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Monday, April 25, 2011

hobd v0.80

hobd v0.80 |
Beside all the stuff you may find in tons of OBDII scanner tools, here are some
HOBD unique features:
- Concentration on trip data: MPG, distance run, total fuel consumption, etc.
- Precise MPG (fuel consumption) analysis and calculations.
- DTC reading, explanation, and clearing
- Toyota owners have precise MPG data via injector pulse width PID.
- Sensor data logging facilities for data review.
- Fine graned touch-friendly fluid UI for use in carputer/navigator uninterruptly.
- Full i18n and metric/imperial switching.
- Visual themes.
- HUD (screen projection) mode.
- Opensource core, extensible.
- Runs on any platform with .net installed (WinCE/PNA/PDA/PocketPC/WinMobile/Windows)

0.8 version updates: - Strong usability improvements: navigation top bar, buttons improvements, better performance
- New screen "Fuel Details" (hobdrive only):
- Fuel economy and consumption in jams/idling, its price
- New screen "Trip details" (hobdrive only):
- Fuel level calculations
- Fueling records tracking
- Improved sensor output:
- Sensor list screen now includes detailed sensor descriptions
- New PIDS: lambda, baro pressure. Fuel pressure fixed.
- Long Tap (Hold) on any of sensors now raise detailed screen with sensor description
- Screen switching with joystic keys or with navigation bar sections.
- Light theme now has background picture, other improvements to use it when sunny.
- When selection Bluetooth device, a new dialog appears with PIN code request.

Some of the features of a hobdrive (full payed version):
- Enchanced data display: red/green color warnings
- Automatic trip periods switching: day, week, month, fillup
- Multiple trip data support (TripA, TripB)
- Fuel/Money spent in jams. Fuel economy w/o jams and on hot engine
- Performance measurements: Zero to sixty, Breaking time/distance, Quarter time.