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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Astraware Nisqually v1.01

License: Free
Price: Free

Nisqually is the handheld conversion from the great web based game from GameHouse.
You simply have to remove all the blocks from the screen by sliding them into positions where they make lines of three or more! Sounds easy? It is!... at first...


* Faithful port of the original web version!
* Intuitive pen-based interface!
* Fiendishly addictive gameplay
* Three different tilesets - choose the one that looks best
* Three Difficulty settings
* Separate high score tables for each difficulty setting
* Special Spiral effects when setting up a level
* Tips to help you get started!

Pocket PC 2000,Pocket PC 2002,Windows Mobile 2003,Windows Mobile 2003SE,WM5