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Thursday, July 21, 2011

LolaLaterList v0.21

LolaLaterList v0.21
Current full feature list:
  • download page list saved to RIL profile (also automatically)
  • open page using many browsers: Opera Mini/Mobile, UC Browser, IE Mobile, uZard Web, Netfront, Iris Browser, Dorothy Browser
  • mark page as read
  • send read pages back to RIL server (also automatically)
  • search through local page list
  • pages can be saved locally Currently it is very basic and only HTML file is saved (but still it is fine for pages I read most often)
  • add page to RIL feature
      Application usage should be quite straightforward - run application, on settings screen give/paste you RIL account credentials, paths to browsers you like (take into account that not all browsers can open locally saved pages) and then just sync. Page can be open/marked/downloaded from context menu available for each item on list. While downloading page is marked with asterisk, when downloaded it is marked with # sign. Page added locally is marked with plus sign.


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