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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TeleSketsa2 v1.20

License: Free
Price: Free

TeleSketsa is a sketchpad application for windows mobile users, not just a sketchpad, but Tele sketch. It means that you can share your sketch to your friends anywhere & anytime through email, MMS, Facebook or Bluetooth. It is easy to use, fun and fast. Sketch everything you like,
Express yourself..!
Share it with your friends.. - Create special made MMS
sketch lovely MMS ~ special for your beloved one.

- Game created by yourself
play XO games with your friend

- Teaching Pad
You can teach your kids Chinese character.
It will surely saved a lot of paper.
Socializing will be more fun
Share every moments with your friends
uploading to facebookWant to share every happy moment?
such as your very first successful cooking lesson, just grab your PDA, take photo with TeleSketsa, write a description then post it to Facebook. Isn't it wonderful? Everybody can be a contributor
update news..!Tired of being lame amateur contributor news?
Need more speed to update news?

There is no time to edit image that you have captured from your PDA camera to image editing tools. You need speed to update news.With TeleSketsa, you can do it at a time in one single application. Take a photo with TeleSketsa, then add description with TeleSketsa, send through email or publish in Facebook with TeleSketsa. All done by one single application.
Create your own games Imagine that you camp in a forest, you leave your games in your home. and need games to kill the time. Or you meet someone new, and don't know how to open the conversation. Break the ice with games that you create : XO, Sudoku, anything!

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1