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Monday, November 23, 2009

cleanRAM v1.91

License: Free
Price: Free

* cleanRAM is a very useful tool for Windows Mobile devices (specially for HTC TouchFLO).
* cleanRAM lets you with a single click release part of the RAM on your PDA and accelerating in this way.
* cleanRAM is a memory reclaimer similar to Oxios but with advanced settings and actually works! great solution for the Windows Mobile memory leak problem.
* cleanRAM attempts to release as much memory as possible, cleanRAM will refresh your device memory (RAM).
* cleanRAM can save you a lot of SOFT RESET!
* Define all cleanRAM behavior.
* Hibernate for old devices.
* Close all applications - force closing all applications.
* Launch startup programs after cleaning ended.
* Clear recent start menu items.
* And more...

Windows Mobile Pocket PC v5.0 - v6.5