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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spb Wireless Monitor 3.1.0

License: Free
Price: Free

SPB Wireless Monitor is a complete solution for measuring data traffic via all types of connections and calculating network usage costs according to your data plan.

Analyze your spending
* Time based and per-application reports
* Table and chart view
* Any period
* Export to HTML and CSV

Stay within your budget
* Warning when usage limit exceeded
* Traffic and cost limits
* Easy and intuitive configuration
* Any number of alarms

Connections and Tariffs
Assign data plans to your connections. It's easy!
* GPRS/CDMA/3G, WiFi and USB supported
* 500+ pre-defined data plans
* Update tariff database via Internet
* Easy-to-use wizard for custom tariffs

User Interface
Nice and easy to use
* One hand operation
* Adaptive skins adjusted to the main theme color
* Today plug-in

Version 3.1 (Jan 26, 2010):
* Wireless Monitor widget for SPB Mobile Shell added
* Support for Windows Mobile 6.5 added
* Bug fixes

Requirements : WM5-6.5, PPC


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