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Friday, February 18, 2011

Potential Energies in Joules v1.20

Potential Energies in Joules v1.20 |
Price: Free

Many people are in GOING GREEN initiative to save energy and this planet. My app calculates Potential energies of following types - Gravitational, Kinetic, Rest Mass, Elastic, Internal electro-Chemical, Thermal, Electrical and Electromagnetic. (Some work in progress) All computations are via formulas and this app version is 1.1 and there will be few more versions.

All formulas are listed in app. Most of us already know these basic scientific terms of energy so I will not be describing them in detaill here, but feel free to Google/Bing/Yahoo Search, any energy term that you want to know more. I am researching into how I can grab few inputs by automation or programatically.

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