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Monday, April 19, 2010

ParkingAssistant 1.00

License: Free
Price: Free

ParkingAssistant includes three functions:
Find A Parking Lot – Shows parking lots in your vicinity. The basic parking lots data was collected from openstreetmap project. The green parking lots were reported by users as non-paid parking lots.
Report Parking Lots - In our project we will try to refine the data concerning non-paid parking lots accuracy and contribute the data back to the openstreetmap project using your help.
Find My Car – Estimates automatically where and when you last parked your car.

Your speed is displayed on the Windows Mobile Today Screen.
GPS is kept "hot" when connected to the car charger - meaning that you get immediate fix when launching navigation software or any other software that uses the GPS.
You can now see the time that has elapsed since you last parked your car.

INSTALLATION PROCESS Install ParkingAssistant cab file to the device memory (not to storage card).
Run ParkingAssistant from the programs list.

Devices running Windows Mobile 5 or later (touch screen).
Internal GPS.
Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5