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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DringMoi v1.40

DringMoi v1.40 |
A very common occurrence for anyone who has a cell phone and anything on their head is misplacing it while it is in Silent mode. Just think about all the time that you can waste looking for your phone, calling yourself, just to find it by the eggs inside of the refrigerator.

The app can be configured to react to a certain phone number calling, a number of times (missed calls), and also after a timer from the calls. of also by a certain text in received SMS.

Take the app for a spin, put your phone in silent, and lose it on purpose. You will see how easy finding your phone is from now on.

To do this you must still configure some elements, such as text for SMS, phone number initiating the change, the number of missed calls (inevitably) needed before modification and, of course, the time interval that the software should go check missed.

How to use it?
The operation is in itself very simple. DringMoi will read the latest entries in the log of missed calls, according to a regular set (every 2, 5, 7, 10, 15 or 30 minutes). Depending on configuration, number of calls required (1-4) and the calling number, the phone will issue its ringer volume to maximum. You also can select to use SMS check. Thus, the next time you hear your phone ring!

Note that while there is not the right number of missed calls made by call number programmed, or there is no SMS, the software will get back into the fixed time interval. Otherwise, it does not restart for retest. Similarly, if the volume is already set up, the software does not restart... or it can, depending on your settings.

Note that if your phone has no battery ... you can not hear!

Its usage is simple. Upon installation, a directory "DringMoi" is created in "Start / Programs" and a shortcut DringMoi Settings "" Start / Program "(for the case or the creation of the directory does not work ).
In this directory, you have three shortcuts:
* DringMoi Settings: allows you to specify No calling, checking interval of missed calls and the number of appeals. As well as activate the software.
* DringMoi Launch: shortcut that allows you to directly launch the eve of the software. Note however that if in the Settings (see another shortcut) you have not activated the software, it will make his test once.
* Version: information on the current version.

Languages: french, german, english

Compatibility: tested OK on several HTC, HTC HD2, i900, i8000,...