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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Metalion 2 Mutant Uprising

Download Metalion 2 Mutant Uprising

This is the 2nd Episode of Metalion series attracted a lot of attention on its release.
The battle for maintaining this wonderous land begins. There is only Metalion2 to save the earth from other mutants.
Now you take on the battle with Metalioins using various weapons and items against the AI enemy.

Game Feature Superb 3D graphic design of characters and background Dynamic 8 stages: Jungle, City, Valley, Dungeon, Deep-sea, Outer Space...(random stage to level 4) Every 3 characters has different functions Interactive visuals through the pilot screen Various Options for more effects (Lightening, Blending Overlay, Rotation, etc.)
Requirement for Metalion2
: PocketPC 3.X and up, 6MB RAM available and 2MB free space