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Friday, April 29, 2011

Salat Reminder - SMS v0.97

Salat Reminder - SMS v0.97 |
You must have seen many Salat (Prayer) Reminder applications on the internet, but I've brought an unusual application, which doesn't only reminds you but your friends as well. Now with customizable calculation method and Multi-Lingual Support!

What does this application do?
•Gets 5 prayer times per day for current year. So you don’t have to find the times every day*.
•Sends SMS reminder to a friend, family or to yourself (multiple recipients), specified minutes (default is 10 min) before the prayer time**.
•It does not run in the background (saves battery/memory/processor).
•Wakes up PPC from suspend/sleep mode and send SMS.
•Sets reminder as Appointment (default is set as task).
•Sends Test Message.
•Also supports Azan now.

Tested on:
•HTC Touch Pro2 / Tilt 2 / Rhodium with Energy Rom Windows Mobile 6.5
•HTC HD 2 / Leo with Windows Mobile 6.5
•HTC Herald / Wing / P4350 with Windows Mobile 6.5
•LG Incite with Windows Mobile 6.1
•Sony Ericsson X1 with Windows Mobile 6.1

•Thanks to IslamcFinder.org asp server for all times’ calculations.
•Thanks to Eboelzner’s for Sense Interface SDK 1.39
•Ryan, Vadim_Bogaiskov, TheChemistree and FBeheiry for testing!
•Vadim_Bogaiskov for Русский язык translation.
•TheChemistree for Melayu translation.
•FBeheiry for Arabic translation.

•Arabic (العربية)
•Malay (Melayu)
•Russian (Русский язык)

You may not disassemble, decompile, or reverse-engineer this application.
You have no right to sell this product.
You can accept this License Agreement by downloading Salat Reminder - SMS.CAB file.

Posts your errors on forum.xda-developers.
If you email/pm me, make sure you enter "Salat Reminder - SMS (Support)" under subject.

•Pray/Dua should work!

Short How to:
1.Download and Install the application.
2.Select Option button then Calendar Settings.
3.Enter you location info, Calculation Method and hit Update.
4.Hit OK. When it asks to select a contact select any contact (you have to put atleast a number in there)
5.Hit OK. Now you should see all the times.
6.If you scroll down the the bottom, you will see a button with timer. Hitting it will stop the timer.
7.Now set options as desired. From the option menu