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Friday, March 26, 2010

SPB Kiosk Engine 4.2

License: Free
Price: Free

One very common application for Pocket PCs is their use as a specialized device where access to many functions is restricted or disabled and only a few applications can be used — this is called kiosk mode. Several vertical market applications require kiosk mode. For example, a kiosk mode can disable all games and other entertainment programs on the Pocket PC. Spb Kiosk Engine allows you to run your custom application(s) in kiosk mode. In this mode, the target application(s) are the only ones that can be used on a specific Pocket PC device.

* Application and Control Panel applet block
* Taskbar and start menu block
* ActiveSync connectivity block. Phone block. Autorun from memory card block
* Admin mode
* Battery indicator
* Locks the device to one or several custom applications
* Supports native and .NET CF applications
* Application CAB can be installed together with Kiosk CAB
* Kiosk Switcher — access point for all allowed applications
* Customizable background and text color for Kiosk Switcher
* Customizable icons for programs
* Full Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 support