all the formats with resolution available for downloading
* Screen Adaptation, Adapts resolution to common screen resolutions to show the controls properly.
* More Stable formats are shown with a (S) in format selection. Prefer them first.
* URL Downloading now have a Paste From Clipboard feature.

Major Bug Fixes
* Fixed File Naming(App. Handled)
* Fixed (Now Prompts if file already exist)
* Blank Format (Included Deep Search to handle this),Multiple Sources are now searched.
* Many Internal Code fixes.

Performance Fixes
* Multithreads are allowed to be in high priority.
* Same video can be downloaded in multiple formats without re-performing server side search.

Known Issues
* Devices with low Ram/Free memory may face little screen hang problems
If its creating big problem then disable deep search from settings however doing so, may not let downloadable sources to be found for some videos. * Cancelling a video while downloading is not allowed in Application handled Method ( Bug in SDK :( )

Recommended Players
* Latest version of Core Player (For Mobile).
* Applian for FLV playing (Computer)(Best for FLV)
* Mplayer/VLC for others (Computer)
High Quality Videos may not work properly on low end mobile devices. If downloading for mobile download small resolutions. Else you can extract Audio & Videos from the Flv file and try them

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

SomethingNew v1.00

SomethingNew v1.00 |
Price: Free

"SomethingNew" gives opportunity to discover new music, new genres. Songs are played randomly among more than 10 million tracks.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Rseven v1.00

Rseven v1.00 |
Price: Free

Now you can keep all your calls, messages, pictures and other data from your Windows Mobile device, even if you switch phones or network providers.
  1. Archive your incoming, outgoing and missed call logs.
  2. Record your incoming and outgoing calls including call to your voicemail.
  3. Backup your SMS.
  4. Store your image, audio & video files.
  5. Sync your contacts and calendar (even to other smartphones).
  6. Scheduled automatic backup.

All of the above data will be archived at the Rseven website, where you can:
  1. Search through all your messages and notes.
  2. Playback your recorded calls.
  3. Go to any date in the past to see what you did, who you called and where you were at.
  4. See a threaded view of your calls and messages with each contact.
  5. See the location of the places where you've been on a map.
  6. View and edit your contacts and calendar, and sync it with multiple phones.
  7. See the strength of your Connections with your contacts, based on the frequency of your calls and messages.
  8. See the statistics of your calls and messages with each contact.
  9. See the photos and videos from your phone in a Gallery, and send them to Facebook.
  10. Share your contacts & calendar events with pre-defined Groups in Rseven.

Windows Mobile 6 , 6.1, 6.5

vZE1miniapp - Zeiterfassung mobil v0.04

vZE1miniapp - Zeiterfassung mobil v0.04 |
Price: Free

Erfassen Sie Ihre Arbeitszeiten mobil ueber eine Finger freundliche Bedienoberflaeche.
Zur Auswahl stehen die Zeitereignisse Kommen, Gehen, Pausenbeginn und Pausenende. Ereignisauswahlliste kann frei bearbeitet und somit an eigene Bedürfnisse angepasst werden.
Die Daten koennen, zur weiteren Bearbeitung am Computer, im Dateiformat .CSV exportiert werden.
Die aktuelle Version befindet sich noch in der Entwicklung und ist eine BETA Version. Der Download und die Nutzung ist kostenlos.
Technische Voraussetzungen:
- Platform WM mit .NET Compact Framework 2.0 oder höher.
- Sprache/Language: nur in deutsch/ only in german
!!! Die erste Download Version hatte noch einen Testdatenbestand im Lieferumfang, dieser kann geloescht werden, indem die Datei /.../vZE1miniappDB geloescht wird. Beim Programm start wird eine LEERE Datenbank angelegt !!!
*** BETA Version 0.02 ***
- Export Funktion ist nun verfuegbar
*** BETA Version 0.03 ***
- neue Ereignisse Dienstgangbeginn-/ende
- Einstellungen Diff.Systemzeit Minuten
- Ereignisse bearbeiten (loeschen, aendern)
- farbliche Unterscheidung Funktionsknoepfe Einfuegen/Abbrechen
*** BETA Version 0.04 ***
- Einstellungen Ereignisauswahlliste ( eigene Ereignisliste einstellen)
- Notizfeld in der Ereignis Erfassungsmaske
- Ausgewähltes Ereignis kann nachträglich noch geändert werden
*** BETA Version 0.04a ***
- Fehlerkorrektur Datumauswahl bei Ereignislistung

Mobbyway v1.25

Mobbyway v1.25 |
Price: Free

Avertisseur des radars fixes , mobiles et zones a risques - Géolocalisation par vos proches ou vos amis de votre position sur une carte par un système d'invitation disponible sur votre mobile. - Retour possible sur vos parcours de 15 derniers jours - Statistiques détaillées de vos parcours (vitesse moyenne, nombre de Km ..) - Information de circulation (Bouchons et accidents) - Contribution au projet OpenStreetMap - Live tracking - Diffusion des annonces alertes enlèvement Processus d'installation : 1 - Installer le .CAB 2 - Lancer Mobbyway 3 - Dans le menu, Enregistrement : Enregistrez vous 4 - Dans le menu parametres : Selectionner le port COM de votre GPS (Pour HD2, choisissez COM4) et valider les autres parametres 5 - Relancer Mobbyway. Votre activation de compte sera effectuée dans les 5 minutes suivantes. Si à l'issue de cette durée votre compte n'était pas activé, nous vous invitons à contacter le support à l'adresse support@mobbyway.com Pour toute question , vous pouvez consulter la FAQ : http://www.mobbyway.com/FAQ.html

Mobbyway has been developed to allow

- Stay connected with loved ones or whatever the place they are
- Allowing your family to track your movements in real time and visually
- Allow you to return at any moment on a trip that you made in a given date.
- To move safely on the road network through the network of members: Mobbynautes
- Contribute to the global mapping OpenStreetMap - French Amber plan

Break My Bricks 2 v2.51

Break My Bricks 2 v2.51 |
Break My Bricks 2 was is a more improved version of the original Break My Bricks a copy of the Atari Break Out game.

  • Vibration Supported for most Devices.
  • Customizable Background Colors.
  • Fun and Easy to Play.
  • Keep High Scores
  • Sound On/Off
  • Super Ball Goes Through Bricks and Doubles the Score.

This version of Break My Bricks will run on all Windows Mobile version up to version 6.5 for all screen resolutions. Hey don't complain, its free! The free version only has 3 levels. If you want more levels, then purchase a copy of Break My Bricks 2 in the Windows Mobile Marketplace! *Note: it might run too fast on some of the newer phones. I will be updating it again soon.

Pocket Tic Tac Toe v2.01

Pocket Tic Tac Toe v2.01 |
Price: Free

Free Tic Tac Toe game for Pocket PC

Note, this version, I made the computer a little more smarter; however, if I make the computer any smarter, no-one would ever win!

ShortCAD Lite v2.50

ShortCAD Lite v2.50 |
Price: Free

ShortCAD Lite 2.5 is an improvement of the previous version:

1. A number of bugs have been fixed.

2. Improved ShortCAD Java Script API: Now the method DwgObject.forget() is obsolete. No needs to take care about releasing the OS resources used by orphan DwgObjects anymore (the javascript garbage collector will take care about cleaning the RAM).

3. Improved ShortCAD JavaScript Reference and ShortCAD Lite User Guide.

Your Pocket PC software has never been so flexible before!

Get started with ShortCAD JavaScript to implement many useful things like:
-- Create custom objects and add them dynamically to the drawing in ShortCAD manner,
-- Design your own measurement tools, and use it wherever and whenever you need,
-- Automate drawing settings and create drawing templates based on scripts,
-- Use internal vector math engine of ShortCAD to avoid boring formulas in your programs,
-- Create layers, blocks and bitmaps, transform objects and set up object parameters from inside of your scripts,
-- Access interactivity loop of ShortCAD and create dynamic behavior with native look and feel.

…All these opportunities and many more are provided by ShortCAD Lite with embedded ShortCAD JavaScript language.

ShortCAD Lite is to prove again and again: The Mobility is advantage.

While your Pocket PC is small and slow, all of the "huge CAD" features of ShortCAD have been reworked to make them accessible and usable without mouse and keyboard.

You may ask why is ShortCAD. Here is an answer! ShortCAD is a pun on shortcut that means shorter route or smaller effort. Also it has a specific meaning: a file that contains only the location of another file in the computer. Gathering all meanings together will give you the answer: ShortCAD is a way to CAD and save hints and tips to your ideas with smallest effort while you are away from your workspace.

OpenMobileMaps v1.50

OpenMobileMaps v1.50 |
Price: Free

OpenMobileMaps is similar to GoogleMaps but it's relying on OpenStreetMap.org. It's finger friendly and showing the map on fullscreen. GPS support and GSM triangulation (if no GPS device is present) is built in. The downloaded map tiles are stored on your phone/storage and only new ones are downloaded.

- Windows Mobile 5+ Professional
- .NET CF 3.5

- GPS (built-in or external)
- Internet Connection
The software works well even if you don't meet the recommendations. You can still download the map tiles with your pc and transfer it to your smartphone. For this scenario I recommend JTileDownloader.

- showing map in fullscreen
- finger friendly user interface
- map tiles are automatically downloaded if internet connection is available
- map tiles are stored locally for offline use
- GPS support and GSM triangulation
- show actual position on map
- follow-mode to automatically scroll the map
- search addresses
- calculate routes
- choose between different map providers
- multi-language support
- self-update functionality
- gps and gsm tracking (not yet implemented)

Windows Mobile 5+ Professional, .NET CF 3.5