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Friday, November 27, 2009

Astraware My Little Tank v1.10

License: Free
Price: Free

Through 60 action-packed levels you must shoot enemy tanks, defend your base, and destroy enemy radar stations and bases. You will encounter a range of hostile terrains including snow, swamp, plains and deserts. As levels progress, tougher enemies will appear that require more than one shot or more effective weapons.

As you carry out each mission a range of powerups will appear to aid your progress including Smart Bombs that destroy all tanks in the vicinity; Life bonuses to regenerate your tank; Speed to make your tank go faster; Invincibility to protect your tank against the enemy; Weapons upgrades; and Freeze bonuses to halt the enemy tanks and make them easier to blast!

Who'd have thought playing with tanks could be so much fun? You can even choose what colour tank to play with!

Here are some key features of "My Little Tank for Pocket PC":
· 60 exciting missions
· 5 different enemy tank types
· 6 types of power up to aid in your battle
· Destroyable scenery!
· 7 customizable tank colors (Registered users only)

Windows Mobile® 2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6