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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Resco Pocket Radio v1.31

Download Resco Pocket Radio v1.31
The skin enabled user interface provides an easy way to listen to your favorite radios. Just choose your favourite 9 radio stations and assign them to the 9 preset buttons. Whenever you want to tune in, tap a button and you're ready to jam!

Buttons are large enough to be controlled just by fingers without the need to use the stylus.

If you are unable find a radio that you cannot live without, it is very simple to add it to the list in Resco Radio.

You can do it manually by entering the stream's URL, title, bitrate and other parameters...

...or you can use easy import from a M3U or PLS file. Just visit the radio's webpage, find the link to a M3U or PLS file, download the file, copy it to your Pocket PC and import it to Resco Radio.


Unknown said...

hi,you have alot of really great stuff on the blog here. many thanks for this site. im trying to find a code for the resco pocket radio,but see you only have version 1.31 and all i can get is a 31 day free trial. any idea how to get around the free trial? i dont know how to use the keygen thing.

PPC4YOU said...

You can register by go to
- click on About
- click Register
- User in that zip file and generate