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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PontiSoftware Sniffi v2.1

PontiSoftware Sniffi v2.1 | 902 KB | Download


Sniffi is an advanced WiFi networks manager. It may be used for WiFi networks searching, as a connection manager or as network parameters monitor. Here is a list of main


Two types of Channel-Signal graphs
Signal Coverage Map presentation
Hotspots Map presentation
Baloon windows with a hotspot details
Day/Night color profile
Fullscreen switch
Context help
Vertical/Horizontal screen compatibility
PDA IP info
Ping utility
Traceroute utility
Connecting to network ability
Network settings database
TCP/IP statistics
Two types of transfer charts
Logging the Signal Coverage Map to a WPT/KML file
Logging Hotspots data to a CSV/WPT/KML file