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Monday, December 6, 2010

Brad Mitchum: Lost in Time v1.0

Brad Mitchum: Lost in Time v1.0 |

Brad Mitchum is an archeologist who has travelled the four corners of the globe in the search of lost cities and legendary objects. He discovers a mysterious talisman and decides to investigate further. After more research he discovers that the gems are missing from the talisman. At that moment a white light appears and everything is turned upside down. Brad thought his adventures were over, he's lost in time and he doesn't see the funny side.

Brad Mitchum: Lost in Time is a fun action arcade game inspired by classic ball-shooting titles like Pang or Buster Bros which includes 3 high action game modes:

  • Story: with cinematic sequences and progressive difficulty for an ever-increasing challenge;
  • Pure: an arcade style mode with alternative weapon types;
  • X-trem: a special extra-difficulty mode with combo systems for hardcore players.