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Sunday, April 25, 2010

GemDrops 1.00

License: Free
Price: Free

GemDrops is a fun and increasingly frantic game in which gems of different colours fall into the playing area. Your task is to rotate and rearrange the gems to form connected groups of five or more of the same colour. Gems fall in pairs under player control but can be rotated and moved around to control where they land. Once a group is formed, it will disappear from the game, causing any gems resting above to fall down. These can create "chain reactions" of further groups to provide an increasing score multiplier for extra high scores. The game starts with four colours of gems, but additional gem colours are introduced as the game progresses. The speed of play gradually increases too to keep things challenging. From time to time a "rainbow gem" will appear in play. When this lands, all gems of the type that it lands on will be removed from the board (though no points will be awarded for these gems). This can be very useful to help clear the board or to set up chain reactions within the remaining gems. Smartphones and devices with a directional pad can use the d-pad to control the game. For devices with touch screens and no d-pad, the screen itself can be touched to rotate, move and drop the gems in play.

Windows Mobile 2003SE to Windows Mobile 6.5,
all screen sizes from QVGA to WVGA, .NET CF 3.5.