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Monday, December 6, 2010

PocketDrake v1.30

PocketDrake v1.30 |
Price: Free

Pocket Drake is a freeware application for devices running Windows Mobile for paperless geocaching. The aim of the program is to provide in one place everything needed for geocaching as well as to allow simple data management through programs on the PC. Program is not designed for opencaching. It is recommended to use PocketDrake in cooperation with GeoGet with PocketDrakeSync plugin on PC.

* finger-frienly
* huge database of geocaches and waypoints (20 000+) (not included)
* complete cache information
* navigation to cache or waypoint
* field notes
* import and export of GPX
* export of track to GPX, KLM, PLT
* map with customizable map sources
* multilingual user interface
* metric and imperial units