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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Norton antivirus for handshelds

Dowload Norton antivirus for handshelds(12.26 MB)

* Runs natively on Palm OS & Pocket PC devices
* Renewable annual service keeps users upto date with the latest virus
protection updates, features & OS compatibility upgrades
* Auto-Protect provides real-time protection against malicious code
unobtrusively, in the background
* Automatic scans can check for viruses after expansion card insertion
or desktop synchronisation
* New virus protection updates are automatically transferred from the
desktop computer
* On-demand scans allow users to examine applications & files for viruses
* Wireless LiveUpdate downloads new virus protection updates directly to
the handheld when there is a direct wireless Conn to the Internet
* Logging capability provides vital information users need to take action
against virus threats
* Pentium 233Mhz+ Proc; * 128MB RAM
* 50MB HDD; * DVD or CD-ROM drive; * IE (min v5.01 required, 5.5 Rec)
* HotSync for installation on Palm OS devices (min v3.0.4 required)
* ActiveSync for installation on Pocket PC devices (min v3.5 required)
* Palm OS 3.5, 4.x & 5; * 230KB available memory on device
* Pocket PC 2002/Win Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC`s
* 445KB available memory on device