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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CNetX Face Contacts v2.0

CNetX Face Contacts v2.0 |
Price: Free

Face Contact provides an intuitive finger-friendly interface to browse, communicate, and manage your contacts directly from the Today screen of your Windows Mobile device.

* Browse by picture, so contacts are easy to spot even when rapidly scrolling through the list.
* Start phone calls, send text messages and email, or browse a contact's web page, directly from the Today screen.
* Perform contact management operations, such as adding or editing contacts, without having to launch a separate application.
* Jump instantly to any position in the contact list based on the contact's initial.
* Sort contacts by name or company, so you can reach any contact easily at its alphabetical position in the list.
* Customizable interaction model, with assignable gestures/actions, finger-friendly operation, and 3D user interface.

Requirements : WM5-6